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LAST UPDATED: February 17th, 2023

This solar company is out of business.

Due to difficulties adjusting to the changing solar industry landscape brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ecomark Solar permanently closed its doors in October 2022.

Colorado residents are encouraged to investigate other solar companies in Colorado to help meet their solar needs.

EcoMark Solar was founded in 2010 with a passion for providing solar electricity to Colorado homeowners. From its humble grassroots beginning, the solar power company is now one of the largest solar companies on the Front Range and has received numerous awards for its installation volume and expertise. EcoMark Solar's focus remains on providing Colorado homeowners with systems that are designed to help them save money and gain energy independence.

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The Good

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Quality Solar Equipment
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Solar Loans through Bank of Colorado

Transparent Pricing

EcoMark Solar is a unique installer within the solar industry in that the company provides upfront pricing on a variety of different solar PV systems. According to data on the company website, Ecokmark Solar offers four standard* solar panel installation sizes:

  • Nano System — a two-panel, 600-watt system for $3,500
    Micro System — a four-panel, 1,200-watt system for $6,500
    Standard System — an eight-panel, 2,400-watt system for $9,500
    Macro System — a 20-panel, 6,000-watt system for $23,950

*Readers should note that these figures only account for the cost of the solar panel equipment, and not the total solar installation cost.

Quality Solar Equipment

Per social media postings, EcoMark Solar installs solar panels from REC Solar and solar inverters by SolarEdge. Both components are highly efficient and are designed to maximize the output of every solar energy system they're a part of. Solar panels from REC rank third in energy efficiency (21.7 percent) behind SunPower (22.8 percent) and LG (22.0 percent). SolarEdge inverters meanwhile maintain upwards of 98 percent efficiency in terms of translating solar power into usable electricity.

A high-efficiency system also improves the likelihood of saving money on homeowner's energy bills over the 25-year life of the solar panel system.

Awards and Certifications

EcoMark has been identified as a top 500 solar contractor in the nation by Solar Power World Magazine every year from 2014 to 2019. Since its founding in 2010, the company has installed solar energy solutions equating to more than 21,500 kilowatts in Colorado alone. As of 2019, the solar installer employs over 150 skilled professionals.

In addition to this accolade, EcoMark's technicians have also attained accreditation from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This certification is awarded to companies that enforce best solar industry practices and keep up to date on the latest developments on renewable energy technology.

Solar Loans through Bank of Colorado

Homeowners interested in making the switch to solar energy, but don't want to front the thousands of dollars to finance their system all at once, can apply for a special EcoMark Solar loan through Bank of Colorado. Bank of Colorado offers qualified applicants both 5- and 10-year social financing options, though details of those loans (rates, money down, etc.) are not disclosed upfront.

The company's solar loan and cash payment options, while more expensive than leasing or PPA, give owners access to valuable tax incentives and tax credits. They're also able to take advantage of Colorado's excellent net metering policy, which requires the utility company to credit them for any excess energy their solar power system produces.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • No Solar Lease or PPA Options

Limited Availability

As stated above, EcoMark Solar's focus is on Colorado homeowners and its services are only available in the Centennial State. While being a local provider does have its advantages, it limits those who have access to the company's services.

No Solar Lease or PPA Options

EcoMark does not appear to offer customers a solar lease or PPA option. These can be especially useful for customers who want all the advantages and energy savings of solar, without footing the high price or purchasing a solar panel system themselves.


The Bottom Line

EcoMark Solar has several years of experience providing residential solar solutions. The company offers a referral program, hail damage coverage, and helpful resources for its customers. However, EcoMark Solar is currently only available in Colorado. If you live in elsewhere, you'll need to consider other options.

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Bryan J Morrison, CO

I have never written a poor review for a company, but had to make sure that my feedback was heard for anyone considering working with this company in the future. We had a consultation with EcoMark in March of 2020 to begin the process of installing a solar system at our house. We chose EcoMark based on online reviews because we really didn't know anyone who had a full solar system and could recommend a company. During the consultation and bidding phase, EcoMark seemed to be very professional and we decided to move forward with them. From the date we signed the agreement to the date they started installation was 4 months. It was expected that the project would not start immediately due to approval by my utility company and permitting through the county, but a majority of the 4 month wait was due to the lack of availability of an installation crew. Once the project started, the total time on the job was about 30 hours, but they managed to spread it out over 4 additional months. Crews would show up and leave 15 minutes later or maybe do an hour of work and leave or at best 3 hours of work. It has been almost 5 months now and there are still items that have not been completed on the project. I have been overly communicative with this company and they have responded with a lot of apologies, but nobody has ever stepped up to truly make this better by either A. just admitting how poorly this has been handled, B. Offering some monetary reimbursement for all the headaches, C. Just getting it done. I would not recommend working with this company to anyone. It has really been an awful experience and at the end of the day, I am sitting here a year after my initial consultation and still am not producing electricity.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Allana Colorado Springs, CO

The entire experience has been an awful nightmare! The lied to us upfront when we initially signed up about payment and interest rates, I called customer service multiple times and they were rude and did nothing. Told me they would see what they could do and I never received a phone call back. People that came out to do the work were nice but everyone making the appointments and that I talked to over the phone were awful and never got back to me in a timely manner or got dates wrong. Next the roofing company was awful. The workers were nice but first they moved the date of the work and then they showed up a day early and no one came to the door to let us know, nor did they let us know when they were done, the did not put flashing where they were supposed to and did not do all the work that was listed from the insurance adjuster, then they are charging more then double what was initially quoted. Awful company all around. I hope no one goes with them so they dont have the nightmare experience we have had. I would give them no stars but I had to give them at least 1 to write the review.

4 years ago

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Sean wilson Colorado Springs, CO

Don’t go through them. The honeymoon phase will end right away when the system is installed. If you have hail damage on your system don't go through EcoMark Solar. Even if they were the ones that installed it!!!. They will ask what the estimate from your insurance company is and then say this is what it cost to replace the system without giving you as a customer an estimate of their own and price break down.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jason Castle Rock, CO

Deceptive practices and just flat out lying to attract customers and make sales. Will be pursuing legal action against this company. Go along with over 300 5 star reviews on Google which is improbable

4 years ago