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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2020

Lime Solar offers solar energy design and installation services to Alaskans. Whether you need a back-up power system or regular use power system for your house, RV, boat, cabin, or business, Lime Solar has you covered.

Working with Lime Solar, you can get a custom-designed system to meet your specific needs to lower your monthly electric bill or have an emergency back-up for your electricity. 

Lime Solar is committed to making solar energy accessible and affordable. For its work, Lime Solar had been featured in Alaska Business Monthly.

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The Good

  • Range of Services and Applications
  • Simple Process
  • Wind Energy Services Available
  • Hardware Options
  • Emergency Home Back-up Kits
  • Residential Grid-Tie Kits
  • Off-Grid Kits
  • RV and Marine Kits

Range of Services and Applications

Lime Solar has experience designing and installing custom solar systems for homes, cabins, businesses, RVs, and boats. Lime Solar has also done state and federal projects. 

The company offers excellent services and customer support, including system design, consulting, engineering, and tech support to catch errors and optimize your system.

Lime Solar has an engineer on its team. Team members also stay up-to-date on solar energy and technology developments. You can view photos of Lime Solar's past projects on its website to get a sense of the work the company does. 

In addition to solar energy systems, Lime Solar has worked on wind and hybrid systems.

Lime Solar has high standards for performance and prices its services competitively.

Simple Process

Working with Lime Solar to design and install a solar energy is a simple process. First, you'll talk with a company representative and schedule a site visit. The site survey is especially helpful for residential and commercial systems. Based on the visit, Lime Solar can create a custom design to meet your needs and accommodate your location.

Once your system is designed, you can install it yourself or have Lime Solar install it. After the installation is complete, Lime Solar continues to offer tech support and follows up for feedback. 

Wind Energy Services Available

Lime Solar offers wind systems for RVs with a noiseless generator. You can also purchase a wind system for your boat.

Lime Solar uses wind turbines from Aeolos Wind Energy.

Hardware Options

Lime Solar uses hardware from several different companies. Its solar panels are Solar World, LG Solar, Canadian Solar, Zamp Solar, and Suniva Solar. You can also choose from several options for solar panel mounting: Unirac, Subframe, MT Solar, and Iron Ridge.

Inverters and Chargers are from Go Power Carmanah, Xantrex, Schneider Electric, Magnum Energy, Outback Power, SMA America, and Enphase Energy. Charge controllers are from Morningstar, Schneider Electric, Outback Power, and MidNite Solar.

You can get batteries from US Battery, Rolls Surrette, and Enersys.

Emergency Home Back-up Kits

Lime Solar also offers emergency home back-up kits that help you have electricity when your power goes out. These kits come in different sizes, and all include an inverter, charger, batteries, solar panels, and frames for mounting.

The Starter Kit can manage basic electrical loads and is ideal for occasional cabin use. The Medium Home Kit can handle the same electrical load as the Starter Kit, but has an off-grid or grid-tie application. The Large Home Kit also has an off-grid or grid-tie application and can handle all basic electrical loads.

Residential Grid-Tie Kits

Lime Solar offers four residential grid-tie kits. These kits range from $2,800 to $19,750. All kits include a 25-year warranty, an inverter, mounting, and solar panels. 

The Starter Kit produces 110 KWH per month. The Small Kit produces double the amount of energy of the Starter Kit. The Medium Kit produces 440 KWH per month. The Large Kit produces the most energy per month and produces 670 KWH.

Off-Grid Kits

Lime Solar's off-grid kits are made in the United States. They are great for cabins and include an inverter, batteries, solar panels, and mounting frames. The four kits offer different amounts of electricity. 

The Cabin Starter Kit can manage basic electrical loads like lights and TV. It works well for occasional cabin use. The Small Cabin Kit also manages basic load, but is ideal for weekend cabins. You can also expand the Small Cabin Kit.

Lime Solar's Medium Cabin Kit is better for more frequent cabin use and can handle more electric loads, including lights, microwave, coffee pot, TV, lights, and power tools. You can also expand the Medium Cabin Kit as your electrical needs change.

The Large Cabin Kit is made for full time cabin use. If you're at your cabin all the time, this kit is ideal for you. Like the Medium Cabin Kit, it is expandable.

RV and Marine Kits

Lime Solar stands out from other solar companies because it offers RV and Marine solar kits. These kits range from $300 to $3,600. All kits include a solar panel, inverter, charge controller, and battery.

You can choose from the following kits:

  • 20 Watt Starter Kit
  • 40 Watt Portable Kit
  • 80 Watt Portable Kit
  • 120 Watt Portable Kit
  • 200 Watt Portable Kit

This selection of kits allows you to find a solution to meet your energy needs.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area

Limited Service Area

Lime Solar is only available to Alaska residents. It has offices in Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula. If you do not live in Alaska, you'll need to look for other solar companies.


The Bottom Line

Whatever your solar needs are, Lime Solar is ready to help. Its qualified team and engineer will design a custom solar system for your home or commercial building. Its team has experience designing systems and installing them. The company also stays up-to-date on the solar industry. You can trust the professionalism and high standards Lime Solar has.

Once your system is installed, Lime Solar will continue to assist you with tech support to catch errors and optimize your system so you get the most you can from it.

You can also purchase solar kits for electrical back-up, a cabin, an RV, or a boat. These kits make it easy to access solar power wherever you are. 

Lime Solar is a great company to work with if you need solar power in Alaska.

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