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LAST UPDATED: February 20th, 2024

Project Solar is a professional solar installation company that also offers customers a do-it-yourself option.

Founded in 2016, the company is dedicated to reducing the cost of going solar by reducing overhead, streamlining its lean infrastructure, and doing away with the door-to-door sales force so many other solar companies have come to rely upon. Instead, the company employs a salsmen-free calculator that pulls from multiple government APIs to accurately measure and predict the solar performance of a given customer's roof. In short, Project Solar can give homeowners an accurate solar quote in real-time

Through its expertly designed solar panel systems, Project Solar aims to not only make solar affordable, but also accessible to anyone wishing to save money on their utility bill and achieve energy independence.


The Good

  • High-Quality Solar Equipment
  • DIY Solar Option
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Sufficient Workmanship Warranty 

High-Quality Solar Equipment

Project Solar sources its solar equipment from a number of top-level manufacturers. It’s standard solar set features panel from Jinko Solar, which come with a 25-year equipment warranty and an energy efficiency of more than 20 percent — considered an elite rating in the solar industry. The company also uses Enphase micro inverter modules and ranking equipment from industry leader Iron Ridge that can be affixed to either asphalt or tile roof types.

If customers wish to upgrade their panels, Project Solar has partnered with the following manufacturers:

  • Aptos
  • LG
  • Panasonic

In short, regardless of budget, Project Solar has a solution for everyone. 

DIY Solar Option

Project Solar aims to turn the traditional solar business model on its head by providing customers with the option to install the solar PV system themselves. To accomplish this, and make the process as simple as possible for customers, Project Solar’s expert team handles the design, engineering, permitting, and final electrical work.

Meanwhile, all the customer needs to do is climb up on the roof and affix the mounting equipment, screw on the solar panels, and run the wires to the home’s electrical panel — and save thousands of dollars in the process.

DIY Solar installation through Project Solar is available across the majority of the continental United States (jurisdiction permitting).

Transparent Pricing

Because Project Solar makes its solar energy systems available to DIY enthusiasts via delivery, the company has applied and disclosed a flat-rate pricing model to help curb the cost of adopting solar energy.

The company does not discriminate based on state incentives, and calculates its price in terms of price per watt — meaning the cost of equipment and/or labor per watt of clean, renewable the system is designed to produce:

  • Equipment — $1.19 – $1.40 per watt
  • Full-Service Installation — $1.54 – $1.75 per watt

All of these figures reduce significantly once state and federal incentives (like the Federal Tax Credit) area applied. Once the customer is ready to move forward with the projected quote, Project Solar requires a $100 deposit.

As a bonus, Project Solar provides customers with a free solar ROI calculator that analyzes roof layout and past utility bill costs to produce a custom solar system built for maximum solar savings.

Sufficient Workmanship Warranty

Though the company focuses mainly on designing systems that almost any homeowner can install without professional help, Project Solar does offer professional solar installation services, with a workmanship warranty of 10 years — considered the industry average.

Most solar companies warranty their systems against damage or errors caused during the installation process, as well as the cost of accompanying maintenance, for anywhere between 5 and 25 years.

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The Bad

  • No Lease or PPA
  • Additional Fees for Non-Standard Solar Panels

No Lease or PPA

As Project Solar is mainly interested in helping customers take full advantage of all available solar incentives — many of which are only available to customers who own their systems — the option to rent a system via solar lease or buy solar energy via a power purchase agreement (PPA) is not a part of the company’s financing product.

Instead, Project Solar requires a $250 deposit from both DIY customers and homeowners interested in full-service installation. For DIY customers, full payment (either in cash or via a solar loan) is required before parts can be delivered; for professional installation, half the payment is due upfront and half after the system has been installed. 

Additional Fees for Non-Standard Solar Panels

Customers should be aware that if they opt for panels from Panasonic, LG or any other manufacturer not mentioned in Project Solar’s standard set, the price of their solar panel system will increase.

This price variance is true of all solar panel installation companies. That said, Project Solar’s standard package with panels from Jinko Solar will satisfy the energy needs of most customers.


The Bottom Line

Project Solar has a unique approach to solar installation that translates to greater savings for everyday customers. Its top-of-the-line solar equipment and flat-rate pricing model are attractive selling points for DIY enthusiasts and solar supporters alike.

Customers should note that solar lease and PPA options are not available through Project Solar, and they are encouraged to read verified Project Solar reviews to see if this company is right for them.

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Installation was quick. The process took one day, roughly, but it took at least six months to get permits. When in Tucson, Arizona, it shouldn't take less than a day. Dear Lord, you spend $20,000 with the company and the customer service I got was horrible. They tried to weasel their way out of all the warranty work and everything that I was trying to do for my system. I had to call my installer back four times, get one panel redone because the panel went bad and all while Project Solar is trying to say they wouldn't help. I finally had to e-mail their CEO on Reddit to get a hold of them. I literally had to claw, bite to the nail to get them to take care of 1 panel. I would not use them again. I would actually go with somebody else who's going to warrant you their work and take care of the customer.

5 months ago

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Nate Genung Covina, CA

The price was appealing. Customer service and communication was horrible through the design, delivery, installation and permitting process. Project Solar either didn’t listen to my requests, or didn’t communicate them internally between their teams. If Project Solar could improve their project management and communication, they would be a great option. My requested equipment placement was repeatedly ignored. They permitted the equipment in a location I didn’t agree with, then tried to charge me an additional fee for design changes. After confirming an installation date, the equipment was not delivered. There was no availability to reschedule the install for about two weeks. We had to change our family vacation plans and reschedule flights to get home for dates that they had availability to install the system. Project Solar refused to reimburse the cost. They frequently blamed the installer for communication issues, though a majority of the miscommunication issues through the project seemed to be Project Solar’s responsibility. We started this process in June 2022. It’s March 2023 and the project has not been completed. The system was functional for a while but has been non-operational for over a month. I’ve contacted Project Solar about six times in the last month and they did not respond to the first five attempts. They responded to the most recent call but have not yet scheduled repairs. Two failed inspections so far - because there was no attempt to fix the items that failed the first inspection before the second inspection. They told me they were scheduling a third inspection and I reminded the Inspections Team that they needed to address the issues that failed previously.

11 months ago

Project Solar Logo

Reply from Project Solar

Hello Nate, thank you for sharing. We strive to offer a positive customer experience, and we're sorry that we have fallen short in this instance. We are reviewing this information with management, and we'll be in contact with you directly to work towards a solution. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] in the meantime. We will be in touch soon.

Mar. 28th, 2023

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Lupe Gonzalez Los Angeles, CA

-So far my experience has been sloppy and uncoordinated. I wrote to the company last week & they're just barely getting back to me this week. -Had a male knock on my door one random morning & state they were there to install the solar. I had no idea of this appointment - I was just out of the shower. Happened to be off, luckily I was there. Talked to someone on the phone from Proj Solar after the fact, that confirmed the install appt. -Then, a couple of weeks later, once again, a random visit by someone who said they were going to inspect the solar panels installation. My entire household had covid, very inconvenient once again. I would've liked to have been informed, I would have postponed the visit to when we were cleared so that I can also participate in the inspection & have my questions and concerns answered. -Male who came out to do the inspection sat in front of my house, apparently waiting for another guy. When the second gentleman arrived they both just helped themselves to my backyard. (Leaving the gate open when we have a dog who likes to run out, by the way.) -I asked for a rep to come out and go through the system with me, & answer any questions or concerns I have. -Now, I'm being told the following by Project Solar: -"Unfortunately our installer will not come out to just explain how everything works. It's frustrating, but because they run such a tight schedule, they base their day to day events around installs where they will get paid rather than visiting customers' homes to answer questions. Even with every other job, they do not do this even with the customer being out there at time of installation. Contractors have less of a friendly mindset and are focused on just showing up and getting the job done." " It sounds like Jared did not update you adequately in regards to the dates of installation and inspection. I apologize on his behalf. I understand that can be extremely frustrating." -I'm being pressured to sign off on the contract by the finance company (& rightly so, they just handle money) but I'm not comfortable doing so when I know nothing about what's going on w/the solar panels. -I had to ask for paperwork from the inspection & it lists the previous owner. I've owned the home for 7 mo. And no one caught it from Project Solar? * Their website listed a $500 referral bonus. I also noticed once I clicked to another screen, the referral bonus dropped to $300. (Yes, I know, I'm complaining about customer service & debating referring. BUT I love solar, drive an EV, & their price is good. I was willing to give them a chance, hoping their cust service would have improved. In a previous conversation, one of the Proj Solar employees told me they'd be making changes to improve response) -I screenshot the website & sent the link to my representative. This was their response: I just spoke with my manager. We appreciate you pointing out that mistake on our website. I have notified management to update that so it is accurate! We are so glad that your experience was good enough to want to refer a friend! I was under the impression that you had a bad experience based on what you had expressed to me and the review you left. Because this review reflects poorly on Project Solar, we wanted to ask and see if you would be willing to change or delete the review if we give you the $500.00 referral bonus even though we typically only offer $300.00 to customers for referrals? We definitely appreciate your support and business. * Seems they are trying to buy my review. * Next, I noticed I was quoted & charged for 21 panels. Noticed I only had 18. Sent an email 9/9/22 asking about the discrepancy. No response. Sent another email on 9/14/22, no response. Finally, sent an email on 11/21/22 and got a response today. They're telling me I was notified in 2021 that the solar panels' SIZE CHANGED (not the quantity). (Can confirm receipt of email stating the SIZE had changed, not the quantity. * In the last 3 years, they have 15 BBB complaints! * Good price, seems like a good product, REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! Beware of that!

1 year ago

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Gabe and Becca

They get more than one star because they were cheaper than what I've been able to find. That being said, be careful. It seems that others had a good experience, but not me. By the looks of it, it appears others are experiencing the same thing as me. Which is the following: you wait for six months for "permitting". I've finished my basement and pulled many permits. It is usually approved immediately in my justification. When speaking with project solar, you finally get to the bottom of it, they don't really have people to install. Finally, they switch out the equipment on you without saying anything. They quote you on the good stuff, then change it when it comes to final billing. When I pointed it out, they corrected it and sent be the invoice with the original equipment. I paid and then shortly after, the product was delivered. I was impressed with how quickly it came after paying. But that was premature. One pallet contained the inferior panels, the other the ones I was quoted on. I guess they were hoping i wouldn't notice (and i wouldn't have if they had had the permits actually completed). The installer they contacted was unable to install the system because they were unable to complete the permits! Now I have pallets of panels in my garage that have been sitting there for a couple of weeks with no end in sight of when they will actually be able to get their act together. They have no motivation now though as they've been paid. I will be filling a law suit locally soon if they don't fix things very soon. I've contacted them through email and they do not respond. The only person you can actually reach by phone is their billing department. I guess they want to ensure they are able to take payment!

1 year ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Brook Serafino Martinez, CA

Great service up front but they never responded on the back end to a referral bonus they owe me

1 year ago

Project Solar Logo

Reply from Project Solar

Hi Brook! We've reviewed this information recently and confirmed that your referral bonus has been delivered. We apologize for the delay in process that you experienced, and we hope you're enjoying your system.

May. 17th, 2023


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Mark Hensler Chula Vista, CA

Poor communication. Inaccurate documentation.

1 year ago

Project Solar Logo

Reply from Project Solar

Hi Mark - we've been evaluating our reviews, and we wanted to apologize for the negative experience you had with our company. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers, and we regret that we did not meet your expectations. We'll be in touch with you soon to learn more about your experience and to ensure your issues are not repeated with future customers. Until then, please reach out to us at [email protected] with any further questions or concerns, and we thank you for sharing your review.

Jul. 26th, 2023