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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2023

Green RV Solutions services a niche pocket of solar needs offering reliable sources of power that traditionally turned to generators. The team at Green RV Solutions helps owners of RVs, cabins, trailers and other remote vehicles and properties access environmentally friendly and dependable power. This is done through the installation of trusted solar systems specifically designed for off-grid usage. 

The company is veteran-owned and offers custom solutions to those in need of full scale off-grid power. Each project is analyzed to determine just how much power needs to be generated in order for all appliances and electrical needs to be met without the assistance of a gas-powered generator. Each client will receive a custom system design complete with equipment requirements and needs in order to provide the best possible outcomes. 

By providing remote solar solutions, clients are able to unplug from the world without sacrificing comfort items that make remote life sustainable for long periods of time. From start to finish, the professionals at Green RV Solutions want to ensure that a completely off-grid system is carefully crafted and meets all needs. 

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The Good

  • Travel for Installation
  • Completely Off-Grid Solutions
  • Complimentary Consultation 

Travel for Installation

One of the best features of the Green RV Solutions operation is the company’s commitment to come to the client. Generally, providers that off solar work on vehicles like RVs or trailers will require the client to leave the vehicle at the shop and arrange for drop off and pick up. 

With Green RV Solutions, experienced technicians will come to the client and install the solar system directly on the vehicle without the need for transporting it to another location. This offers a level of convenience not traditionally provided by off-grid solar contractors. 

Completely Off-Grid Solutions

Many solar contractors will promise or guarantee off-grid solutions. The reality is that these services still require some sort of utility grid connection or the addition of hefty solar battery systems to be installed

When Green RV Solutions claims to offer truly off-grid solutions, that claim is actually genuine. All the projects Green RV Solutions takes on require and will only work under off-grid capabilities. 

Complimentary Consultation

Those interested in off-grid solar access but are unsure of how it works or where to start can benefit from the complimentary consultation offered by Green RV Solutions. This free service will allow interested customers the opportunity to ask questions and determine whether solar is the right option for their circumstances. 

Many companies will charge for this initial consultation or require some sort of upfront commitment of work. That is not the case with Green RV Solutions as the company is committed to guiding clients throughout every step of the installation process. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Unknown Warranty Details
  • No Alternative Financing

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Tier-1 solar manufacturers generally produce the best solar products on the market. As a result, most interested customers want access to the best solar products available. 

It is common practice for most solar contractors to publicly disclose equipment partnerships or list what manufacturers an installer has access to. This is beneficial information for prospective clients that are still in the decision making process. Unfortunately, Green RV Solutions has not disclosed what equipment partnerships, if any, it has access to. 

Unknown Warranty Details

Equipment protections and coverages is generally a feature most prospective solar clients are invested in. When individuals opt into renewable energy sources, they want those systems to work as designed throughout the lifespan of the product. To provide peace of mind, most solar companies will offer all or some of the following warranties: equipment, productions, and workmanship.

Despite warranties being a standard offering in the solar industry, it does not appear that Green RV Solutions offers any sort of protections in the form of warranties to its clients. 

No Alternative Financing 

Solar products and services are generally expensive. Those that have residential or commercial solar systems installed usually utilize alternative financing in order to access renewable energy sources. Generally, solar providers will offer solar loans, leases, and/or power purchase agreements.

While off-grid solutions will generally not cost as much as a residential solar system, there is the potential for the expense to limit clients from accessing reliable solar solutions. Despite most solar providers providing alternative financing, Green RV Solutions does not appear to offer this as an option.  


The Bottom Line

Green RV Solutions services a market that is ideal for solar power but is traditionally underserved. The professionals at Green RV Solutions will come to clients to conduct installation work eliminating the headache associated with dropping campers, trailers, and RVs off at the shop. 

Unlike other solar providers, all of the installations conducted by Green RV Solutions are entirely off-grid with no need for backup utility connection. All interested clients can take advantage of a complimentary consultation where solar options are discussed and all questions or concerns are addressed. 

Despite offering a needed and niche service, there are some unknowns surrounding service and product specifics. Green RV Solutions has not disclosed equipment partnerships making it difficult to determine whether or not high-quality products are accessible to clients. 

It should also be noted that no warranty details are publicly known either, so it is unclear what protections are put in place. The financing could also potentially be an issue as it does not appear that alternative financing solutions are an option for Green RV Solutions clients. 

Owners of vehicles or remote properties that currently rely on generators for power would greatly benefit from the services Green RV Solutions provides. It is not the traditional form of solar installation, but it is a service in high demand. 

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