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LAST UPDATED: November 10th, 2021

Solar Guard is a solar panel cleaning company that specializes in bird prevention and system sanitation. The company is committed to helping homeowners get the most out of their solar panels.

Solar energy has been expanding throughout California, but many residents have become frustrated by the pests that are attracted to their solar panels. Solar Guard will not only clean and sanitize solar panels, but the company will work to prevent unwanted pests from getting on or under the panels and causing damage. 

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The Good

  • Bird Barrier Installers
  • 3-Year Barrier Protection Warranty
  • Panel Cleaning Services
  • Free Estimate and Inspection

Bird Barrier Installers

Solar panels are not a cheap investment. Yet, many homeowners discover after installation that their panels are appealing to pests, like birds. Birds often create nests in the opening between the roof and the panel. They can also sit on top of the panels and get bird droppings on the panels.

When this happens, solar panels do not function at maximum efficiency. For this reason, Solar Guard installs bird barriers on and around solar panels to keep birds off. During installation, Solar Guard does not drill into the panels. The bird guards are built with wire mesh. Solar Guard also installs spikes and wire on panels to avert birds. 

Solar Guard is authorized to install BirdBarrier and Bird-B-Gone products. These help prevent birds from coming near the panels, and as a result, help the panels last longer and produce the optimal amount of energy.

3-Year Barrier Protection Warranty

With each bird barrier that Solar Guard installs, there is a three-year warranty on the materials. If a problem arises with the barriers, Solar Guard will repair it free of charge during the first three years. 

Panel Cleaning Services

Aside from installing bird barriers, Solar Guard also offers cleaning services for solar panels. Solar Guard will sanitize, power wash, and remove bird feces from solar panels. To prevent birds from coming near the panels, Solar Guard also offers optical gel treatments. 

Each time a customer gets a bird barrier installed on their property, Solar Guard provides them with a free solar panel cleaning. 

Free Estimate and Inspection

Solar Guard provides a free consultation, including a property inspection and a cost estimate. 


The Bad

  • No Pricing Transparency
  • Restricted Service Area
  • Barriers Lack Aesthetic Appeal

No Pricing Transparency

There is no pricing information available online for any of Solar Guard’s services. It is also unclear if the company offers one-time cleaning, monthly cleaning contracts, etc. While the price of a project likely depends on the size of one’s solar panel system, there is very little information available to help customers gauge the cost of each service. 

Restricted Service Area

Solar Guard provides its services to California residents in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Palm Springs
  • Cathedral City
  • Thousand Palms
  • Rancho Mirage
  • Palm Desert
  • La Quinta
  • Indian Wells
  • Indio

Barriers Lack Aesthetic Appeal

Solar Guard’s barriers are made of wire mesh. The company’s website provides photos of the different barriers it installs. While these barriers may not be noticeable at ground-level, the photos up close are not very appealing. The barriers have a very simple look, and it is uncertain how effective the barriers are at keeping birds away. 


The Bottom Line

Birds can negatively impact the efficiency of a solar panel system. Therefore, it is important to find a proper solution for keeping birds away. The aesthetic look of a barrier may not be a big deal to you if you just need a solution to the problem. Solar Guard’s website claims that its services will not jeopardize any solar panel warranties — but we recommend checking with your solar panel installer before building bird barriers, just in case. 

We also recommend reading customer reviews to ensure that the barriers were effective in keeping birds off and away from solar panels. 

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