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LAST UPDATED: October 10th, 2023

Based in Lehi, UT, Encōr Solar is a residential rooftop solar installation company that has been providing renewable energy to homeowners since 2016. The company employs NABCEP-certified technicians and has partnered with some of the top names in Solar.

Encōr Solar allows homeowners going solar to choose the program that gives them the best savings for their homes. Many homeowners trust Encōr Solar to deliver quality products and a simple installation process. Encōr Solar builds high-quality solar panel systems across 18 states throughout the United States.

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The Good

  • High-Quality Solar Products
  • NABCEP Certified Installer
  • Simple Process
  • Services 18 States
  • Refer-a-Friend

High-Quality Solar Products

Encōr Solar has partnered with some of solar's premier manufacturers to provide the latest solar technology to its customers. The company is an LG Pro Platinum installer, meaning it's authorized to install solar panels and solar energy storage solutions from LG, a solar industry leader. LG solar cells come with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

LG panels also rate among the highest in energy efficiency, meaning not only does Encōr Solar customer receive a solar panel system that's built to last, but also one that will maximize savings.

The solar installer also implements solar inverter products from both SolarEdge and Enphase, which also offer state-of-the-art performance monitoring software. Roof mounting solutions are supplied by Unirac.

NABCEP Certified Installer

Encōr Solar has been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), which is responsible for some of the most advanced solar technician training programs in the country. This certification sets Encōr Solar apart as a true solar expert, and customers can trust they're receiving a solar energy system that is built to last.

Simple Process

Something homeowners will love about working with Encōr Solar is the company's simple process. All it takes to start working with this solar company is a phone call. Upon calling, Encōr Solar will discuss energy use and view the homeowner's roof (via satellite imaging). Next, the company will prepare a customized quote using Encōr Solar's proprietary software - the quote includes the energy savings for the next 20 years.

Once the Encōr Solar representative has determined whether or not solar is right for the customer, the next step is to meet with a solar engineer. The engineer will create a personalized design that will fit the homeowner's roof shape and size.

After the consultation with the engineer, homeowners will receive a personalized agreement that locks in their solar energy cost for the next 20 years. Encōr Solar boasts that homeowners won't find any hidden fees and that the company offers a variety of guarantees and warranties to ensure that both the home and homeowner are protected.

Additionally, after the first consultation, an Encōr Solar Site Surveyor will visit the home, taking a closer look at the roof as well as some more measurements. Once the surveyor has all the needed measurements, Encōr Solar's engineers will design a solar power system based on the home's dimensions and the homeowner's specific energy needs.

Next comes installation day. Now, Encōr Solar claims that most solar panel system installations only take one day to install. The company promises to find a day that works best for everyone. Homeowners can also relax as Encōr Solar takes care of all the permits and inspections.

Finally, once the utility company sends over the approval letter, homeowners can flip the switch and start saving.

Services 18 States

Currently, Encōr Solar offers its services to residents of the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia


Every time a homeowner refers a friend to Encōr Solar (and they complete the solar installation process), the company will give the referee $250.

Homeowners will need to fill out a short online form (one time for each person they're referring), and Encōr Solar will have a company representative reach out to each of the referrals.


The Bad

  • No Solar Battery Details
  • Undisclosed Solar Financing
  • Undisclosed Labor Warranty

No Solar Battery Details

Encōr does not expound on if and what it offers in regards to a home energy storage system, also known as a solar battery. While a battery isn't required for solar panels, it is required for true electricity independence from your local grid utility in a power outage. A solar battery can store excess energy generated by your solar panels during peak sunlight hours to be used during the night or during outages. 

Undisclosed Solar Financing

Encōr Solar does not as yet provide specific details on its financing options. While homeowners can reasonably assume they can purchase a solar panel system directly through Encōr Solar, other payment methods like third-party loan financing, a solar lease, or a power purchase agreement (PPA) may or may not also be available.

Each option offers distinct advantages, as well as limitations. For example, direct purchase qualifies homeowners for the Federal Tax Credit and other state incentives, but it is also the largest upfront investment. Homeowners may be required to obtain a free quote prior to the company divulging its financing information.

Undisclosed Labor Warranty

Through Encōr Solar's manufacturing partnerships, customers will know they're receiving some of the most reliable and robust equipment warranties in the business; however, details surrounding the workmanship warranty on the solar panel installation process itself have not been disclosed.


The Bottom Line

Residents living in the 18 states that Encōr Solar services may want to look into the company's services. Encōr Solar does everything it can to simplify the entire process and only takes one day to install its solar system panels. However, we do recommend that consumers call or contact the company directly or read our verified Encōr Solar reviews for more information.

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Karen Fletcher Elsa, TX

Encor installed in about 3 weeks as they told me. Panels look nice and it covers my power needs! I opted not to get a battery as Nate advised. I have a generator anyway so I dont really need it. I have had them up about 6 months now with no issues!

2 months ago

star star star star star

Stacy Miller Beaumont, TX

Everything was installed easy breezy! My solar payment covered my whole utility bill like they said it would. I have had several questions since after it was put on my roof and the guy is usually quick to respond to my text. The city took 2 weeks for permission to operate but thats the city for you! The actual installation on my roof took 5 weeks, then 2 weeks before they were running. The panels look nice too.

3 months ago

star star star star star

Rick Norwell San Antonio, TX

It was honestly a super easy process. I wasn’t really super interested at first but going over the numbers, it made a lot of sense to save money. Everyone was nice and accommodating. The installation was about a month and so far everything has been going great! I like that they monitor the system so they know if something needs repaired. A big plus was the darker solar panels, they look much nicer than the blue ugly ones.

3 months ago

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Jazmin McMillen

Encor will take your money and then you will never hear from them again! We purchased solar panels from Encor in late 2022. We worked with Jordan B, and he was very pleasant and helpful. Over the last few months, we've noticed that pigeons are attracted to our roof. On 9/12 I contacted Encor to see if they recommended any particular pest control service or method to repel the pigeons. I wanted to make sure we didn't void our warranty by working with an unapproved vendor or product. They recommended I have their technicians come out and install Critter Guards. They told me that once I paid, they would get me on their schedule, however to this day (10/9) I do not have an installation date. A week goes by, and my husband was concerned, so I texted customer service on 9/19. "Hi, any news on when we're scheduled to have critter guards installed?" No response. The next day, 9/20, I texted "hi again, still waiting on an update since we paid in advance!" No response. Friday, 9/22, I texted "Hi again! what's going on with the critter guard installation we paid for? It's been over a week and I haven't heard back!" No response. I called and left a voicemail. No response. Tuesday, 9/26, two weeks after paying, with no response still, I texted again, this time, I was frustrated. "Hi again, this is getting extremely frustrating. I paid two weeks ago and have not heard back regarding my installation date for critter guards. We need to hear back today about that installation date." FINALLY, a response. "Hi Jazmin, let me follow up with the scheduling team to see if they have an available date." This was not an appropriate response. Two weeks had gone by, and I had been ignored multiple times, and nowhere was there an explanation, or even an apology. There was still no actual update. I understand that ordering materials can take time, but this should be communicated. I asked when we could expect an update, and they said "Jazmin, we've passed along your request to our scheduling team. In the shortest amount of time possible, we'll give you an update. Your patience has been appreciated." (This response made me angry. Do no thank me for my patience, apologize for your terrible project management and customer service skills!!!) I didn't hear anything back, so I followed up again a week and a day later, on 10/4. No response. It has now been 4 weeks since we've paid, and no installation date. I have decided to dispute the charge with my credit card because they are refusing to provide the service I paid them for. DO NOT work with Encor. They will disappear with your money, and ignore you.

1 month ago

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Kara Miller Simpsonville, SC

Had Solar panels installed end of Oct 2022. Didn't get turned on until nearly March 2023. One of my panels stopped producing on June 16, 2023- microinverter error/production issue. Have been contacting Encor since June 17 and get told it's been forwarded to the "scheduling team" for a service call... since July 7. No Service team has arrived! Last response from Encor regarding this issue was Fri Sept 1. DO NOT GET PANELS THROUGH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT NOTHING BUT FRUSTRATION!

1 month ago

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Chris Collins Miami, FL

I highly recommend NEVER doing business with this company! 1) it took them almost a year to get solar turn on (blaming Duke Energy) it was not Duke it was Encor 2) The turnover is ridiculous, so you are constantly dealing with new people 3) They tell you what all they will install/do and then the next person says they wont do that. They never installed all the components they said they would. 4) They have no ability to manage their own projects, I was constantly having to tell them where things stood... they insisted for a month the system was 'fully installed' until I sent them a picture of the equipment connect to nothing and its still going on... 5) Their system has yet to produce what they said it would, they have done nothing but make excuses for the last 5 months, (the need 3 months to gather data - its been 5, oh we didnt cut down enough trees - they determined what needed to be cut, recommended the tree company who took direction from encor, etc). BOTTOM LINE: they will tell you anything you want to hear but can't/won't deliver. they seem understaffed and under trained, you will keep paying your electric company. BUT THEY WILL GET PAID ON YOUR INSTALLATION WITHIN WEEKS OF YOU SIGNING A CONTRACT.

4 months ago

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Chris E Oakboro, NC

Horrible company. Not being reimbursed. Fails inspection 4x with latest inspection showing Encor Solar installing panels, not following structural engineers, suggestions. This means they are putting my home, and myself in danger. Do not trust this company! I gave them a one because I had to give a rating. Actually, I wouldn’t even give them a one.

4 months ago

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jerry wheat

BUYER BEWARE. I purchased a system from Encore Solar in September 22. When I purchased the system I was told by the salesperson that it would be installed by the end of the year as well as I would get the tax credit from the feds as well as the state. The company installed the panels on my roof in October but did not hook them up because they had to trench to the power pole. They just trenched yesterday, almost 6 months after purchasing the system from them and it is still not hooked up. Additionally, I’m not eligible for the state tax credit this year because the company refused to finish the job last year. This company has zero customer support and they can care less if they screw you. Furthermore, it does not appear that this company actually has employees that work in the field. Everyone that has shown up so far has been a contractor. The contractor that showed up months ago to trench ripped my internet line out of the ground and and Encore still has not fixed it yet. If I could leave this company 0 stars I would. If you are looking for solar you might consider a company that will actually do what they say they are going to do. My install is a typical install and almost 6 months later the system is not hooked up.

9 months ago

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KKapp Boise, ID

This company has the worst customer service ever! Told me in their sales pitch that I would receive a sizable tax rebate to apply to my loan on the panels to keep my monthly payment from increasing after sixteen months. NO such thing! Told me they would send someone out to walk me through how to regularly check my system. NEVER happened! Said they would send someone out to help me install the thermostat they sent me. NEVER happened! Said they would have a manager call me to address my grievances. NEVER happened. I do not even know if the panels are operational since being installed two months ago. I am still paying a monthly electric bill! BUYERS BEWARE! Purchase your solar panels from another company!!!

9 months ago