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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021

Renova Energy, also known as Renova Energy Corp, is a renewable energy company that was founded in 2006 by Vincent Battaglia and is currently headquartered in Palm Desert, California. It was America's first NABCEP certified solar company and is the only certified company in Coachella Valley.

Renova is a SunPower dealer that takes care of all aspects of the solar process, including design, install, cleaning, and repair.

In 2014, Renova Energy ranked second on Inc. Magazine's list of the "Fastest Growing Solar Companies in California". In 2015, the company was named the SunPower National Residential Dealer of the Year. Renova was also voted "Best in the Valley" for Coachella Valley solar companies in 2015. Renova Energy has an outstanding reputation in the solar power industry, as well as its local community. 

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The Good

  • Variety of Services
  • Four Ways to Pay
  • Desert-Built Solar Systems
  • Scheduled Maintenance Included
  • Battery Storage Options 

Variety of Services 

Renova Energy offers a variety of services, including residential solar electric, commercial solar electric, energy auditing, energy monitoring, and storage.

Additionally, Renova has an in-house solar engineering and maintenance division called RenovaPLUS. This division is responsible to ensure that each customer's solar system is operating at peak performance. 

Four Ways to Pay 

Renova Energy offers its customers four different payment options to switch to solar energy: loan, lease, PPA, and outright purchase.

With Renova's leases, customers can have a solar system installed for $0 down. Renova Energy will take care of maintenance and repairs. At the end of the contract, customers can choose to renew, purchase the system, or have it removed at no cost.

However, keep in mind that with a lease, you will not be able to take advantage of federal and state incentives, such as the 30 percent federal tax credit, because you do not own the system. 

Desert-Built Solar Systems 

Renova Energy systems are drawn up by an in-house design team and are built in the desert for the desert, meaning that they can withstand the unique conditions of the desert environment.

A solar PV provider that is unfamiliar with the intricacies of the desert climate might not be able to anticipate potential issues as well as a provider who has many years of experience installing solar systems in desert areas. 

Scheduled Maintenance Included 

Renova Energy will take care of all scheduled maintenance, including cleaning the solar panels, to ensure that the system is performing at optimal level. 

Battery Storage Options 

In addition to offering high quality SunPower solar panels, Renova Energy works with leading manufacturers such as Tesla Energy and Sonnen to offer battery storage options.

These batteries can integrate seamlessly with both residential and commercial solar power systems to help customers take the next step towards energy independence. 


The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

Renova Energy currently only operates in California, so individuals who live elsewhere do not have the opportunity to do business with the company. 


The Bottom Line

Renova Energy has a great reputation in the solar industry, as well as several years of experience providing solar power systems to homes and businesses under its belt. The company offers a variety of solar services and several payment options. Plus, Renova takes care of its customers after installation by providing scheduled maintenance for free.

However, the company only services residents of California. If you live elsewhere, you'll need to take a look at other top installers. 

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Pat Gorman

I met with several organizations and Renova provided the right answers to my questions. My property has multiple trees that cast shadows over the roof at different times per day. The team spent the time and effort to understand, research and correctly place the system for optimal performance. The sales team was on top of every detail during contract creation and signature, the install team was professional and more import, cleaned up after they were done. They were more than willing to answer all the questions I had during the install. I am extremely pleased with the product, the team and the company. I am willing to have my home used as an example anytime. Renova is highly recommended.

5 years ago

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Susan O'Dell Santa Maria, CA

We had our Solar installed back in 2015 by Renova Solar. We actually got bids/proposals from three other solar companies and went to a solar seminar to learn more about the product. We came to the conclusion that Revova had the best price, the best product (Sunpower panels) and as we found out the best service and installation. I have and will continue to recommend Renova Solar to everyone who asks me about my solar. I agree that one needs to talk to other solar companies to see the differences. Just remember to compare apples to apples and you will most likely come to the same conclusion we did. Renova Solar is the BEST in the Coachella Valley!

5 years ago

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Dave eckert

New to the Palm Springs area we did not have a year's worth of power bills. All the other companies gave us proposals based entirely on best quests based on house size with no consideration of lifestyle or planned renovation. Renova did extensive measurements of the roof orientation, the various items consuming power, and our plans for changing appliances. The lease and permit process was simple and painless. The installation was incredibly professional and the follow up ongoing. I have referenced a number of people to them who have all reported the same quality of service. Being a LOCAL company is important here in the desert and I would not go to anyone else.

5 years ago

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Renova solar is one of the best customer oriented companies I have ever seen! From the energy consultant Mark to Fernando & the crew. They were very polite & conscientious . They even painted the equipment to match my house. I didn’t even ask. I have an HOA and Renova handled it all, I didn’t have to do a thing! I have an app on my phone that I can use to monitor my system to see how many kilowatts I am generating. Mark came on February 19th 2018 and I was up and running on April 5th. No up front costs and my monthly lease is $105 per month. I Highly recommend it!

4 years ago

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Jack Sauter

Very well represented and not a pushy company. The product is the finest in the industry which is very important but as important is the installers and followup to insure the quality is also the very best. This organization is very thorough and they recommend up front and throughout the interview to consult other firms and ask lots of questions . Pricing was well within the range of all whom I consulted but the deciding factor was the sincere honesty of Renova and the comfort level I felt with the proposal. The system has performed as presented, very satisfied!

4 years ago

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Gary Johnson Desert Hot Springs, CA

We have had our system for over a year. We had no pressure from the sales person, answered our questions and was very well informed. They were very professional and did a great job on the installation. They found some broken tiles on the roof and replaced them free of charge. They said the company policy is to leave the roof better than when they arrived. The estimate of power generated was spot on. They keep track of our power being generated and keep informed by their app. (it's really cool) These are some of the reasons I give a 10 rating. .

5 years ago

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Jeff Garnaus Seal Beach, CA

I was very happy with my entire experience with Renova Solar. From the very beginning when I met Ruben until the final briefing after installation everyone I spoke to at Renova was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend Renova to anyone who is considering solar.

3 years ago

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Corey Ventura

The only thing I can say good about Renova Solar is that it is much better company than Solar City, now know as Tesla. We had a whole house system in San Diego with Solar City. Corey, our sales representative with Renova promised us a $1,500 rebate for signing up with them. It took many months and calls, and an escalation to management, along with a threat not to refer them due to poor customer service to get our promised rebate. Corey came by with a $150 gift certificate as an apology for his poor service. Corey is all about sales, and could care less about follow-through after making the sale. Even months later, and having the largest installation in our country club, it seems we're bothering them to get information and advice in running the $100,000 system.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Denys Arcuri Indio, CA

I can't imagine a company being any better than Renova. They explained everything, including, in detail, the economics. The installation was hassle free, and the rather large system has performed flawlessly for something like 10 years, with no troubles. I really trust Renova.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Judy Gaudiano

After interviewing several solar companies, I chose Renova due to their excellent product, warranty and price. They were always available to answer my questions. They completed the installation on schedule with conscientious and clean local installers who showed up every day on time. I highly recommend Renova solar to anyone in the Desert area.

5 years ago

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ken hedrick

I had Renova install solar on my Palm Springs home in 2015. Several firms were interviewed, but the Renova sales person was the most knowledgeable in explaining their product and services. The installation was flawless and the follow-up services for minor warranty issues and panel cleaning have been great. Highly recommend!

5 years ago

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Tabitha Wagner Desert Hot Springs, CA

We bought our house about five years ago, and kept getting robo calls for solar all companies couldn't compare to renova thier team is well trained and up to date on current solar.thanks to Michael c and his team

4 years ago

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Peter Heidrich Palm Desert, CA

In the beginning Renova Solar provided excellent service, but right now we have a severe problem and i get the "run around" My system is only partially producing and Renova tells me they are working on fixing my problem, but so far nothing happened ! Peter Heidrich [email protected] 760-837-9424

4 years ago

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Lorin Paholski Cathedral City, CA

The nicest Solar Consultant came to my home, Corey V. , brought some information for me to keep, and explained the SunPower product and why SunPower is best for my Palm Springs home. Unfortunatley the purchase digressed. The project moved and the installation finally began. I had a panel upgrade that took them three times to match the paint. After the installation I thought things were all good to go. The pain match of the installed service panel was terrible and took them three times to get the color match correct. They should have fogged the stucco instead of painting the stucco so now when the wall gets wet one can see where the painting took place and it looks horrid. I later found out that the monitoring alert did not work when one of my panels was producing 4 times less than the other panels. It took a phone call by me to Renova to get the panel working right again. I was told they will be monitoring my system and it appears they were not monitoring my system. Now I wonder if all my panels are fully producing. The all mighty dollar was hard at work for the sales person when he told me I am getting a great deal only to find out I purchased a 360 watt panel system and the micro inverter on the back of the panel only converts up to 320 watts. I was told I have the most efficient panel on the market but am still wondering how I can have the most efficient "modual" (panel and micro-inverter) when the micro-inverter only converts 320 DC power to AC power. I paid a price per watt of what I was told is $3.95 per watt. That means I paid $158 per panel too much. Later I found out that the inverters last for 10 years and I was led to believe with a 25 year warranty that micro inverter will last without an issue. I was not told that there would be two trips on my roof for any repair and if all micro inverters go out within 15 years that will be 48 trips across my roof. WOW! in the desert heat all that walking on my roof will probably cause the underlayment to crack and leak when it rains. All I need is a roof leak. Lately the SunPower Monitoring system has been a day behind and for nearly 8 months the over production was not matching my SCE bill. With all the advertising of Renova Solar (now Renova Energy) I feel like I was deceived and defrauded. What a terrible experience and I should have remembered the cover on a book is not always the same as the book itself. Shame on you Renova and Vincent Battaglia. #Renova #RenovaEnergy #RenovaSolar #Solar #VincentBattaglia.

4 years ago

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Lou Kief

Fast talking salesman promised the moon then quickly refused to take calls after the job was done. The company did not keep their promises and I felt completely abandoned after they got their money. The install was OK, even though they screwed up the permit process with SoCalEdison twice, which delayed my project. Both times I was assured they had everything under control. This is NOT the company you want to do business with

5 years ago

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Serge Rivest Desert Hot Springs, CA

Never i will do business with them for the rest of my life. there job is low quality

4 years ago