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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

SLE Green Energy provides residential and commercial solar solutions as well as wind turbine and backup energy system installation throughout select areas of Texas. Each client receives a customized energy savings plan detailing what work can be done on the structure to decrease carbon footprint and increase utility savings over time.

Even though SLE Green Energy was founded in 2020, the professional staff has over thirty years of combined solar and energy experience. There is not a property or structure size that SLE Green Energy is unable to take on. With its proven process, clients are guaranteed protection against inflation and rising utility costs. 

Each project includes a licensed electrician to ensure installation is completed properly. SLE Green Energy also follows the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, is OSHA certified, and is a SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) operation. 

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The Good

  • Solar Partnerships
  • Wind Turbine and Backup System Installation
  • Solar SAVE Program
  • Energy Consultation

Solar Partnerships

Solar installation companies rely on equipment partnerships with solar manufacturers in order to have a product to install. Most solar installation companies will have one or two equipment partnerships, but SLE Green Energy has built up and maintained multiple tier-1 relationships with solar manufacturers. System installation partnerships include relationships with the following brands:

  • Enphase
  • Solaria
  • Generac
  • GoodLeap
  • Powur

By maintaining a number of high level partnerships with solar and energy manufacturing companies, SLE Green Energy is able to provide multiple options to clients interested in having systems installed. 

Wind Turbine and Backup System Installation

In addition to providing traditional residential and commercial solar installation, SLE Green Energy also provides wind turbine and backup system installation for interested clients. Very few companies offer wind turbine installation as a service, but SLE Green Energy will install both residential and commercial wind energy systems on properties where it is viable.

Many solar installation companies have started to offer generator or solar energy battery backup installation, but few offer both as an additional supply of power. SLE Green Energy has the equipment partnerships required to offer both solutions to ensure uninterrupted streams of power even during outages. 

Solar SAVE Program

The Solar SAVE program is a financing option designed by the SLE Green Energy team. For qualified candidates, no down payment is required, and no installments are due for the first two years of service. This financing program allows more people to access solar energy where it would otherwise not be financially possible. Most solar installation companies offer some sort of financing option, but very few require no money down and do not require any payment for a full two years. Most financing plans require immediate monthly payments to be made in full for a specified period of time.

Energy Consultation

Anyone interested in having a solar system installed can take advantage of a no-risk energy consultation provided free of charge by SLE Green Energy. This consultation and subsequent analysis is valued at $500, but SLE Green Energy provides this information for free as it enables potential clients to have all necessary information prior to making a purchasing decision. This review covers the following information:

  • Free solar consultation
  • Utility review
  • Free system design
  • Financing pre-approval

The Bad

  • Services Select Texas Cities
  • Undisclosed Equipment Warranties

Services Select Texas Cities

It is not uncommon for solar installation companies to have a limited service area. Most companies will service one state or a select few areas within a state. However, some solar installation companies have found ways either through dealership opportunities or traditional expansion to offer services in multiple states or regions across the country. SLE Green Energy is not one of these providers, and has elected to service specific areas within the state of Texas. Currently, SLE Green Energy services:

  • North Eastern Texas
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Midland
  • Odessa

Outside of these cities and the surrounding areas, prospective clients will have to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 

Undisclosed Equipment Warranties

Despite offering an extended 25-year craftsmanship warranty to clients, SLE Green Energy does not disclose any equipment warranty information. The craftsmanship, or workmanship warranty, only protects clients from issues stemming from the installation and placement portion of the process.

The equipment warranty is important for potential customers as faulty or malfunctioning equipment makes up a majority of solar system issues. Typically, solar installation companies will offer a 25-year equipment warranty through the solar manufacturer, but SLE Green Energy makes no mention of this warranty type. 


The Bottom Line

With SLE Green Energy, clients can expect to receive professional and customized solutions to ever increasing energy costs. The company has built a number of partnerships with tier-1 solar equipment providers and installs highly efficient solar technology.

In addition to installing solar systems, the company also installs wind turbines and backup systems to protect against power outages caused by disruption to the grid.

SLE Green Energy also offers the Solar SAVE program, a financing structure that allows more property owners to access solar energy. Each client will receive their own customized energy consultation and analysis detailing how solar can effectively produce energy and reduce utility costs. 

While there are a number of reasons a potential client would want to consider SLE Green Energy for solar installation services, there are limitations to the operation as well. For starters, the company only services select areas within the state of Texas and does not disclose any equipment warranty information. 

For prospective solar clients within the SLE Green Energy service area looking for a customized approach to solar installation, SLE Green Energy would likely be a good source for help. With financing options available and multiple solar partnerships, clients can expect to have a tailored solar system properly installed. 

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