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LAST UPDATED: January 25th, 2023

Freedom Forever is a residential solar contractor, serving over 20 states in the nation. The company specializes in the construction, engineering, and procurement of solar products and systems. Opening in 2011, the company has experienced an incredible amount of growth and continues to open services to even more locations. While the company headquarters is in California, the company offers services to 24 states, with an additional six states services coming soon.

For the past four years, Inc. 500 has included Freedom Forever on the list of “Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.”

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The Good

  • Helpful and Informative Website
  • Impressive Following
  • Opened Since 2011

Helpful and Informative Website

Freedom Forever’s website has several aspects focused on basic solar knowledge. For example, the website gives access to resources like podcasts, basic solar knowledge, tax incentives for every state, and state-specific solar benefits. One of the most helpful sections is a state-by-state breakdown of solar benefits, incentives, and information. For each state, Freedom Forever has provided clear information about tax breakdowns and incentives. Each state’s weather is accounted for and includes recommendations. Tips and suggestions are included for each resident, depending on his or her state. 

Solar can be an overwhelming industry to enter. This clear and simple information can help future clients feel confident going forward and make informed decisions. Freedom Forever also seems trustworthy in its efforts to better serve the specific needs of its customers. The website is client-focused, well-researched, and transparent. 

Impressive Following

On all social media — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. — Freedom Forever has an impressive following, especially compared to other solar companies. Not many solar companies have followers, posts, or even social media. The company is active on these platforms and posts regularly. Not only is the content helpful and informative, but it also shows clients that Freedom Forever is well established, credible, and professional. 

Opened Since 2011

Freedom Forever has over 10 years of company operations and solar experience. Compared to other solar companies, Freedom Forever is one of the more established solar companies in the industry. In just 10 years, the company has expanded services to 24 states, grown top-brand partnerships, and successfully completed countless solar projects. Freedom Forever seems to be a well-established, reliably successful solar company. 


The Bad

  • Mixed Reviews
  • Uncertain Information of Local Dealers

Mixed Reviews

While the company seems to be reputable with its following and years in business, the company has some mixed reviews. Freedom Forever’s website displays several positive client stories and experiences. However, external sites show mixed opinions. Currently, Freedom Forever’s client-company relationship reputation is unclear and mixed.

Uncertain Reputation of Local Dealers

Freedom Forever works with solar experts within its Independent Authorized Dealer network. The client’s solar expert will provide them with various solar design options and financing plans. Then, the solar expert will work with Freedom Forever to provide a home-specific solar plan for the client. Freedom Forever claims to partner with top leaders and solar experts within the solar industry.

However, since each area and partner is different, it’s unclear what to expect from a local dealer. Customer service could vary according to state, area, or dealer. If clients are looking for a more cohesive installation process, many local companies can provide products, services, installations, and consultations.


The Bottom Line

Freedom Forever has provided solar products and installations to countless homeowners in over 20 states. The company is well established, experienced, and continually growing. The company’s following and time in business provide evidence of Freedom Forever’s success and credibility. Freedom Forever partners with local dealers through an Independent Authorized Dealer network. These solar experts consult with clients and provide solar plans. Then, Freedom Solar provides the products and installation services. 

Freedom Forever seems to be a credible, reputable company. However, overall, the company’s client reviews seem mixed — some incredibly satisfied and others displeased. On paper, the company is a great candidate. However, client reviews might show otherwise.

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Kitty Taylor Jacksonville, FL

We have been installed since June 2021 and the system costs us a monthly $78 on our Mosaic loan and gives us between $8 and $20 credit from JEA our utility company in Florida on bills that are running about the same as they were presolar!simple arithmetic tells anyone this is not a good investment at all…Freedom Forever has no customer support service…Many calls and emails over the past 18 months have resulted withpromised action and no one responds .Today I did get a response after becoming adamant and was told that according to the small print in an obscure part of the long contract that they have you sign that if they deem their system is working efficiently through their internet monitoring team,that is all they are responsible for.. Stay away from this company….and you will be saving yourself money each month..We have a 3 year old Florida Smart house with the solar panels on a SE exposure and no trees .It is ideal for solar,but A REALLY BAD INVESTMENT with Freedom Forever!!!

1 week ago

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Kyle “Beardo” Krone Pahrump, NV

On 4/28/22 We were promised Working solar from Freedom Forever Solar by October 14 (our First payment). That date came and gone. Then on September 14th, they installed the panels on our roof. Not fully connecting our system up. Leaving a giant hole and safety hazard in our yard. It took them until Nov 29th to fill in the hole. Then it took more calling and pestering to get them to schedule an inspector to come out. Finally, on December 28th a county inspector came out along with a Freedom Forever Rep. Jan 12 Valley Electric gave us our Meters. On January 16 we received our Permission to operate. January 18th we received instructions on how to turn on the system. The system didn't turn on. I have contacted Freedom about this issue and I have not heard anything from them. I called today and all I got back was "we'll call you back".

1 week ago

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Ty Smith Charlotte, NC

AWFUL COMPANY! Everything with this company is brutal. They pretty much scammed me to getting my system. It's costing me $42,000. Installer was late, inspection was late. This was installed in June and I still haven't been turned on. I've emailed, texted, and called 15+ times my project manager, my installer and my authorized dealer....No one responds to me. It's like they just get you to the payment stage, and then never answer you again or turn it on. Ive been making double payments for 4 months now for a non-operational system. Awful. It would make me feel a little better if at least they would answer the phone and give me an update, but I can't get a hold of anybody. Very Sad. I'd want to now what would happen if I removed the panels myself and blocked the payments from my bank.

1 month ago

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Ted Palmer Hot Springs, AR

I recently got involved with a company called Freedom Forever Solar, trying to do ny part in contributing to environmental concerns. The results are that nothing happened except my bank routing number has been compromised and they have obtained a 23,000 dollar loan at Mosaic Bank. Since nothing has happened in 9 months except the loan obligation and a refusal to cancel the loan, this does not fare well with me. I am 68 years old with stage 4 cancer which resulted in surgery on my brsin to remove a tumor, leaving me blind in one eye and mobility loss. I do not want my house at risk and leave this debt for my wife to worry with. Mosaic Bank seems to be a partner in crime with this as they refuse to cancel the loan. Since nothing has been done as far as installation, the Freedom Forever manager, Carl M assured me the agreement could be cancelled "anytime up to 3 days of install" he has submitted the cancellation I have requested, Freedom Forever has replied to Mosaic they would not cancel the loan because the project is still open despite my and the managers request. So I am left with the worry of leaving this fraud for my wife to worry with when I'm gone, not a good feeling for me to take to my grave. Edward Palmer Hot Springs

1 month ago

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John Stegar Tucson, AZ

A friend who had a great experience referred me. They explained exactly how everything worked to make sure I understood from financing to how the electric company was charging me more for my power during busier times of day. I didn't see a lot of reviews on them but they do have very good references for me in my community. Throughout the process the sales rep was quick to answer my questions, even when my permitting took longer than I thought, I guess it's more of the city and power company you live by, not the company. They were very honest about my roof not being big enough to support a system that covers 100% of my needs and were very accurate about the amount I'd still be paying to the power company. I don't know what state the other people's reviews are from, but the team in Arizona was very professional and efficient.

6 months ago

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Will Cook Reseda, CA

Overall had a good experience with the Company and service they provided. I spent a long time trying to get solar and the other 4 companies I tried to work with couldn’t help me because of my roof, they wanted to charge me obscene fees to get everything done. I was referred to one of the dealers that use Freedom Forever , Echelon Solar Power, and they were able to make it happen at a surprisingly reasonable cost. I appreciated the honesty , not everything went to plan , it took some time to get everything completed ,but I’m overall happy with the service they’ve provided me and my family. I was in the loop and not being ignored or bothered. I’m saving 250$ a month now because of the guys I worked with at Echelon and Freedom Forever I’d recommend them to anybody who’s trying to get it done. Great Panels great warranty , Thank you Joshua and Bobby.

7 months ago

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Nelson El Centro, CA

Will not waste my time with details except that I'm reporting them to the local utility for falsifying the grossly incomplete installation by marking inadequate, inaccessible, parts with warning labels to fool the utility inspector. Every worker has been corrupted and seems to be doing damage control and apologizing for the other work, claiming it will be right. Sometimes fix destroys the prior progress. To stay in business they must be using a PONSI system with backing from their loan company to install good equipment badly and late. I had to begin making the loan payments 5 months ago and the system is still incomplete. This relationship has given my Wife ammunition to prove to my kids that Daddy is gullible business man. Thanks Freedom Forever

2 months ago

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Richard Hollingsworth Tucson, AZ

Very professiional and good communication through my whole project! They actually went above and did a few minor things that I know cost them money and stuck to the agreed price! The crew here in Tucson Arizona is top notch and my system is working flawless and decribed!

4 months ago

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Randy Robertson Provo, UT

Freedom Forever has had growing pains in Utah. They have good standards and products but have had a hard time delivering on them in our area. They just barely got an engineer dedicated to our area, which we hope will help end the extensive delays we have seen with our install. We are about a year past when we expected to start using the system. The one big positive amid the delays has been that FF has been consistent and unquestioning in standing by their contract terms to reimburse our monthly payments if the install is delayed or the system isn't producing what was promised. FF partnered with Mosaic to offer customers a financing option to pay for the system install. They aim to complete the install before the customer has to begin paying Mosaic. All of our monthly payments to Mosaic have been reimbursed by FF. We have to request it each month and it takes several weeks to get the check afterwards, but they have never given us any pushback at all. So, they are paying down the cost of the system while we wait for them to get resources assigned to our area to complete the work. Some other thoughts: Design: FF was our first design and bid. We then got preliminary designs and bids from several other companies. Those confirmed the soundness of the FF design. Ours is a battery storage system with a fairly large solar array, not the smaller cost-abatement installation most homes put in. Permitting: The process has been very, very slow. A little bit of that is due to the local permitting process. Being a national company, FF didn't have as much experience with our city's processes as the more focused, local companies do. It took three engineering drafts to get the city to approve. Installation: When the install time finally came, the team was professional and prompt with the work and went out of their way to minimize the impact on those who were at home. They only had one person manning their warehouse for the whole area, though, and an equipment delivery mix-up cost the team time. There was still one connection left to finish when the install time was over. The team lead said he would be back two days later to finish that last piece. That was months ago and we are still waiting. A visit yesterday from the person in the newly created local engineer position may finally get that resolved soon. Communication: FF has an app to tell you the status of your project and give you access to design documents and contracts and such. The status updates are so high-level that they are next to useless, but the document access was helpful. Their Customer Service (phone and email) was a little more helpful but did not have much detail for us on the delays we were experiencing and they did not contact us proactively as weeks turned into months of delay. Conclusion: If Freedom Forever had been more established in this area when we chose them, I think the process would have gone much better. They are making up for it by covering our costs in the meantime, so, I would recommend them if you can get evidence from them of projects completed on time in your area - or if you aren't bothered by delays that they will reimburse you for.

5 months ago

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Kathy Howell Dallas, TX

Don’t do it with this company. They do not follow through. They have been paid for our project and now 5 months later we are making payments on our solar AND making electric payments. Still not operational. Wait times on hold are absolutely ridiculous. Probably with all of the dissatisfied customers.

1 month ago

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Don Brokaw Menifee, CA

I have Freedom Solar installed 5 years ago. This year I had water leak under solar panels. The customer service was awful, I called and called left message after message. After more rain I finally got a call back and company finally sent an employee to check the water damage inside my house. The rep said yes damage coming from under solar. I was told a date that Freedom would send someone, no one showed on the day. After numerous calls again I was told a person was coming to check damage again. This time the new guy went on the roof and said yes damage under solar, but he could not remove panels. I was given a date someone would come. Once again no show and no call. I called and called again and finally Freedom came (just showed no appointment) and removed the panels. I was told that pigeons living under the solar caused the damage. I was never told of critter guards at time of instal and did not know of this problem (Pigeons living under solar). The freedom employee removed numerous clay tiles and told me that I needed new paper installed and he would be back on the following tuesday. I had surgery on that Tuesday and would leave everything open to do whatever they needed to do. That weekend more rain and more damage inside my house. I called on a Saturday morning for help and was told that Freedom could not do anything and for me to call on Monday. I had to leave work and tarp roof to prevent more damage. I called Monday and left message for help (no return call). Company did not show or call on Tuesday. I had to wait a few days after surgery to call again. Short version, Satia A (Escalations dept) finally agreed to fix damage and I signed an agreement to release the liability and they would pay $1500 for repairs (cheapest estimate). 3 days later they changed their decision and voided agreement because they believe that pigeons living under the solar are not their problem. Meanwhile solar panels still sitting in my back yard (weeks later). I will see them in small claims court. Buyer beware, Freedoms customer service is only a service that answers calls and leave messages for the few people that actually work there.

3 months ago

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Krishnamoorthy Venkataramanan Marlborough, MA

Freedom Forever cheated me. They said they will install panels and no body turned out for nearly 3 months. During the initial process they said they will give Vivint home device and monitoring for free for three years and I have the option to cancel this Vivint service. 3 months later they called me and said why there is no progress on solar and I said please cancel as I dont have any progress and now they are saying I have to pay for the entire 3 years of Vivint home device for $3000 or they will sue me. Please dont get caught in their scandal. Read the contract for any Vivint home device payment that they will charge.

3 months ago

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choun gadesugo MI

Worst company to sign with. They gave a estimate quota of what the monthly payment going to but when they increase the payment. The solar got installed in August and just got a message last week in October about final inspection. They want someone to be at the home but who can keep missing time of work for the to come. When the solar got installed, one of their tech supposed to come ane inspect the installation but there was a no show. I took the day off to waited for nothing and no call from them; had to reschedule it. Now we are paying both Duke power and the solar at the same time. I will have to miss another day of work for the final inspection so i dont have to pay both energy bill. Keep getting run around about why we are paying both energy. Wish we never had got involved with this ridiculous company.

3 months ago

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Mystic Zealot Houston, TX

Future Customers BEWARE: A system was sold way below the amount of generation I would need to completely offset my energy usage. Sales rep designed a 16,000kWH annual system when my annual usage for my home would far exceed 23,000kWH. @ 24cents per kWH, this would be nearly a 33% increase annually on my power bill. The result of this would lead to a higher electricity bill from the electricity company and would never yield net metering credits in any sustainable way. Eventually you would be paying the same price for electricity as you originally were, but are now "locked in" for 25 years. Fortunately I was able to cancel with the financing company very quickly (within the predatory 3-day cancellation clause). Canceling my purchase with Freedom Forever was not simple. Freedom Forever's "Contact us" number does not work (We're sorry this number is not in service) so you cannot speak with a representative of their company, and the dealer who sold you solar ignores your messages as Freedom Solar's contract ALSO has a 3-day cancellation clause in it. This required me to send a 100$ TELEGRAM yes telegram to their corporate office listed in the contract overnight to satisfy the 3-day cancellation clause on both contracts. Citizens are all looking for ways to limit our impact with potentially greener methods of energy that improve the life around us. This company does NOT reflect the values they claim to support with these predatory solar systems. Is it so hard to lay out facts on solar generation and make both parties contribute to a greener tomorrow? Solar (as we all know) literally sells itself, and yet you still proceed down that path of darkness for society, quite shameful. I'd say do better, but with 244 poor customer reviews its clear that this is by design from the top down. Fortunately deciding to do some late night reading and calculations at 3:00am revealed what I had signed up for. In the end I paid 100$ to get sold a exit scam. Very Shameful.

4 months ago


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David Lopez Jr AZ

I really didn’t enjoy working with Freedom Forever. To be completely honest, the sales person was a bit unprofessional with his friend that was with him to do the quote. I liked the rate, however, and continued through the process. I started the process on the 3rd of May and once I signed on, I had absolutely no progress to speak of. The sales guy Lawrence was not communicative at all, I checked the website and no updates. It was only until I was greeted by another solar company that had a more competitive rate that I canceled my project with Freedom. On the 26th. It was only then that “magically” the sales person was communicating and about progress. But no, I refused to work with a company that isn’t transparent or at least gives a small “hey sorry for the delay but…” I would not recommend this company at all.

3 months ago

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Claire Lawson Portland, OR

Was lied to by the salesman. Told Freedom Forever would pay at dollar one if the solar panels didn't provide the necessary electricity for my home. The installation was Nov 2019. First year true-up cost me over $300. That is nothing. Year 2 the true-up was over $800. For the past 4 months, the solar system is not recording data - system monitoring offline. I don't know if the system died, or just the software. I've called customer service 2x. Also submitted a work ticket. This company is not saving my any money. So sad I went with Freedom Forever.

3 months ago

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Anthony Nelson Mission, TX

If you want to pay two bills and have solar panels that are essentially paperweights for your roof then Freedom Forever is the way to go. I have been paying for my panels for nearly 3 months and they still are not functional. I continue to pay this company and my original light company. Every time I contact someone asking about the status of finally getting my solar panel working they essentially blame the electric company with no sense of urgency to find me a resolution. Waste of money and terrible customer service.

5 months ago

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Pamela Brown Fullerton, CA

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! find anyone else! I have been fighting with them since December of 2019. The reps lie, dont trust anything they say. They word it so you assume the warranty is good. It is NOT! Sent to me today by their escalations specialist at 1:06Pm and it sums everything up perfectly! Article 6- No savings guarantee 6.1 No savings guarantee. freedom forever has not guaranteed, promised or otherwise represented any reduction in electricity costs in relation to the system that will be installed on the property, and further provides no warranty or guaranty with respect to any cost savings from use of the system. My story started like many others, the reps dont work for them they are contracted so hold no liability. Then when you lodge a complaint, they tell you that you have to wait 1 year to see true production. Turns out this is so you lose the ability to have any recourse. I just want it removed from my home and cancel the contract- they of course will not do that. I am now paying $169 a month roughly in electric and another $100 plus a month for the solar that does nothing. You do not save "tokens" from the daytime and it is sent back to the electric company. Most days, my solar is not even running correctly to use for daytime use. When the power goes out from the electric company so does my home. Solar does not keep it running! Please be careful with them. If you choose to do like me and ignore the complaints on yelp or any other source, atleast have a lawyer look over the contract. You will get screwed with this company!

10 months ago

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Willard Henderson Copperas Cove, TX

Where should I start... Some time in the early part of April 2021 I signed up with Freedom Forever through a company under them named Sunder Energy one of the owners was assigned as my Ref/support guy Sterling G I've seen him once and talked to him on the phone two times and sent text &emails number of times but it was the same old story, he was in a meeting and would call me back later, never herd back from him. In the middle of June 2021 I finally got my call that they were ready to install the solar system and it only takes a few days to complete. I already had 28 panels at 50% and was going to set up a 100% system and lessen the bill with the power company as much as possible. I live in Texas you'll have a bill. Anyways It was competed in two weeks they had to order a part. I was informed that it would be about a week for the inspection to be completed by the power company( Oncor )and then I would be developing my owe power. Well its now 26 Oct 2021 and its still not on. My Bill with just 28 panels was at $150 to 180 a month plus $288.00 for the first set of panels and now I am back at $250.00 a mouth before any panels and Plus $288.00 for the set, $90.60 it will soon rise to $113.00 that's about $628.60 a month for power. They did say that they would pay for the loan payment but the way I see it there not even close, I sent them the bill but no word yet so will see. So Bottom line is Do Not Just Look at a few look Check them all out in your area if your going to solar-powered Because if you don't pay in full you will pay up to 20 years just like a mortgage and in this area for solar systems loan company is Mosaic solar loan company and THATS ANOTHER STORY. I am cutting this short because I don't think there is more room because I could go on an on about this Solar Company. Willard H

1 year ago

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Clement Bourg Elizabeth, CO

LIES INCOMPETENCE POOR TREATMENT I have never seen a company more incompetent and lie so much and then treat the customer as if all the issues were their fault. I signed my contract October 27, 2020. As of today October 8, 2021 (YES ALMOST A FULL YEAR LATER) I do not have a single panel installed nor are they moving to cancel the contract as stated multiple times by the sales rep Mike B. I was assured that at any time prior to panels being installed I could cancel the contract without issue. The first time I tried canceling the contract was maybe 10 months ago. Some woman from CA (I'm in CO) said that wasn't possible I had to cancel within 3 days of signing the contract. Whatever, they actually started to do something and I thought I would have an install soon. Nope. The next time I tried to cancel was maybe 3 months later. This time they put me in touch with Chris D from their customer retention department. That department alone should make you want to run far away from this company. Anyway he assured me things were moving and I would have an install soon. Nope. The next time I tried canceling I had a quote from another company for a larger system and $15k cheaper. They dropped their price $10k and said install was soon so I stuck it through. The next time I was going out of town for business and they claimed to have the contractor ready to come dig the trench needed for the job. The problem was NOBODY thought it necessary to mark my utility lines. The trench was to run across an existing electrical and propane line. This was compounded by the fact that my lines are considered private and 811 doesn't mark those so a private company had to do the work. Anyway I gave them a date range to get it done or I was finally done. My circumstances changed and I tried unsuccessfully at first to let Chris know. When I finally got ahold of him (what a chore that is) the trench was scheduled to be completed 3 weeks early. I thought finally we're getting somewhere. Nope. The trench was dug but NOBODY scheduled the inspection nor the panel installation. More than 2 weeks after the trench was dug I still had an open hazard in my yard. This time I called MOSAIC to cancel my loan because my emails and texts were being ignored. Also, this is what Chris told me to do before the trench was dug. I explained to them everything that had happened and their rep could only laugh with me at Freedom's incompetence. After that phone call I was hounded by both Mike and Chris both of them promising that they could do in TWO days what they couldn't do in the previous 11 months. It was too late. Life happens and now we need to sell our house and this is one hassle we don't need yet still fighting with because they REFUSE to admit their mistake and cancel the contract. During the hounding Chris is bullying me into proceeding by telling me I owe the company $8500 for the trench that was dug. Sorry pal, I've done construction a 45ft trench does not cost $8500. Besides if Freedom had done their job 12 months ago I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. If they did their job 9 months ago or 6 months ago or 3 months ago or even 3 weeks ago I would not be sitting here writing this. They failed every step of the way and refused to accept any blame putting it all back on me and then saying my wife wasn't professional when she told them to shove it. I think a mirror needs to be used. Did I mention that I’ve been paying on this system even though it’s not installed?!? I’m supposed to be reimbursed but that’s not happening either!!! Oh, and they’re not responding to the lender. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH FREEDOM FOREVER!!!!

1 year ago

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Kim Cord Reno, NV

Design and Installation problems. Took them 6 months to get system approval from NV Energy. Damaged my home during installation. Now they have reported the damage reimbursement to me as reportable income to the IRS! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE AWFUL! Customer service and responsiveness is the worst.

11 months ago