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LAST UPDATED: February 25th, 2022

Based in the Charter Township of Shelby, Michigan, Orange Cell Solar is a relatively new player in the solar installation and renewable energy market. The company has partnered with top solar lenders to provide competitive financing to homeowners and business owners within its service area. That said, little else about the company’s equipment, warranties, or personnel could be ascertained.

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The Good

  • 360º System Support
  • Price Promise Guarantee

360º System Support

Orange Cell Solar appears to offer start-to-finish support on residential and commercial solar systems alike. The company begins with an initial consultation and review of the potential client’s previous 12 months of energy (kWh) consumption, as well as solar power and energy bill goals. Once the homeowner’s energy needs have been established, Orange Cell Solar’s design team will draft a solar panel system design that generates optimal power. The team takes into account clean energy needs, average sunlight levels, angle and direction of the rooftop, and usable roof space among other factors.

Following the solar array design phase, Orange Cell solar panel installation team will go to work mounting the PV system to your roof as safely and quickly as possible. From there, Orange Cell Solar will provide ongoing monitoring through its 360º System Support, with warranties to protect the solar power system in the event of equipment or installation defects.

Price Promise Guarantee

Orange Cell’s Price Match Promise is a somewhat unique offering in the solar industry. In the event a potential customer finds a more cost-effective option with one of Orange Cell Solar’s competitors, the company will strive to beat the quoted price by at least $200. If Orange Cell cannot beat that price for whatever reason, the company will send the customer $200 following a successful solar installation of an Orange Cell Solar panel system.


The Bad

  • Limited National Reach
  • Undisclosed Information

Limited National Reach

Orange Cell Solar appears to only serve residents and business owners in Michigan; however, as will be shown below, specifics of its actual service area is just one of many missing data points. And with a number of other, more well-known solar power providers operating in Michigan, Orange Cell Solar will have a difficult time standing out without the help of verified reviews from actual customers.

Undisclosed Information

Several pieces of key information about Orange Cell Solar is missing from its site, social media pages, as well as third-party indexes and listings:

Solar Panels and Solar Inverters

Although the company mentions it uses “the best equipment” available in solar technology, Orange Cell Solar does not openly divulge what equipment it actually uses. Not all solar panels are equal in terms of efficiency, size and versatility, durability, and cost per watt.

Similarly, not all solar inverters are the same. Whether a company uses micro inverters, string inverters, or both, can greatly influence the power output and cost of the system. And while the company’s Facebook page mentions solar backup battery storage in passing, no further information could be found.

In conjunction with the lack of information on solar cell equipment comes a lack of clarification on equipment and workmanship warranties. Other than mentions of “industry leading warranties” on its site, and a post on Facebook explaining that warranties in general last 25 years, Orange Cell Solar makes no explicit mention of system or workmanship warranties.

Additional Payment Options

Orange Cell Solar does well to mention its zero down payment option, access to the federal solar tax credit and incentives, and partnerships with leading solar lenders; however, information on alternative payment options like solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPA) has been omitted entirely.

Start Date and Personnel

Beyond a page transparency note on the company Facebook page stating the page was first published in June 2020, no information on the solar company’s actual time in business could be found. Neither could information on company personnel and solar installers, their experience in the solar industry, or relevant industry certifications at either the state or federal levels.

No apparent relationship between Orange Cell Solar and industry-recognized organizations like the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners has been established. Industry certifications assure customers that the solar company adheres to high standards and energy efficiency best practices. And while the company mentions in a footnote on the website that it is licensed in every state it operates in, the accompanying link providing further information on the company’s licensing status is broken.

All this information is vital to building consumer trust. If customers can’t get a sense of who they’re working with beforehand, little is stopping them from choosing a top company with greater transparency.


The Bottom Line

Orange Cell Solar may have potential to be a reliable solar energy company that helps customers save on their electric bill; but outside of contacting the company directly, customers will have no way of knowing for sure. Until the company provides greater transparency on the type of solar energy system it installs, the people it employs, its licenses and certifications, and verified Orange Cell Solar reviews from real customers, customers are encouraged to investigate top solar companies instead.

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