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LAST UPDATED: December 22nd, 2022

Out of Business

Solar Clicker is no longer in business. 

Solar Clicker has found a unique niche in the solar industry. Prior to installing a solar system, many customers will obtain quotes and design plans from multiple solar installation companies. With Solar Clicker, customers no longer need to schedule an appointment with multiple solar providers. After providing some basic information, Solar Clicker will provide a complete online quote experience and a price match guarantee on a solar system. This essentially cuts out the middleman and provides the consumer with the best deal. 

Since Solar Clicker is focused on providing the best price to customers, the company has had to partner with solar installers to actually get systems up and running. After agreeing to a price, Solar Clicker will then send out an installation partner to handle that process for the client. 

Because of Solar Clicker’s distinctive offering, the company is able to match up solar installation services in the following states:

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Missouri
  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • Idaho


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The Good

  • Best Pricing Match
  • Free Home Report
  • Certification
  • Online Customer Portal

Best Pricing Match 

Solar Clicker offers a best price match guarantee to customers. As one of the only online quoting tools in the industry, Solar Clicker is in a prime spot to offer descriptive quotes at the lowest cost to customers. Clients can also rest assured that Solar Clicker will match any solar installation process on the market. 

Free Home Report

Because every home and roof is different, a Solar Clicker representative will analyze a home and create a specific and customized plan for every property, regardless of whether or not you decide to actually install through the company. This comprehensive report will provide the following information:

  • Size of system needed
  • Estimated yearly production
  • Types of modules and inverters needed
  • Energy consumption, adjusted consumption, and solar production
  • Payment information
  • Loan breakdown
  • Estimated savings
  • Process data
  • Proposal details

While many solar companies will provide a free quote, very rarely are they in the form of a detailed report that the customer can use to make an informed decision. Solar Clicker is unique for offering this type of report and doing it free of charge. 


To ensure the best possible installation for the customer, Solar Clicker only partners with NABCEP certified installers to complete the process. This certification is not easily obtained and is difficult to keep current. That means that installers that have the certification are well-trained and know the ins and outs of solar panel installation.

Many solar providers do not require this certification and errors can be made during installation. Solar Clicker wants homeowners to experience flawless sustainable energy, thus requiring this certification from partners. 

Online Customer Portal

To track the progress of the solar installation, equipment efficies, and all pertinent information, Solar Clicker customers can take advantage of the online customer portal. One of the best parts of the Solar Clicker experience is the ease of use, allowing for clients to conduct all solar-related business online. This is definitely not the case with most solar companies; Solar Clicker streamlines the entire process. 


The Bad

  • Installation Partners
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information

Installation Partners

Solar Clicker focuses on finding the best price and financing option for the customer. Beyond that, Solar Clicker has worked to identify quality installation experts in the industry to partner with. That means that a customer will be working with Solar Clicker and a separate installation company in order to complete the solar process. Typically, a solar company also has in-house installers ready to design and install the system. Solar Clicker does not. 

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Since Solar Clicker has a number of solar panel installation partners, there is no way to identify exactly what brands or manufacturers are used on clients' homes. Typically, solar companies partner with a solar manufacturer and disclose to potential clients exactly what type or caliber of equipment that can be expected when installed.

That is not the case with Solar Clicker. The company has not made any information regarding equipment brands available to the public and likely depends on the area and installer a customer works with.


The Bottom Line

Solar Clicker has found a way to simplify the solar system quote process. What used to take substantial time and resources can now be done entirely online from the comfort of your home. As a result, Solar Clicker is able to offer a price match guarantee, meaning a homeowner will not find a better deal financially for solar anywhere else.

Solar Clicker itself does not conduct the solar installation process. Instead, the company has developed partnerships with installers. Clients who want one company to handle the solar process from start to finish would likely benefit from using a different solar provider. However, clients interested in finding the best deal would find Solar Clicker’s services to be satisfactory. 

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