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LAST UPDATED: November 8th, 2023

Lumina Solar is a rapidly developing solar company serving customers in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including Maryland and Pennsylvania for three years. Just recently, the company announced it is expanding to also serve customers in Virginia. The company specializes in both residential and commercial solar power and is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer.

Lumina Solar is not to be confused with Lumina Sun Smart Home, an entirely separate solar and home automation company based in North Carolina. As this company is not currently reviewed on Best Company, homeowners interested in reading up on the latest Lumina Sun Smart Home Reviews will need to consult other trusted third-party review sites like Google or Yelp.

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The Good

  • Tesla Powerwall Installer
  • Variety of Financing Options
  • Residential and Commercial Installation
  • Roofing
  • Employee Bios
  • Active Blog and Social Channels

Tesla Powerwall Installer

Lumina Solar offers customers the option to install the Tesla Powerwall, a leading energy storage solution in the residential solar industry. The Powerwall acts as a battery to store solar energy produced during the day that can be used at night or in the event of a power outage. The Tesla Powerwall is a leading industry battery and is a great option for customers wanting to go solar.

Variety of Financing Options

Lumina Solar offers three different kinds of financing options for consumers:

  • Purchase — This is most cost efficient for the customer but also the most expensive upfront investment. Purchasing your solar panels means you own them and can instantly reap the savings on your energy bill.
  • Loan — Lumina Solar also offers a loan payment option. Customers pay a monthly fee with a low interest rate over a specified amount of time until the panels are paid for in full. Like direct purchase, loan options qualify for the Federal Tax Credit.
  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) — This financing option is essentially a rental agreement between the company and customer. Customers pay a regulated fee (often at a lower rate than the electric bill) to use the solar panels over a specified period of time, returning them at the end of the contract.

The fact that Lumina Solar offers a variety of financing options and is transparent about what each entails is a sign of a reputable and growing company.

Residential and Commercial Installation

Lumina Solar offers both residential and commercial solar installation. The company's website showcases a variety of company and residential installation projects, ranging from small to exceptionally large. The entire process is performed in-house, meaning Lumina Solar does not rely on third-party subcontractors. This often means the installation process remains consistent from project to project.


In addition to solar energy systems, Lumina offers full roof replacements. When homeowners can have both roofing and solar installed by the same solar company, there can be an integration of communication, warranties, and post-installation service where necessary. 

Employee Bios

Unique to Lumina Solar, the company displays a picture of over 50 of its roughly 60 employees, including its in-house solar contractors and sales team. Past or current customers frequently reference specific employees in their reviews, and the company bios allow potential customers to easily identify and connect with individual employees.

Active Blog and Social Channels

The solar provider runs a successful and up-to-date blog with articles ranging from the rights of solar panel owners to tips on solar panel maintenance. Additionally, the company's social media channels are active and provide customers with valuable information and updates. Having an active online presence shows that a company is both engaged with current events and knows how to best reach its customers.


The Bad

  • No Warranties Listed
  • Limited Lumina Solar Reviews 

No Warranties Listed

On Lumina Solar's website, no warranties, either for workmanship or solar panels, are listed. A warranty is mentioned within the descriptions of each plan; however, the details or length of the warranty are not disclosed. This is a potential problem for customers wanting to work with this particular solar installer, as knowing warranty length is crucial to the decision-making process.

Limited Lumina Solar Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential aspect of solar provider research. Unfortunately, Lumina Solar does not have many reviews listed on our site, limiting the data and analysis we can provide about companies with a more robust review profile. If you've worked with Lumina Solar for a solar panel installation, please consider leaving a review below. 



The Bottom Line

Lumina Solar is an excellent solar company offering residential and commercial solar to customers in the Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas, including Washington DC

The company offers three financing plans: buy, loan, and PPA. It is transparent about what each plan entails and promises no pressure for customers to choose — although agents will answer any questions they may have.

The only drawback to these plans is that Lumina Solar does not list the warranty lengths associated with each solar energy system, only that a warranty does exist. Customers should be sure to check with the company about warranties as that is an important factor when deciding to go solar, especially with a company as new as Lumina Solar.

Lumina Solar offers a variety of financing plans and a great company atmosphere that can give peace of mind to anyone looking to go solar on their home or business.

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DRockgg Gwynn Oak, MD

This organization is very detailed, helpful and followed up with me at every phase of the project. They have a 25 year warranty and offer 30 year end to end warranty. This is a local company and I'm extremely satisfied with their work and service..

1 year ago

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Joe Trout Carlisle, PA

Jack was a great project manager. But his leadership after convincing me to leave another company, pull out after 2.5 months of work putting this together. I was warned by the other company that the price was to good, an they didn't know how they could do it for that amount. We had just had the roof inspected 9 months earlier by a large roofing Co. That said roof was good for a lease 10 years. So after 2.5 months after design inspections, we get a call from them, WE WANT ROOF REPLACED FOR $38,000, or they a not doing roof. I ask to have their personal to return to go over roof with roofing company rep here, they refused to send person back to validate their claim. They are refusing to do solar system ( 47 panels + battery) unless we pay another $38,000. I guess the deal was to good like the other company said. So after talking me into switching to them, an months of time, phone calls and inspection they want more all they ask is another $38,000.00 an their good to go. And go they went. I can not recommend this company at all, please watch your step to not wast you time or effort., only to be told more. Joe Trout

1 year ago