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LAST UPDATED: June 22nd, 2022

PetersenDean has been installing solar systems and roofs for residences and businesses since 1984, which is much longer than many other solar installers have been in business. The privately held contractor works to provide residential and commercial customers with high-quality solar panels and roofs, helping them take the next step towards energy independence. 

The PV installer has a unique market approach because it has roofing solutions that are often part of the solar panel installation process. Residential energy storage solutions and battery backup options are available as well. The solar company believes that high standards are reached through the best quality, craftsmanship, and working materials.

A potential drawback with PetersenDean is its limited availability and lack of options for a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). 

Note: This review primarily focuses on PetersenDean Solar. If you're interested in PetersenDean Roofing, you can read our PetersenDean Roofing review here.

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The Good

  • Excellent Transparency
  • Buy and Loan Options Available
  • Low-Hassle Installation Process
  • 25-Year Warranty

Excellent Transparency

PetersenDean Solar is unique compared to other solar power companies in the industry because it discloses the price of its services. You can go to the company's website, select your state, and see pricing information for different packages and solar power systems. 

PetersenDean Solar packages start off with a minimum of 6 panels, which generate 1.68kW of power, and increase by increments of six to a max of 36 panels, which produce 10.08 kW of power. The residential solar installer advertises the use of high quality, American-made products in its solar modules. 

PetersenDean Solar also took the time to display the federal and state tax credits that come along with system ownership and calculate those into the price. 

Buy and Loan Options Available

The solar PV company's payment options include buying the system outright or getting a loan. PetersenDean's Freedom Flex loan allows customers to go solar for $0 down with no interest or payments for the first 12 months. Plus, there are no pre-payment penalties on the loan. 

Low-Hassle Installation Process

PetersenDean strives to make its solar installation process simple and low-hassle for customers. The process is as follows:

  1. Professional consultation: Consumers may calculate their savings online or call PetersenDean to get a free estimate over the phone
  2. System design: The solar energy company will measure the roof and find the best placement for solar panels
  3. Installation: The install will be carried out by true professionals with decades of residential roofing and solar experience to ensure that the system is built right and the roof is protected
  4. Final inspection and power up: Proper inspections will be made by the local building authorities and utility, and then the system will be powered up and begin producing energy

25-Year Warranty

PetersenDean Solar has one of the best warranty options in the solar industry, which covers you for 25 years and guarantees a certain level of production. 

If you decide to make changes to your system after a roof or solar panel has already been installed, you'll be able to take advantage of the contractor's reinstallation guarantee. If you want to upgrade your system through PetersenDean, the solar installer's trade-in guarantee promises that PetersenDean will buy back the original system. If you end up moving, your Protection Plan will be transferred to the new home owners. 


The Bad

  • No Leases or PPAs
  • Limited State Availability
  • Reported Customer Service Issues

No Leases or PPAs

PetersenDean does not offer any leases or PPAs. There are benefits and disadvantages with every payment option, but leases and PPAs help eliminate barriers to going solar because there is no down payment required.

Some customers may not have the savings to buy a solar system outright or the credit to get a loan, so offering a solar lease or PPA would provide opportunities for more consumers to take advantage of renewable energy with PetersenDean. 

Limited State Availability

PetersenDean is currently available in only six states: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, and Texas. This is relatively few when compared to some other top solar companies that are available in more than 15 states. 

There is an opportunity for this solar installer to grow and broaden its reach, therefore giving more consumers the chance to purchase one of its solar systems. 

Reported Customer Service Issues

Several user reviews on our site explain that one of the major issues with PetersenDean is its customer service. There seems to be some miscommunication between the corporate offices and its regional dealers, which causes delays getting solar PV modules and roofing systems installed. 

On top of that, PetersenDean does not have a good reputation for dealing with customer complaints. There have been a few cases reported where legal action was taken in order to resolve the issue. 


The Bottom Line

Overall, PetersenDean is a great company to consider for a solar installation if you live in one of the states it services, especially if you are interested in solar roofing systems and/or solar and battery systems. The solar contractor does an excellent job of being transparent by disclosing pricing and package information on its website, as well as information about federal and state tax credits.

Additionally, the solar energy company has been installing solar for more than 3 decades and has experience in both residential and commercial construction. Further, PetersenDean Solar has one of the best warranties in the industry. In addition to providing rooftop solar services, PetersenDean is also a roofing contractor and a battery installer, which is convenient if you are interest in a wider variety of product offerings.

However, PetersenDean does not offer leases or PPAs, which limits some consumers' ability to find a payment option that meets their needs. If you are someone who is looking to get a lease or PPA, a different solar power installer may be a better fit.

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Mark Swearingen

We financed a 24-panel installation by PetersenDean. The sales call was a hurried, somewhat high-pressured, and take-it-or-leave-it experience. The installation process, however, was top-notch and very professional. The workmanship left nothing to be desired, and the sizable crew was in and out in about a half day and in a neat and tidy way. The customer service follow-up has been minimal, but although the response is quick, I never know who is going to respond or how. However, PetersenDean's customer service is responsive, period. As far as system performance is concerned, this year, we had no PG&E bill in June, July or August, and our September bill is just under thirteen dollars.

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

Robert L Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We chose Petersen Dean because of the importance of purchasing American made components, and labor. We've been very pleased with all facets of the Contractor, securing bonus discount incentives, and enjoying the timely installation and subsequent reliable operation of our system. We are very pleased, and enjoy our new lower energy bills that contradict the notices we were getting from our utility provider that our rates are going up. We recommend Petersen Dean to friends and family. Thank you Jim P!

4 years ago

PetersenDean Logo

Reply from PetersenDean

Hello Robert, Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with us. Enjoy your solar savings and thank you for choosing PetersenDean for your Home improvement needs! Kindest Regards, Corporate Customer Relations PetersenDean Roofing and Solar

Apr. 3rd, 2019

star star star star star_border

chad sheldon Santa Rosa, CA

My wife and I purchased our solar system from Petersen Dean . We could not have been happier with them . We talked with 2 other companies and they could not deliver, on the price and financing packages that PD offered.. The whole deal was seamless , and smooth . Customer communications were excellent , and so was the installation process.. In fact , when they installed my system, they put up 15 panels in about 6 hours. And getting the city permit and sign off was a piece of cake .. No hassles , no drama.. Would I recommend them ? I already have ...!

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

Victor Cantando

Over all I would have to say I give PetersenDean 91/2 out of 10. they did everything they promised and a bit more, on time on budget, good clear explanation of what I was getting for my money, advised me clearly about solar panels, what to expect and not too, when the project will start and finish, and they did all that as promised, the panels look great, perform great and they left the job site as they found it. win win! Now you ask about the 1/2 point off, very very minor issue with a lost deposit check on there part that cost me a little personal time and effort.

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

mark moore

I have a Peterson dean system on my home I can say I am very pleased. the delivery was spot on time love the product customer service was very good. I would buy again and boy o boy the saving from my electric bill is out of this world

4 years ago

PetersenDean Logo

Reply from PetersenDean

Hello Mark, Thank you for your feedback on your experience with PetersenDean. We are happy you were satisfied with the product and customer service. Enjoy your solar savings and thank you for choosing PetersenDean for your Home improvement needs! Best Regards, Corporate Customer Relations Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar

Apr. 3rd, 2019

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charles e welch

Very good service, had a small problem when it went off line, they let me know it was not producing and came out and rebooted the system no problems since. System producing power plenty of power. Bill in the low teens during summer.

5 years ago

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manny vargas Escondido, CA

Customer service was great. They addressed some issues immediately after being notified. Installation was perfect, no leaks after the rain. They don't offer lease or PPA but why would anybody want a lease or PPA. Purchase is the best option to be able to avail of the tax incentive.

5 years ago

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Gundersen Yorba Linda, CA

I was very pleased with the whole experience at PetersonDean. They did what they said, when they said, and everything went well. Later on I had a problem with the city over an open permit. I call PetersonDean and within two days the problem was solved. Service after the sale is very important to me. They came through just fine.

5 years ago

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Bruce Dorff Greenville, TX

Petersen Dean installed my system in the spring of 2015. I have no complaint about Petersen Dean but am really unhappy with the Fronius Inverter that was installed. It has crapped twice since installation. It is warranteed for 10 years but I am concerned that the product will end up costing me more than the system is worth after that.

5 years ago

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Tim Shevlin Pomona, CA

My system was installed in Anaheim, CA in January, 2016. The permitting process took a long time, but contact with an assigned customer service rep in Fremont kept me in the scheduling loop. My flat roof was replaced expertly, there have been no service requirements and I'm making lots of power for the city as well as myself.

5 years ago

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Chris V Newbury Park, CA

I've had PetersonDean Solar System for a few years now. Love their product and haven't had any issue with their customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in buying solar

4 years ago

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Everything they promised, they did. There were software issues at first, but that was from the separate manufacturer of the special system, P/D never stopped until the issues were corrected.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Christopher Vacaville, CA

Wonderful company. We’re very helpful in explaining everything.

3 months ago

star star star star star_border

Luis Chavez Hanford, CA

I have been a customer with Peterson Dean for over 3 years. Great product, no problems with their solar panels or equipment.

4 years ago

PetersenDean Logo

Reply from PetersenDean

Hello Luis, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy you were satisfied with the product. Enjoy your solar savings and thank you for choosing PetersenDean for your Home improvement needs! Best Regards, Corporate Customer Relations Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar

Apr. 3rd, 2019