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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Commonwealth Energy provides residential and commercial solar, roofing, and energy efficiency solutions to clients looking for a more sustainable and renewable way to power a property. The company is both family owned and operated and provides a local service that thousands of clients have benefited from since Commonwealth Energy was founded back in 2017. 

The Commonwealth Energy staff is licensed and insured. In-house engineers design systems that are intended to increase the home value while empowering home owners by allowing them to actually own their own energy production. Roof and solar bundles are also available to clients that have needs in both areas. 

To date, Commonwealth Energy has successfully completed more than 1,300 solar installations helping clients save an average of 42 percent on their utility bills year over year. To make solar more affordable and accessible, Commonwealth Energy also offers a number of financing options to increase savings or meet budget restrictions or needs. 

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The Good

  • 25-Year System Coverage
  • Additional Energy Savings Solutions
  • Purchasing Options

25-Year System Coverage

The feature that sets Commonwealth Energy apart from its competition is its 25-year system coverage plan. This provides clients with the peace of mind that production and efficiency can be expected throughout the duration of the system’s lifespan. Features include all of the following components:

  • System monitoring
  • System diagnosis
  • Extensive system coverage
  • Corrective maintenance and warranty
  • Sunnova insured
  • Energy guarantee
  • Hassle-free management of repairs and replacements
  • Roofing

Unlike most installers that simply put up a system and are never to be heard from again, Commonwealth Energy will provide continuous service to ensure maximum production and necessary maintenance. 

Additional Energy Savings Solutions

While Commonwealth Energy is primarily focused on helping clients utilize solar energy to power their properties, the company also offers energy efficiency solutions to continue to maximize the monetary savings. Instead of going to multiple contractors to work on similar projects, Commonwealth Energy offers the following all in-house:

  • Roofing — Whether clients need roofing upgrades, repairs, or replacements, Commonwealth Energy has a solution. 
  • HVAC — Clients in need of heating, ventilation, or AC upgrades can also go through Commonwealth Energy. 

This all-in-one service allows clients to maximize energy savings without the headache of reaching out to multiple providers. 

Purchasing Options

Purchasing a solar system outright is simply not in the cards for many clients. The average residential solar system costs anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 to be fully installed. While it is the most economical route, it is not the most feasible. Commonwealth Energy understands this and wants to help as many people realize the value of solar as possible. As a result, the company offers multiple financing options, like loans, leases and/or power purchase agreement.

There are pros and cons to any financing avenue, but Commonwealth Energy will disclose all of that upfront to clients. Most solar companies will only offer one financing solutions, but recognizing the need for flexibility, Commonwealth Energy offers three different purchasing options. 



The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • NABCEP Certification
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Complete protection and coverage of system functionality and continued care is beneficial, but so is the original technology being installed. Most clients looking into having a solar system installed are invested in exactly what brand or manufactured equipment will be installed through a particular contractor.

As a result, a vast majority of solar installation companies will disclose equipment partnership or dealership information. Unfortunately for Commonwealth Energy clients, this information has not been publicly disclosed making it difficult to determine whether or not tier-1 solar technology is available through the service. 

NABCEP Certification

Despite claiming to be licensed, insured, and certified, it should be noted that Commonwealth Energy is not certified through the gold standard organization within the renewable energy field — the NABCEP. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is considered to be the ultimate certification that solar professionals can obtain.

It is not required to be NABCEP certified to offer solar installation services, but it does go a long way in demonstrating skill and knowledge of solar system innerworkings. Many solar installation companies will have at least one NABCEP-certified professional on-staff to oversee installation efforts; however, Commonwealth Energy does not offer this. 

Limited Service Area

It is not uncommon for family owned and operated enterprises to solely focus efforts on one specific geographic area. Most companies will only provide solar installation services in one state or a select few cities in a particular state. However, many of the east coast contractors have found it easier to expand as states are geographically smaller and close together.

Unfortunately, Commonwealth Energy has not made these expansion efforts and remains committed to solely servicing clients in the state of massachusetts. 


The Bottom Line

Commonwealth Energy provides start to finish solar installation services to clients looking to maximize energy production and savings each month. Through Commonwealth Energy, clients will have access to a 25-year system coverage protection plan meaning clients can rest assured that the system should function and produce as designed.

In addition to offering traditional solar system installation services, Commonwealth Energy also provides roofing and HVAC solutions. Those in need of flexible financing options will likely find a solution through one of the Commonwealth Energy financing avenues.

Despite offering a number of beneficial energy solutions, there are aspects of the Commonwealth Energy platform that prospective clients should be aware of prior to making a final contractor decision. The company has failed to disclose what equipment is used during installation projects.

There are also no NABCEP-certified professionals on staff at Commonwealth Energy. As a locally owned and operated enterprise, the service area of Commonwealth Energy is restricted to projects located in the state of Massachusetts. 

Solar clients looking for a completely covered system and the potential to tap into additional energy efficient solutions would likely benefit from what Commonwealth Energy provides. However, those more interested in equipment partnerships and tier-1 technology may want to look elsewhere for contracting services. 

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Commonwealth has been really communicative - even during delays for the project they were super communicative and made sure that I knew all the steps of the process. They gave me a date for the installation a couple of weeks in advance. I haven't actually used the equipment yet, but everything looks really good on the roof. They did a professional job, it looks beautiful.

1 year ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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It worked out for me that my house was in a good place for solar panels and the guys were very nice so I went with them. Speaking with the owner, Vinny and Dave. They were very responsible and told me everything about it. That's why I went with them.

1 year ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

star star star star star_border


The rep we worked with was very good and very knowledgeable. And he always replied to emails and text. During the installation, they did everything that they were supposed to.

1 year ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Kathy Casault Spencer, MA

Performed quality work in a timely manner. Was always available for questions and comments

1 year ago