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LAST UPDATED: November 20th, 2023

ES Solar is a Utah-based solar contractor that specializes in commercial and residential solar projects. From the initial sale and consultation all the way until the solar system is operational, each client’s dedicated ES Solar team will be there every step of the way. The process by which ES Solar operates allows for a seamless and streamlined transition from traditional energy sources to clean and renewable energy sources.

While ES Solar is expanding its operation, it still does not operate as a corporate solar chain. This allows ES Solar to focus on its service areas and understand the ins and outs of each area it installs in. This local knowledge helps with obtaining permits and getting systems up and operational in a timely manner. 

The ES Solar service has been rated as a top provider within the solar space. All professionals in-house with ES Solar are properly trained and have the experience and knowledge necessary to carry out all associated solar tasks. All professional installers with ES Solar have undergone the NABCEP training program and are certified. 

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The Good

  • Customized Solar Plan
  • Broad Service Area
  • Battery Solutions
  • Active Monitoring
  • Lifetime Warranty

Customized Solar Plan

Each ES Solar client will receive their own customized solar plan. These plans are not just based on measurements, although that is included. While many solar companies will design a system based on how big a property is, ES Solar dives deeper to determine specific energy needs.

Each plan is client-specific and includes the details of energy use, sun exposure, roof type, etc. These plans are created and presented by certified and reliable professionals. It should also be noted that these customized solar plans are a free service available through ES Solar.

During this part of the process, prospective customers can make sure that any questions or concerns are addressed and everyone will have the chance to sign off on the plan. 

Broad Service Area

While ES Solar started out and is headquartered in Utah, the operation eventually expanded providing local services in several states. The solar industry as a whole is relatively geographically restricted, meaning a vast majority of companies only provide services in one state or a select few cities or counties. Currently ES Solar services the following states:

  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • Idaho

ES Solar will conduct solar installations throughout the entirety of all the above mentioned states. The company is in the process of expanding into the following states:

  • Nevada
  • Texas

This expansion is worth noting as ES Solar is genuinely working towards providing those interested in accessing renewable solar energy the opportunity with the services the company provides. Not all solar companies can say that. 

Battery Solutions

Battery and storage solutions are becoming more popular and are being coupled with solar systems and installation. While some solar companies have started to realize the potential of solar batteries or storage, not all offer battery solutions or installation to its clients. ES Solar does offer battery solutions and installs Sonnen products.

Clients that use the ES Solar battery solutions can enjoy the following features:

  • Equipment that pairs directly with the solar system but is hidden, out of the wa, and sleek in design
  • Constant access to stored solar energy so power outages will not longer impact homes with battery solutions
  • Maximizes solar energy while reducing utility bills
  • Reductions in overall carbon footprint

In addition to providing uninterrupted energy, there is another incentive to have a battery solution installed. Homeowners in the Rocky Mountain Power service territory are eligible for a program that includes an upfront financial incentive, generation of bill credits, and energy independence. 

Active Monitoring

ES Solar installs SolarEdge systems. This equipment is classified as tier-1 solar equipment which means it has been designed and tested to withstand poor weather conditions and produce energy in an effective and consistent manner.

To ensure that the system is operating appropriately, ES Solar will get each client set up with the cloud-based active monitoring available through SolarEdge. Not all solar clients have access to system monitoring, but ES Solar puts that information directly in the client’s hands.

This form of active monitoring means that a property owner can check at any point the system efficiency, production, and receive notifications if a system is ever malfunctioning. 

Lifetime Warranty

Many solar companies will rely on the equipment manufacturer to provide equipment warranties. These warranties typically last 25 years. The solar company will then typically issue a workmanship warranty covering any issues stemming from installation. These warranties are generally 10 years in length.

ES Solar takes the warranty standard to a whole new level, offering clients a lifetime warranty. The length of the warranty is not the most notable part of the warranty, rather what is included and guaranteed. With the ES Solar warranty, clients will not have to worry about defective part replacements and headaches because ES Solar has spare parts on hand to immediately remedy any damages.

This eliminates the wait time that most solar clients experience when dealing with the solar installation company and the equipment manufacturer. There is no paperwork, no back and forth communication, and no lapse in energy production. 


The Bad

  • Unclear Financing Option

Unclear Financing Option

Solar is an investment and most property owners quickly learn just how expensive this investment can be upfront. The average cost of a solar system on a residential property ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. Not everyone can finance that on their own upfront and outright.

To mitigate financial constraints, most solar companies offer a range of financing options. Whether it is through a loan, lease, or PPA program, many solar installation companies offer solutions to fit almost any budget.

While ES Solar claims to offer some sort of financing program, the details are lacking at best. There is no information about the type of financing offered (whether a loan or PPA) and the specifics are not public. This makes it difficult for prospective clients that know a financing option will be needed to have the system installed. 


The Bottom Line

ES Solar is a comprehensive solar installation company that provides services from start to finish. Each client will benefit from a customized solar plan designed solely with the property’s needs in mind. While ES Solar is a homegrown company, its services are expanding into multiple states across the country.

In addition to providing solar system services, ES Solar also offers battery solutions to interested clients. Once the system and all equipment is in place, ES Solar will ensure that each client can actively monitor system production and energy usage. ES Solar backs its service and equipment with a lifetime warranty.

While there are a number of services most residential and commercial clients would appreciate when using ES Solar, there are limitations to be aware of. The financing options available through ES Solar are unclear. There is plenty of information on obtaining tax incentives, but those incentives will only reduce the cost of the system so much. Many potential clients would appreciate other financing options.

Considering all factors, anyone in the ES Solar service area would most likely benefit from what the company has to offer. Its professionally trained staff coupled with the lifetime warranty virtually guarantee the installation of a high efficient renewable energy source. 

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Joshua Jackson Sacramento, CA

ES Solar did great with the battery installation. I added on 2 10kWH sonnen batteries that got installed on Halloween. Isaac the electrician and Chad did a amazing work and clean wire runs. I’m excited for my system! I went with es solar because of their partnership with sonnen.

8 months ago

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Debbie Fetters Layton, UT

Well, I’m very disappointed to have to change my review. I originally gave ES Solar a 5 star review. That was the day they sold me the product and ask for reviews while they are sitting in my living room. That was before the system was installed and before the gigantic headaches began. I have never given a bad review in my life, but I feel I have no further recourse as I am not being taken care of as a customer and want to forewarn anyone else from going through the disaster that this has been with ES Solar. Once they installed the system, I have had horrible service. I have called countless times and talked to many people about my issues. None of which have been resolved. I paid $50,000 for the panels and the somnem battery. The circuits that the battery is supposed to supply power to when the power is out, do not have power when the power goes out. They did an audit after I had the panels for a year and found that I needed over 3,000 more watts than they had originally planned for. I still have not heard anything from them about when they may install more panels. My power bill was $60 a month before I got Solar through ES Solar. My power bill is now $70 a month. Plus I am paying $200 a month for the panels and battery for the next 15 years. This has been a complete waste of $50,000. I wish I had never chosen ES Solar. They are more than happy to make empty promises and take my money, and never actually fix what’s not working with my battery and I have seen zero benefit from having these solar panels. Be warned, DO NOT use ES Solar!! Save yourself the money and the headache!

11 months ago

star star star star star

Zach Randall

ES Solar installed my solar 7 years ago and I have enjoyed having only a $10 power bill every month since. I recently had ES Solar install a battery and it’s been great to have power when the grid power goes out!

1 year ago

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Santiago Rico

Worst company ever !! Contract under Christian N started on October 2021, today is June 20th, 2022. Inverter breaker kept on tripping, I called and a technician showed up to run a test. Needless to say, something is wrong with the inverter, but not too wrong because still works up to a certain degree, so they refused to fix it. Now i have to keep on resetting the inverter every 48 hrs until i hire someone else to fix the issue. You have no idea how frustrating that is that after charging almost $50,000 for the whole system they put cheap parts and they dont want to be accountable for.. please learn from my mistakes, do NOT go into business with that company

2 years ago