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LAST UPDATED: October 19th, 2023

Founded in 2008, NuWatt Energy is a solar energy provider located in Massachusetts, Texas, and New Hampshire. Dr. Airman Alawa, Ph.D, is the current CEO and founder of the company. NuWatt Energy’s mission is to reduce the cost of solar power and offers different financing options to its customers. In addition to solar panels, the company also offers solar shingles to create a solar roof and solar sound barriers for communities. The company seeks to source primarily American-made products and provides a competitive warranty. 

The company serves customers in Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

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The Good

  • Financing Options
  • Solar Shingles
  • Solar Sound Barriers
  • Customer Service

Financing Options

The company’s website lays out how different financing options will impact your budget. The benefit of the layout is that it shows how available tax credits, rebates, and solar renewable energy certificates (SREC) are impacted by different types of payment. The website outlines paying with cash, a fixed month-to-month payment loan, or a short-term power purchase agreement.

A power purchase agreement is a plan that allows customers to predict their energy rate and own their system after 10 years. 

Solar Shingles

NuWatt Energy offers solar shingles to make a solar powered roof on a home. These shingles blend in with a roof more than traditional solar panels would, making them a more aesthetically pleasing solar option.

Solar Sound Barriers

Rather than just a concrete wall, NuWatt Energy has created solar sound barriers, called Smart PV Noise Barrier Walls, to make a sound barrier functional. These sound barriers are privately funded by a neighborhood or a business, so the funds for the panels don’t come out of the taxpayer’s wallet. 

Customer Service

Many NuWatt Energy reviews have stated that their experience with the customer service at this company is good. Many say that the company handles concerns well and does a great job at communicating with its customers. Some customers have also stated that their panels have been worth the investment and they have seen a difference in their electric bill.


The Bad

  • Website


Although the website has several pages of information, it uses a lot of jargon that someone new to solar wouldn’t understand. The website could also be improved by sharing the price of solar installation and detailing what the process is like. 


The Bottom Line

NuWatt Energy offers several different products to provide both homeowners and businesses with renewable energy. The website outlines different financing options and details different benefits to having solar panels, although some helpful information is missing from the site. Solar shingles and solar sound barriers are unique solar power systems that set this company apart, but the website can be difficult to understand if a person is not familiar with solar terminology and jargon.

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Dennis Baldwin Attleboro, MA

I dealt with the following at NuWatt: Maan A, Julia I E, Jonah G & Matt H. I also dealt with a number of sub contracted by the company. The entire experience was a nightmare and is still ongoing with the company no longer replying. We'll keep this to spark notes. NuWatt did not scope out the project and that resulted in the need for a transform upgrade at my expense. Based on this delay we replaced our roof a month prior to the solar work. After having a new roof and several rain storms, there was no leaking. The day the solar work started, the company failed to follow our towns building department policies on notifications. The company began work on both the roof and electrical meter side of our house. The town ordered them to stop work. A few days went by and we had a rainstorm that resulted in water leaking into your bedroom ceiling. We notified NuWatt, their crew and the company denied doing any drilling on the roof and indicated they were not at fault. We had video proving otherwise. Within those same few days, we found a hole drilled into our living room floor from the electrical meter side of the house. We notified NuWatt, their crew and company denied having ever done work on that side of the house. We had video for the floor undamaged a few weeks prior and no documented work on that side of the house. We were accused of lying twice with both times we had documented proof of the condition of the ceiling and floor. The sub contracted crew came out to look at the leak and reported that it was an HVAC leak. We provided proof that this wasn't possible as the HVAC was at the completely opposite side of our home with no source of water within upwards to 30ft of that location. The company lied to us and claimed no responsibility. After several months and approximately 100 emails & about 3 months (these number is not exaggerated), we got NuWatt to have someone paint our ceiling to fix the water damage. The drilled flooring took an additional 100 emails and an additional 3 months to get repaired. However the repair was completely unacceptable. They sub contractor NuWatt choose cut a square out of our floor, and replaced it with a different breed of wood and color. The repaired floor is at a different height to the rest of our floor and sticks out. We've indicated that this wasn't acceptable and since then the company has refused to reply. On top of these troubles NuWatt made recommendations early on that we needed reinforcements to our roof to which we happily accepted. Then when it came to the reinforcements they avoided the topic, and then proceeded to tell us we didn't need them any longer. We indicated that we'd still prefer to go forward with them based on the initial recommendation. They combated us on this for several emails and then ultimately installed the reinforcements that we initially agreed. Moving onto the solar being installed, that part went relatively smooth after a few missed days of the crews not showing up. Thankfully working remote, that did not interfere with our day to day operations. When the solar was installed and the system was to be activated, I could not activate the system as the Envoy box was installed far too close to a conduit that prevented the operation of the latches from opening. NuWatt came back out several weeks later and fixed that portion. When I opened the Envoy I found water had leaked inside of that. NuWatt addressed may have addressed the leaking by installing missing screws in the conduit, however there is no way of confirming this as the Envoy is now blocked again from the conduit and screws being installed too close to it. I noticed NuWatt of this and have heard nothing since the start of the year. During this initial Envoy access issue, I finally got access to the Enphase Portal to check the system and found that the 50% of our solar system was not operating for several weeks. They didn't notify us. They eventually sent someone out to fix it at the same time of the Envoy access issue / leak. To date, the system is functioning properly. I've placed a request in inquiring about consumption metering at the end of January with no reply back. The flooring repair is still unacceptable and the company refuses to reply. NuWatt as a company has been the worst imaginable relationship with a contractor I have ever dealt with. They accused us of lying. Their crews have indicated that their sub contractors unwritten policy is to deny everything, even if they know they messed something up, just deny it. The company wants to assume no liability. At this time, our next course of action due to the company ghosting us is to contact our insurance company to file a claim again NuWatt and to contact our state agencies to file a complain against the company. If you take anything away from this review, our recommendation is to photograph, video, document. Get your contractors names that work at your location. Have them sign in or provide identification and license information. This way when NuWatt (or other companies) try to exploit you, deny liability, or just generally screw you over and cause month after month of stress, you'll have the proof you'll need to demonstrate that NuWatt are untrustworthy and crooks.

1 year ago