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LAST UPDATED: June 22nd, 2022

PetersenDean has been installing solar systems and roofs for residences and businesses since 1984, which is much longer than many other solar installers have been in business. The privately held contractor works to provide residential and commercial customers with high-quality solar panels and roofs, helping them take the next step towards energy independence. 

The PV installer has a unique market approach because it has roofing solutions that are often part of the solar panel installation process. Residential energy storage solutions and battery backup options are available as well. The solar company believes that high standards are reached through the best quality, craftsmanship, and working materials.

A potential drawback with PetersenDean is its limited availability and lack of options for a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). 

Note: This review primarily focuses on PetersenDean Solar. If you're interested in PetersenDean Roofing, you can read our PetersenDean Roofing review here.

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The Good

  • Excellent Transparency
  • Buy and Loan Options Available
  • Low-Hassle Installation Process
  • 25-Year Warranty

Excellent Transparency

PetersenDean Solar is unique compared to other solar power companies in the industry because it discloses the price of its services. You can go to the company's website, select your state, and see pricing information for different packages and solar power systems. 

PetersenDean Solar packages start off with a minimum of 6 panels, which generate 1.68kW of power, and increase by increments of six to a max of 36 panels, which produce 10.08 kW of power. The residential solar installer advertises the use of high quality, American-made products in its solar modules. 

PetersenDean Solar also took the time to display the federal and state tax credits that come along with system ownership and calculate those into the price. 

Buy and Loan Options Available

The solar PV company's payment options include buying the system outright or getting a loan. PetersenDean's Freedom Flex loan allows customers to go solar for $0 down with no interest or payments for the first 12 months. Plus, there are no pre-payment penalties on the loan. 

Low-Hassle Installation Process

PetersenDean strives to make its solar installation process simple and low-hassle for customers. The process is as follows:

  1. Professional consultation: Consumers may calculate their savings online or call PetersenDean to get a free estimate over the phone
  2. System design: The solar energy company will measure the roof and find the best placement for solar panels
  3. Installation: The install will be carried out by true professionals with decades of residential roofing and solar experience to ensure that the system is built right and the roof is protected
  4. Final inspection and power up: Proper inspections will be made by the local building authorities and utility, and then the system will be powered up and begin producing energy

25-Year Warranty

PetersenDean Solar has one of the best warranty options in the solar industry, which covers you for 25 years and guarantees a certain level of production. 

If you decide to make changes to your system after a roof or solar panel has already been installed, you'll be able to take advantage of the contractor's reinstallation guarantee. If you want to upgrade your system through PetersenDean, the solar installer's trade-in guarantee promises that PetersenDean will buy back the original system. If you end up moving, your Protection Plan will be transferred to the new home owners. 


The Bad

  • No Leases or PPAs
  • Limited State Availability
  • Reported Customer Service Issues

No Leases or PPAs

PetersenDean does not offer any leases or PPAs. There are benefits and disadvantages with every payment option, but leases and PPAs help eliminate barriers to going solar because there is no down payment required.

Some customers may not have the savings to buy a solar system outright or the credit to get a loan, so offering a solar lease or PPA would provide opportunities for more consumers to take advantage of renewable energy with PetersenDean. 

Limited State Availability

PetersenDean is currently available in only six states: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, and Texas. This is relatively few when compared to some other top solar companies that are available in more than 15 states. 

There is an opportunity for this solar installer to grow and broaden its reach, therefore giving more consumers the chance to purchase one of its solar systems. 

Reported Customer Service Issues

Several user reviews on our site explain that one of the major issues with PetersenDean is its customer service. There seems to be some miscommunication between the corporate offices and its regional dealers, which causes delays getting solar PV modules and roofing systems installed. 

On top of that, PetersenDean does not have a good reputation for dealing with customer complaints. There have been a few cases reported where legal action was taken in order to resolve the issue. 


The Bottom Line

Overall, PetersenDean is a great company to consider for a solar installation if you live in one of the states it services, especially if you are interested in solar roofing systems and/or solar and battery systems. The solar contractor does an excellent job of being transparent by disclosing pricing and package information on its website, as well as information about federal and state tax credits.

Additionally, the solar energy company has been installing solar for more than 3 decades and has experience in both residential and commercial construction. Further, PetersenDean Solar has one of the best warranties in the industry. In addition to providing rooftop solar services, PetersenDean is also a roofing contractor and a battery installer, which is convenient if you are interest in a wider variety of product offerings.

However, PetersenDean does not offer leases or PPAs, which limits some consumers' ability to find a payment option that meets their needs. If you are someone who is looking to get a lease or PPA, a different solar power installer may be a better fit.

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Daniel Wondrusch Alamo, CA

I started my Solar around September 2016. This is when I started bidding and interviewing companies. Between September and October I interviewed and vetted 15 companies, including Petersen Dean Solar. Unfortunately they had to deal with someone that was by that time well versed in the industry and looking at home solar companies. Many of the companies I talked with were high-pressure sales, not knowledgeable about solar, the installation process, options, and over priced, and proved to have lousy customer service and technical support. Failing at customer service 101: not showing up on time or at all, lying, lack of knowledge, and just simple BS. On or around October 2016 I met for the first time with Brad S from Petersen Dean Solar for America (PDS). He showed up a couple of minutes early, dress professionally, very personable, the most knowledgeable of any off the previous 15 representatives that I talked to, had information and answers to EVERY question that I had at the tip of his tongue. Our initial consultation lasted close to two hours. At the end he gave me his cell number and told me that if I had any other questions to call him directly. Going over all the information I had gathered over the last two months I did come up with a few. I called him, left a message, and he called me back with in the hour. A great start to a great customer service relationship. We signed the contract in mid November. Almost everything went fantastic. A couple of very minor hiccups with the actual project manager(PM) (not returning phone calls and questions), I called Brad, and he was all over it solving the issue, and I received call backs from the PM shortly thereafter. Project Planning went great, they got me everything I needed to work with our HOA including licensing, insurance, bonding, and vehicle insurance, schematics, "blue-prints" / roofing lay out, main break panel upgrade etc. Unfortunately, if you remember 2016 winter and spring we had constant rain. It was because of this that our installation was delayed until end January February. Installation went without a hitch (except for failing to replace the molding which they came out in two days to replace), they were spotless (so much so that I didn't even know they had come by and called to see what happened with the installation). Having been in customer service, training, served as a Navy Chief for 30 years, work as Performance and Executive Coach, I am a stickler for exceptional world-class leadership and customer service. I was so excited and enthusiastic about PDS that I referred a number of customers to them. For a variety of reasons some chose not to go with PDS, mostly about the cost of solar, none about the customer service experience. In the last year I referred two people to PDS. The first had a huge project; a roof replacement AND solar. The customer service, project planning, months of delays ended up in threats of legal action for breach of contract on PDS part they completed the roof and contacted me. Since I had completed my project, Brad S had moved to an other company. I contacted Brad and put him in contact with my friend and with in 2 months start to finish they had their solar installed and operational. I used to monitor my panels every day. Over time that went to weekly, monthly, six months; any way you get the picture. Well one of panels was producing only 20% of expected production. I called them on 20 February, 6, 8, and 10 March. Each time I called I was told I would get a call back from Ramiro. I was irate by 10 March. I spent 18 minutes on the phone on 10 March, mostly on hold, finally got an appointment for someone to come out and on 19 March. Because of this issue and issues with my friend I can no longer endorse or recommend Petersen Dean Solar. When customers layout $25-$35,000 for home solar, we expect much better customer service… Especially AFTER the sale! This is when the rubber meats the road, and the quality and character of a business comes through. The sloppy communication, follow-up, customer service, lack of professionalism with me and people I have referred, I can no longer put my personal network's reputation and my word on the line for Petersen Dean. While I am still going through this solar panel technical issue with PDS, I will update this review if it is warranted.

2 years ago

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kalliana Krishnan La Quinta, CA

so far not good with their promises! pro-misses! i have been with them for a solar-system since July of 2019. it is bebruary middle. they don't even call back as of late. they took in advance some $42,000 plus. i have nothing to show for....after bugging them for some weeks and months, they decided to raise the price by some $7,000! i reluctantly agreed to it. i still don't like they way they did it and their sale-man vanished!finally i said cancel my contract as they were to have finished the job by November 25.....they still have not returned my money! i thought maybe they went broke....but i dont think so. can anyone help? i need my money back and in anticipation of their solar, i spent alot of money to put in a Heat pump for heating and good deed goes they say they can do it tomorrow, but that was three weeks ago. i am done with them....

2 years ago

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Robert Visalia, CA

I had 34 panels installed on my roof in 2015. Initially I was pleased with the system and still am somewhat with how the system works but I should have gone on the roof after the work was completed to check the quality of the job but I didn’t. I thought the work would be completed in a professional manner. Earlier this year in 2019 I was on the roof inspecting its condition and discovered that Perterson/Dean had done a very poor job. There were pieces of conduit laying about, numerous broken tiles that were simply glued back together and stuck back into position. Some of the conduit wasn’t even bracketed to the roof! I called in April of 2019 to issue a complaint and a worker reported to my home approximately a week later. He and I went up on the roof to take pictures of the work and he agreed with me that the job was poorly done. It is now the 24th of May 2019 and still no response from Peterson/Dean. If I had known that I would be treated in this manner I certainly would had dealt with another solar powered company.

3 years ago

PetersenDean Logo

Reply from PetersenDean

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and concerns with us. The experience you have described does not describe the typical PetersenDean experience. We look forward to resolving these concerns with you, and work towards a positive resolution. Can you please confirm the property address and your best contact number to the private message we have sent or our customer care email address, ?

Jun. 3rd, 2019

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ANN W Daly City, CA

I didn't check the reviews. It was my fault. I was recommended by my contractor. He told me that his customers used PD. I use PD because I though it is much easier to have one company to work on the roof and solar. After we talked to different people from different departments, they, PD, did try hard to make things right. They assigned a new projector coordinator and if we have the new one in the first place, I will give 4-star. No. 1 problem, internal communication; No. 2 problem: they don't want to admit their internal communication problem and blame on the customer. First, the rep claimed that we can install the certain numbers of solar panels. Then, after few months, they changed the contact and said can only install 1/2 of them because of the size of our roof. Should they know that before the drafted the contract? They rushed to finalize the contract. Second, the rep told me that I didn't need to worry about the finance because the bank approved more than actually needed. In September, I contacted the bank and the bank said someone must notify them and adjust the contract. So, who should I believe, the bank or PD rep? In October, PD assigned the new project coordinator to us. I mentioned the loan to the new coordinator. We quickly received the new loan amount confirmation. The contract was signed in late June and started in October. Day 1: As expected, the demolition crew left many nails on the driveway. Day 2: I ordered the insulation, roof and solar. I was at home in the morning the day that they tried to install the roof. I talked to the workers. They said they could complete the roof in one day. I said, "insulation and the roof". They didn't know about the insulation. I called the office. The coordinator was not sure that I paid for the insulation then he checked and admitted that they missed the insulation. He said they can install the roof first and blow in the insulation later. The insulation company called and said they want to access the attic from our house. I told her that there is no full access, only 1/2 of the attic/roof. They have to figure out how to blow the insulation from outside. I went home. They didn't work on the roof. Day 3: Nobody came. Day 4 and 5: weekend. Day 5: Insulation day, both the roof crew and insulation crew were late. Afternoon, the roof guys punched one hole in the roof and left. The insulation guys arrived and said they cannot put the insulation in the entire roof with only one hole. They needed to come in the house and blow the insulation to the roof from the house. The insulation crew left the site around 2-3 o'clock. Day 6: (this is the day that I really cannot trust PD). The project coordinator called and asked to pay the balance. He said the roof was completed. He said the roof was completed on Wednesday before the insulation. I told him that it was not. He said it was done maybe after the insulation. The insulation crew left around 2 and I don't believe the roofing crew could complete the work in less than 3 hours. He insisted that the roof was installed (in his record, Tue demo Wed roof but actually Wed demo and no roof on Thur) and I told him that I needed to go home and check. I drove home during the office hour, took a picture of the shingle-less house and emailed to him. Afternoon, I call the project coordinator and told him that he should ask for the 1st payment because the materials were delivered, not the balance and the roof was not installed. (I didn't want him to get in trouble.) I paid. He didn't say anything. Day 7: The roofing crew installed 1/2 of the house and left 7+ screws in the middle of the driveway to ensure that our car wouldn't miss. The house is 1600 sqft two-story building. The contract didn't specify how many days but please ... be reasonable (or retaliation?) Day 8: Nobody came. Called the project coordinator. Things got interesting.... Customer Service and another project coordinator involved. Story is too long .. One more thing, the new project coordinator said he couldn't find the gutter color in the order. I picked that on 8/17 through email. Day 9: after multiple phone calls, they came back and complete the roof. They will be back to work on the gutter next Wed. Also on Day 9, the customer relation called and told me "I" misunderstood everything. The project coordinator didn't order the insulation because it was not his job. (He is just a project coordinator and no, he didn't think that I have paid for the insulation and therefore I needed to find the contract.) "I" asked for the insulation to be installed before the roofing (No, I just want to make sure that they will put the insulation as stated in the contract and told the insulation company that there is no access to the full roof from inside the house. They can punch a hole from the outside as long as they fixed everything). The project coordinator just want to "confirm" the gutter color (No, he told me that no color option was entered. He offered color white. Did he want to confirm that I would accept WHITE?) and actually, I can choose the color after the gutter is installed. (if so, why I need to let him know the color no later than Monday?) My English is not good but not that poor. A day before the gutter installation: The new coordinator called and told me that I didn't select the gutter style and they ordered different style that I used to have. I had no idea. He is so good that he actually looked the pictures from google and checked the style of our old gutter. He also compared to ours to our neighbors and explain to me. I confirm the correct style. The new roof and gutters are nice (much nicer than the old one.) The second project coordinator is good . He caught something that the original coordinator or sales rep missed.

3 years ago

PetersenDean Logo

Reply from PetersenDean

Hello Ann, Thank you for your feedback. I am glad that we were able to resolve this with you to your satisfaction. This will be considered to improve our customer experience. Kindest Regards, Corporate Customer Relations Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar

Apr. 3rd, 2019

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Signed with Petersen Dean on May 24, 2106 it is now November 16 with no PTO in sight. Panels were installed on Oct 27, city and MID inspections should have already been arranged but were not. Now with Thanksgiving coming up and no one working, it'll be December by the time MID gets here and my solar actually gets turned on. Almost seven months which is by far too long to wait. My neighbor who went with Sunrun only took 4 weeks from contract signing to PTO-now that's a company who gets it done. the best thing I can say about Petersen Dean is that their install guys did a great job, it's management who needs help and oh BTW I think I was contacted by 3 different project coordinators coordinators who consistently reiterated that MID was difficult-I think Petersen Dean needs to get their act together because other companies don't have any problems with them. I'm also paying another 2 months of both my solar bill and electric bill, REALLY!!

5 years ago

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Mike Tolmachoff Madera, CA

I was purchased a system based on the salesman telling me 1 solar system can cover 2 meters on my property. After 2 years of issues with this not being possible, P.Dean gave me a big discount to get a second system. Now, I have 1 system for my house and 1 for my ag building. Installation crew was great, but the delayed time in paperwork and office staff was a nightmare. I will never recommend Petersen Dean.

4 years ago

PetersenDean Logo

Reply from PetersenDean

Hello Mike, Thank you for your feedback on your experience with Petersendean. We are happy you were satisfied with the installation and value of the product. We maximize the efficiently of our install process while obtaining all necessary approval from the local jurisdiction and utility. Multi-meter electrical setups as well as other additional electrical work may increase the total timeframe. Your feedback will be considered to improve our customer experience. Best Regards, Corporate Customer Relations Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar

Apr. 3rd, 2019

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John Funderburk Tehachapi, CA

I have a PetersenDean solar system-first year an end of year bill for 1300 dollars last year 1800 dollars -called them and they say the system is fine-no ac-so where is the "savings" Solar in Ca is not worth the cost

4 years ago

PetersenDean Logo

Reply from PetersenDean

Hello John, Thank you for your feedback on your experience with Petersendean. We base your estimated annual consumption on the customer’s usage history and any additional information provided by the customer. The system is sized accordingly. Kindest Regards, Corporate Customer Relations Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar

Apr. 3rd, 2019