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LAST UPDATED: September 28th, 2021

Since 2013, Clear Energy America has been serving the Midwestern area of the United States. The company provides several energy-efficient solutions for homeowners. These services include solar installations, aluminum insulations, solar shields, attic insulation, energy audits, and solar attic fans.

All these services enable homeowners to take control of their energy efficiency and energy generation. The company offers top solar brands to its clients: Enphase, SolarEdge, CanadianSolar, LG Chem, SMA, and QCells. 

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The Good

  • Established Since 2013
  • Unique Solar Services
  • Top Brands

Established Since 2013

Clear Energy America opened in 2013. Compared to other solar competitors, eight years of experience is quite impressive. Solar is a fairly new and accessible industry. Any company with over five years of experience is fairly experienced and established. 

Unique Solar Services

Many solar companies provide complete solar installations with panels, batteries, backups, and more. However, Clear Energy America provides solar installations, as well as attic insulations, aluminum insulations, solar shields, attic fans, and roofing services. All of these services require less energy use from furnaces and air conditioning units. The company is not only helping homeowners generate more energy, but also use less.

Top Brands

Clear Energy America is partnered with and offers top-industry products: 

  • Enphase
  • SolarEdge
  • CanadianSolar
  • LG Chem
  • SMA
  • QCells

Offering top brands usually means the company is well established and successful. The company is also in tune with industry standards and recent solar innovations. Clear Energy America is aware of the solar needs of its customers and is providing the best possible products for their installations.


The Bad

  • Unclear Service Area
  • Few Reviews

Unclear Service Area

Clear Energy America’s website claims the company serves “all of the Midwest area.” However, all past projects are from the states of Illiinois and Indiana. The main office is also located in Illinois. If any clients live outside Illinois and Indiana, they might not be eligible for solar services or will have to make special arrangements instead.

Few Reviews

The solar company has very few reviews on external sites and the company’s website. The company has been in business for more than eight years, so the lack of reviews is a bit surprising. The company has yet to establish credible customer service and community reputation from its clients. Having positive reviews from past clients is evidence of a company’s quality service and staff. Without reviews, new clients are left in the dark.


The Bottom Line

Clear Energy America is a well-established solar company, based in Illinois. The company’s focus is to bring affordable energy efficiency to its homeowners. Services not only include solar system installations, but also energy audits, insulations, fans, and more. These services help homeowners wisely decrease their energy consumption and increase their energy generation.

Clear Energy America offers quality, top-industry products to its clients. However, the company doesn’t have a credible reputation from its clients. Servicing locations are also unclear. Clients should reach out to a Clear Energy America representative to confirm their home can utilize the company’s services.

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