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LAST UPDATED: January 17th, 2023

Since 1997, Positive Energy Solar has been New Mexico's leading solar energy provider. Headquartered in Albuquerque and with offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Positive Energy Solar is renowned both by customers and employees as a sound company that delivers on its promises and goals and holds true to the ideals it espouses. The company's mission is to provide long-term energy solutions to residents and businesses with a low environmental impact. Positive Energy Solar has installed more than 4,500 solar power systems in the state.

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The Good

  • Excellent Financial Value
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • SolarInsure Coverage
  • Experience
  • Solar Products

Excellent Financial Value

Though the company does not have the option for leasing solar power equipment, there are other financial benefits that make purchasing the system very enticing for the customer. First, a professional will give prospective customers a free estimate prior to any work done on the residence or business. The estimate will take into account the size of the home or building as well as how much electricity will be used. There is also a zero down option for buyers, meaning you won't be out a dime up front. And for those on a budget, there are different monthly payment plans available. Professionals estimate that customer recoup their investment within six to eight years.

Excellent Customer Service

Positive Energy Solar knows how to treat its customers right. This is apparent from its 100 percent customer service rating. Professionals provide plenty of education to customers and act in a friendly, responsive way.

SolarInsure Coverage

While Positive Energy Solar's equipment comes with a 25-year warranty, the company's SolarInsure program attaches warranties spanning 30 years to parts, labor, and any other system or installation component.


Solar power is becoming increasingly more prevalent and popular across the country. Positive Energy Solar isn't a company that say this rise in popularity and jumped on the bandwagon. Rather, the company has been in the business for over two decades; it has led the way for solar power in New Mexico. The company has been involved in more than 4,500 projects large and small.

Solar Products

Positive Energy Solar installs panels primarily from REC Solar and Q Cells, two of the leading panel manufacturers in the world. Both panel brands come with a high energy efficiency rating and robust product warranty.

In addition to high quality solar panel and solar inverter products, Positive Energy Solar also installs the Tesla Powerwall as a battery backup upgrade. This solar system upgrade also qualifies for the Solar Investment Tax Credit, worth 30 percent of the purchase price.


The Bad

  • No Leasing Option
  • Only Available in New Mexico
  • Few Positive Energy Solar Reviews
  • Not NABCEP Certified

No Leasing Option

Not every customer wants to buy a solar power system. For some people, it might make sense to lease. Leasing a system means the customer isn't responsible for repairs and maintenance in the same way a purchase would. Not offering this type of option limits the prospective customer base and eliminates potential users

Only Available in New Mexico

Clearly, Positive Energy Solar is a strong company and is well liked by its customer. The problem is, the company does not do business outside of New Mexico. If by doing some research of hearing word-of-mouth promotion you are interested in having Positive Energy Solar do your next solar panel installation, you'll have to go elsewhere if you don't live in the New Mexico. In over 20 years, the company has not expanded to other states, so it appears it is content to stay local.

Few Positive Energy Solar Reviews

As of January 2023, only one verified Positive Energy Solar Review has been posted to Best Company. Although the review in question rated the solar company five out of five stars, one positive solar review is not enough to tell the full story of a solar installer. Earning multiple customer reviews provides helpful information to potential customers about the company's solar installation quality, solar system performance, and customer service. 

Not NABCEP Certified

Positive Energy Solar does not appear to be certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, or the NABCEP, one of the most trusted certification boards in the solar industry. 


The Bottom Line

The few negatives aside, if you are a New Mexico resident or business owner, Positive Energy Solar is a sure bet and a partner you can trust and count on to deliver you solar energy. The company is fast, efficient, experienced, skilled and reputable. If you live in its coverage area and you're interested in switching to solar, definitely give Positive Energy Solar a call.

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Kerry Shiparski Rio Rancho, NM

Positive Energy does it all and does it well. Professional in all areas including customer service.

5 years ago