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LAST UPDATED: March 15th, 2023
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Pink Energy, formerly POWERHOME Solar, is out of business. 

Due to customer dissatisfaction resulting from faulty Generac solar equipment, Pink Energy has closed its doors permanently. 

Pink Energy is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the United States. It is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, and specializes in solar energy and roofing services. 

The company was founded in 2006 as Rescomm. In 2014, the company rebranded and became Pink Energy and Roofing. 

In 2020, Pink Energy was ranked number 255 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. Pink Energy also boasts that it was ranked seventh nationally among residential solar installers by Solar Power World — making it the number one residential solar company in the Southeast and Midwest. 

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The Good

  • Cost Information
  • $0 Down, 100% Financing
  • Energy-Saving Upgrades
  • Lengthy Warranties
  • No Subcontractors

Cost Information

Pink Energy doesn't provide any exact pricing information on its website. This is completely expected within the industry as the cost of each solar system will vary from property to property.

Pink Energy explains that solar panel prices depend on your current energy consumption, the direction your home faces, the amount of sunlight your roof receives, and more. 

However, we applaud Pink Energy for including all the components that will affect your solar system's final price.

The company states that you will be given an all-inclusive price for your system and the final price will be based on the following factors:

  • Installation Equipment — This includes solar panels, inverter(s), wiring, conduit, mounting racks, and mounting hardware
  • Custom Designed Solar System — Once you sign a contract, you will work with the Pink Energy team to start designing the system, filing permits, and getting set up for installation
  • Time and Date for Installation — On the agreed-upon date, a Pink Energy team will carefully inspect and install the solar panels, ensure they're functioning properly, and clean up afterward. 

For many homeowners, trying to figure out the total cost of their new solar system can be like pulling teeth. We appreciate Pink Energy's transparency and providing consumers with at least some general information on exactly what will affect the total cost. 

$0 Down, 100% Financing

Pink Energy offers $0 down, 100 percent financing to qualified homeowners. 

The website doesn't exactly say the qualifications, so you will need to contact the third-party lender directly for complete details. 

Additionally, the company occasionally runs promotions offering savings to customers. As of this profile update, Pink Energy offers a rebate for 12 months of free solar for new customers based on the system you choose, customer usage, and your monthly loan. The actual rebate value varies depending on the customer. 

Energy-Saving Upgrades

The company's most popular package includes a solar panel system with solar panels and backup battery power in case of a power outage. When you purchase this package, you also get the following energy-saving upgrades with your purchase:

  • LED lightbulbs
  • Showerheads
  • Blown insulation
  • Nest thermostat
  • Attic staircase cover
  • Attic baffles 
  • Hot water heater blanket
  • How water temperature card
  • Faucet aerators
  • Smart power strips

Lengthy Warranties

Pink Energy boasts that it has some of the highest-quality solar panels that come with superior reliability and performance. Because the company fully believes that its solar panels are superior, all panels come with a 30-year linear power performance guarantee and a 25-year product workmanship guarantee. 

Additionally, the panels that Pink Energy uses guarantee that your panels will operate at 80 percent of their original capacity after 30 years.

Pink Energy also offers a 12-year warranty on solar inverters (don't worry, you can purchase an additional 13 years of coverage to match your solar system's 25-year warranty). 

No Subcontractors

Pink Energy doesn't hire subcontractors. Instead, the company's team consists of fully licensed electricians, with unlimited general contractors license and unlimited electrical contractors license. 

Pink Energy is also a GAF Master Elite roofer. In addition, the company has multiple employees who have completed either OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 training, and the project engineer/design manager is NABCEP-certified.


The Bad

  • No Option to Lease
  • Not Available Nationwide

No Option to Lease

Homeowners looking to get a solar lease or PPA for their new system will have to look elsewhere.

While a solar lease or PPA can be a great solution for many homeowners, Pink Energy has several reasons for not offering these financing solutions.

The first and foremost reason Pink Energy doesn't provide solar leases is that it believes that everyone should own their power. When leasing, a third party essentially owns your solar system.

While there are some positives to a lease (the fact that you can get a solar system for little or no money down, you avoid the responsibility of repairs and maintenance, etc.), there are also a few negatives — the main one being that you lose control of your roof.

As leasing companies aim to maximize their profit, you could end up with a lot more panels than you wanted, the panels will be placed where the company wants, and you have to worry about selling the lease to another person should you move before the lease is up.  

The second reason Pink Energy doesn't offer solar leases is, so you (the homeowner) get the maximum return on your investment. 

Not Available Nationwide

Pink Energy is only available in 15 of the 50 states. 

  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia

The company is still young and growing, so it may be available to residents of other states soon, but there is no timeframe for when service areas will expand. 


The Bottom Line

If you've been thinking about renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint, we recommend looking into a company like Pink Energy. The company specializes in solar systems and has even received a few awards praising its customer service and business model.

With this solar company, you only have two financing options to choose from (buy or loan), but the company gives a clear explanation of why that is.

In addition, we admire Pink Energy's transparency when it comes to pricing. Although the company doesn't give any exact pricing information (since every system will vary depending on the house, location, panel placement, and more), we appreciate the fact that Pink Energy goes into some detail about what will be included in the final cost — giving you an idea of what to expect. 

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Vigilante4 Justice Princeton, IN

Buyer BEWARE; We spent 2 hours with a regional manager, young guy (22). We were very impressed with his salesmanship. He had all these graphs on his iPad and our usage which was 9kw per day average. We asked tons of questions. He told us he’d go to his car and send us a complete quote from his car before he left the driveway. That didn’t happen l…he didn’t even send me any kind of quote.. and then when I asked him to please send a full quote explaining the type of panels how many there are the warranty and what the entire contract terms, he then asked where do you want me to send it. I told him and then he went on to say well our contracts are proprietary….I’m like….ok,?????so….what are you hiding?! Do you expect me to spend $65,000 on your word??? Just send me the contract. Well guess what? It never came. He knew he quoted us way too high and this company clearly does not want any competition or want you comparing their price and what it includes to someone else’s otherwise theyd have no problem giving you a full quote so you know what you’re getting.

2 years ago

Pink Energy Logo

Reply from Pink Energy

Hello, I apologize for the bad sales experience you had with one of our sales team members. I would love to reach out and speak with you but I am unable to locate your account with the username provided. If you could please give us the name on your account we will have someone reach out to you. I do want to assure you that Powerhome Solar basis it’s price on current market values and we do not want you or anyone to feel that we are not being honest or upfront. I look forward to your response so we can reach out and discuss this further.

Nov. 2nd, 2021


Review Source

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Ryan Mccormack Checotah, OK

Over promise and under provide. I bought and 80% offset of 16 panels. Added 5 panels for compensation for property damage. Only got 60% offset for 12 months. Now they added 4 more panels. All they do is the minimum to try to keep from a lawsuit. Batteries were suppose to last all night. They last about 3hrs at best

1 year ago

Pink Energy Logo

Reply from Pink Energy

Hello Ryan, We want to give you the best experience that we can provide and make sure the system produces at the level we assured you. Our representative will reach out to address these concerns you have. Please feel free to let our representative know of any additional concerns as well. We appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers.

Dec. 10th, 2021

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Theresa McMurray Columbia, MO

It was a year in October 2020 that I signed my contract. It is March 2022 and my solar is still not working. Repair work is scheduled for 4/3/22 but that depends on parts available.

1 year ago

Pink Energy Logo

Reply from Pink Energy

Hi Theresa, we apologize for your unsatisfactory experience and will have our team reach out to you to better assist you. Thank you for your patience.

Mar. 28th, 2022

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Rodney Aldridge Anderson, IN

had 34 panels installed07/2019 very hard to get answers out of them now I have to have modem replaced because of the 3 G shut down . I have 10.5klw of panels but only a 10klw inverter don't see above 8klw

1 year ago

Pink Energy Logo

Reply from Pink Energy

Hi Rodney, we located your account information in our system and will work with our team to get your panel concern addressed.

Feb. 28th, 2022