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LAST UPDATED: October 11th, 2021

Freedom Forever is a residential solar contractor, serving over 20 states in the nation. The company specializes in the construction, engineering, and procurement of solar products and systems. Opening in 2011, the company has experienced an incredible amount of growth and continues to open services to even more locations. While the company headquarters is in California, the company offers services to 24 states, with an additional six states services coming soon.

For the past four years, Inc. 500 has included Freedom Forever on the list of “Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.”

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The Good

  • Helpful and Informative Website
  • Impressive Following
  • Opened Since 2011

Helpful and Informative Website

Freedom Forever’s website has several aspects focused on basic solar knowledge. For example, the website gives access to resources like podcasts, basic solar knowledge, tax incentives for every state, and state-specific solar benefits. One of the most helpful sections is a state-by-state breakdown of solar benefits, incentives, and information. For each state, Freedom Forever has provided clear information about tax breakdowns and incentives. Each state’s weather is accounted for and includes recommendations. Tips and suggestions are included for each resident, depending on his or her state. 

Solar can be an overwhelming industry to enter. This clear and simple information can help future clients feel confident going forward and make informed decisions. Freedom Forever also seems trustworthy in its efforts to better serve the specific needs of its customers. The website is client-focused, well-researched, and transparent. 

Impressive Following

On all social media — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. — Freedom Forever has an impressive following, especially compared to other solar companies. Not many solar companies have followers, posts, or even social media. The company is active on these platforms and posts regularly. Not only is the content helpful and informative, but it also shows clients that Freedom Forever is well established, credible, and professional. 

Opened Since 2011

Freedom Forever has over 10 years of company operations and solar experience. Compared to other solar companies, Freedom Forever is one of the more established solar companies in the industry. In just 10 years, the company has expanded services to 24 states, grown top-brand partnerships, and successfully completed countless solar projects. Freedom Forever seems to be a well-established, reliably successful solar company. 


The Bad

  • Mixed Reviews
  • Uncertain Information of Local Dealers

Mixed Reviews

While the company seems to be reputable with its following and years in business, the company has some mixed reviews. Freedom Forever’s website displays several positive client stories and experiences. However, external sites show mixed opinions. Currently, Freedom Forever’s client-company relationship reputation is unclear and mixed.

Uncertain Reputation of Local Dealers

Freedom Forever works with solar experts within its Independent Authorized Dealer network. The client’s solar expert will provide them with various solar design options and financing plans. Then, the solar expert will work with Freedom Forever to provide a home-specific solar plan for the client. Freedom Forever claims to partner with top leaders and solar experts within the solar industry.

However, since each area and partner is different, it’s unclear what to expect from a local dealer. Customer service could vary according to state, area, or dealer. If clients are looking for a more cohesive installation process, many local companies can provide products, services, installations, and consultations.


The Bottom Line

Freedom Forever has provided solar products and installations to countless homeowners in over 20 states. The company is well established, experienced, and continually growing. The company’s following and time in business provide evidence of Freedom Forever’s success and credibility. Freedom Forever partners with local dealers through an Independent Authorized Dealer network. These solar experts consult with clients and provide solar plans. Then, Freedom Solar provides the products and installation services. 

Freedom Forever seems to be a credible, reputable company. However, overall, the company’s client reviews seem mixed — some incredibly satisfied and others displeased. On paper, the company is a great candidate. However, client reviews might show otherwise.

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Clement Bourg Elizabeth, CO

LIES INCOMPETENCE POOR TREATMENT I have never seen a company more incompetent and lie so much and then treat the customer as if all the issues were their fault. I signed my contract October 27, 2020. As of today October 8, 2021 (YES ALMOST A FULL YEAR LATER) I do not have a single panel installed nor are they moving to cancel the contract as stated multiple times by the sales rep Mike B. I was assured that at any time prior to panels being installed I could cancel the contract without issue. The first time I tried canceling the contract was maybe 10 months ago. Some woman from CA (I'm in CO) said that wasn't possible I had to cancel within 3 days of signing the contract. Whatever, they actually started to do something and I thought I would have an install soon. Nope. The next time I tried to cancel was maybe 3 months later. This time they put me in touch with Chris D from their customer retention department. That department alone should make you want to run far away from this company. Anyway he assured me things were moving and I would have an install soon. Nope. The next time I tried canceling I had a quote from another company for a larger system and $15k cheaper. They dropped their price $10k and said install was soon so I stuck it through. The next time I was going out of town for business and they claimed to have the contractor ready to come dig the trench needed for the job. The problem was NOBODY thought it necessary to mark my utility lines. The trench was to run across an existing electrical and propane line. This was compounded by the fact that my lines are considered private and 811 doesn't mark those so a private company had to do the work. Anyway I gave them a date range to get it done or I was finally done. My circumstances changed and I tried unsuccessfully at first to let Chris know. When I finally got ahold of him (what a chore that is) the trench was scheduled to be completed 3 weeks early. I thought finally we're getting somewhere. Nope. The trench was dug but NOBODY scheduled the inspection nor the panel installation. More than 2 weeks after the trench was dug I still had an open hazard in my yard. This time I called MOSAIC to cancel my loan because my emails and texts were being ignored. Also, this is what Chris told me to do before the trench was dug. I explained to them everything that had happened and their rep could only laugh with me at Freedom's incompetence. After that phone call I was hounded by both Mike and Chris both of them promising that they could do in TWO days what they couldn't do in the previous 11 months. It was too late. Life happens and now we need to sell our house and this is one hassle we don't need yet still fighting with because they REFUSE to admit their mistake and cancel the contract. During the hounding Chris is bullying me into proceeding by telling me I owe the company $8500 for the trench that was dug. Sorry pal, I've done construction a 45ft trench does not cost $8500. Besides if Freedom had done their job 12 months ago I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. If they did their job 9 months ago or 6 months ago or 3 months ago or even 3 weeks ago I would not be sitting here writing this. They failed every step of the way and refused to accept any blame putting it all back on me and then saying my wife wasn't professional when she told them to shove it. I think a mirror needs to be used. Did I mention that I’ve been paying on this system even though it’s not installed?!? I’m supposed to be reimbursed but that’s not happening either!!! Oh, and they’re not responding to the lender. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH FREEDOM FOREVER!!!!

1 week ago

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