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LAST UPDATED: January 24th, 2024

Freedom Forever, founded in 2011, is a NABCEP-certified residential and commercial solar installation company that partners with solar sales companies, negotiating the best terms on equipment and financing on your behalf. Freedom Forever specializes in the construction, engineering, and procurement of solar products and systems.

Freedom Forever is headquartered in Temecula, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, the company services 29 states across the country with planned expansion to three more states in the near future. Freedom Forever’s expansion has garnered attention and the company has been featured on the Inc. 5000 list of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies”. 

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The Good

  • Expansive Service Area
  • Freedom Forever Solar Panels
  • Freedom Forever Smart Home Accessories
  • 25-Year Production Guarantee 
  • Freedom Forever Customer Portal
  • Commitment to Customer Education

Expansive Service Area

Freedom Forever services 29 states, a much larger service area than most solar companies in the industry. The company’s ability to service more states is likely due to the fact that it partners with solar sales companies, allowing it to expand its reach further by connecting you with local solar installers in your area. Freedom Forever services the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

It is also worth noting that Freedom Forever will be expanding its services to Michigan, Washington, and Wyoming in the near future.

Freedom Forever Solar Panels

The Freedom Forever solar panel is designed to be sleek and slim, fitting the needs of a modern home. But the Freedom Forever solar panel sets itself apart from other solar panel options in the industry by being compatible with all climates, ensuring that the panels will function powerfully and efficiently in low light, low temperature, and/or harsh climate conditions. In addition, all Freedom Forever panels are ethically sourced and are guaranteed to be installed properly, ensuring high energy production.

Compared to other leading solar panel options in the industry, Freedom Forever solar panels are durable, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and protected by a 25-year production warranty.

Freedom Forever Smart Home Accessories

Every customer that goes solar with Freedom Forever receives a smart home system. The basic smart home kit is made available through a partnership with Vivint and includes the following accessories:

  • 12 months of free service and professional monitoring
  • 2 door sensors
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 Doorbell Camera Pro
  • Hub Lite
  • Vivint app with solar production

The option to receive a free smart home system with your solar panel installation is a very unique offering in the industry — most companies don’t offer this perk.

25-Year Production Guarantee

Freedom Forever solar panels and solar systems are all protected with a 25-year production guarantee. The system monitoring included in your purchase watches for energy production dips and if your system produces less power than promised, the company will give you a check for the difference.

Freedom Forever Customer Portal

Alongside system monitoring, customers also have access to a customer portal throughout their solar installation. You can check your project status, get process updates, and read through documents from the customer portal.

Commitment to Customer Education

Freedom Forever’s website has several aspects focused on basic solar knowledge. For example, the website gives access to resources like podcasts, basic solar knowledge, tax incentives for every state, and state-specific solar benefits. 

One of the most helpful sections is a state-by-state breakdown of solar benefits, incentives, and information. For each state, Freedom Forever has provided clear information about tax breakdowns and incentives. Each state’s weather is accounted for and includes recommendations. Tips and suggestions are included for each resident, depending on his or her state. 

Solar can be an overwhelming industry to enter. This clear and simple information can help future clients feel confident going forward and make informed decisions. Freedom Forever also seems trustworthy in its efforts to better serve the specific needs of its customers. The website is client-focused, well-researched, and transparent. 

Additionally, the company has a clear sustainability focus, explaining the environmental impact of solar power and its commitment to decarbonizing energy.


The Bad

  • Negative Freedom Forever Reviews 
  • Indirect Customer Relationship 
  • Lack of Equipment Details

Negative Freedom Forever Reviews

While many customers are satisfied with Freedom Forever, there are also mixed reviews that have not appeared to be addressed by the company. Some complaints are repeated, including difficulty reaching the customer service department and delayed follow-through when issues arise.

Indirect Customer Relationship

The company does not sell directly to homeowners. Rather, Freedom Forever partners with top local solar dealers within the solar industry. 

This distinction may explain some of the reviews describing difficulty getting in touch with a representative. 

Since each area and partner is different, it’s unclear what to expect from a local dealer. Customer service may vary according to state, area, or dealer. If clients are looking for a more cohesive communication process, local-only solar companies may be a better fit.

Lack of Equipment Details

Freedom Forever now has self-branded solar panels, which are described as ethically sourced, sleek and slim, and compatible with all climates. More information on these panels — such as manufacturing location and efficiency ratings — would help consumers identify the similarities and differences between these and other solar panels.


The Bottom Line

Freedom Forever sets itself apart in the solar industry with its self-branded solar panels and smart home kit made available to each customer that chooses to go solar with Freedom Forever. The company has an expansive service area and services 29 states with plans to expand to more states in the near future. 

Freedom Forever seems to be a reputable solar company. But Freedom Forever solar reviews are mixed — some incredibly satisfied and many others displeased. On paper, the company is a great candidate. However, some client reviews suggest otherwise, and outsourced labor could be part of the communication disconnect. 

As more verified reviews are added, we can better analyze the sentiment of the commentary and the company’s responses to those reviews. If Freedom Forever has done a residential solar project for you, consider leaving a review below.

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Randy Robertson Provo, UT

Freedom Forever has had growing pains in Utah. They have good standards and products but have had a hard time delivering on them in our area. They just barely got an engineer dedicated to our area, which we hope will help end the extensive delays we have seen with our install. We are about a year past when we expected to start using the system. The one big positive amid the delays has been that FF has been consistent and unquestioning in standing by their contract terms to reimburse our monthly payments if the install is delayed or the system isn't producing what was promised. FF partnered with Mosaic to offer customers a financing option to pay for the system install. They aim to complete the install before the customer has to begin paying Mosaic. All of our monthly payments to Mosaic have been reimbursed by FF. We have to request it each month and it takes several weeks to get the check afterwards, but they have never given us any pushback at all. So, they are paying down the cost of the system while we wait for them to get resources assigned to our area to complete the work. Some other thoughts: Design: FF was our first design and bid. We then got preliminary designs and bids from several other companies. Those confirmed the soundness of the FF design. Ours is a battery storage system with a fairly large solar array, not the smaller cost-abatement installation most homes put in. Permitting: The process has been very, very slow. A little bit of that is due to the local permitting process. Being a national company, FF didn't have as much experience with our city's processes as the more focused, local companies do. It took three engineering drafts to get the city to approve. Installation: When the install time finally came, the team was professional and prompt with the work and went out of their way to minimize the impact on those who were at home. They only had one person manning their warehouse for the whole area, though, and an equipment delivery mix-up cost the team time. There was still one connection left to finish when the install time was over. The team lead said he would be back two days later to finish that last piece. That was months ago and we are still waiting. A visit yesterday from the person in the newly created local engineer position may finally get that resolved soon. Communication: FF has an app to tell you the status of your project and give you access to design documents and contracts and such. The status updates are so high-level that they are next to useless, but the document access was helpful. Their Customer Service (phone and email) was a little more helpful but did not have much detail for us on the delays we were experiencing and they did not contact us proactively as weeks turned into months of delay. Conclusion: If Freedom Forever had been more established in this area when we chose them, I think the process would have gone much better. They are making up for it by covering our costs in the meantime, so, I would recommend them if you can get evidence from them of projects completed on time in your area - or if you aren't bothered by delays that they will reimburse you for.

1 year ago