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LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 2023

CB Solar Inc., based in Des Moines, Iowa, has been designing and installing solar energy systems on residential, commercial, and agricultural properties since 2013. CB Solar Inc. focuses its energy on servicing the solar needs within the local community and excels in Iowa-related solar energy projects.

The leadership at CB Solar is comprised of engineering experts from Iowa State University. Together, they customize and design unique systems to ensure a fast return on investment. 

Since its founding, CB Solar Inc. has installed over 700 solar energy projects. The company has also been named as one of the Top Solar Contractors by Solar Power World. This is a title CB Solar Inc. has held since 2014. 

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The Good

  • Experts in Residential Solar
  • Backed by Strong Warranties
  • Battery Installation Specialists
  • Turnkey Installation Service
  • Customized Solar Energy Solutions

Experts in Residential Solar

CB Solar offers many benefits to the everyday homeowner. Given the amount of commercial and agricultural solar CB has installed, their average system size hovers around 25kw — about 3-4 times that of an average residential system.

The large scale at which CB Solar operates allows the company to purchase in large quantities, thus taking advantage of bulk discounts from suppliers. CB is therefore able to pass these savings off to the homeowner, making it easier for customers to go solar, save money, and go green.

Backed by Strong Warranties

Solar systems are an investment. The equipment and parts can be expensive. For a business owner or homeowner, unexpected costs after installation can affect the solar’s savings. Warranties backing the equipment, parts, and service can help ease the nerves behind that financial investment.

CB Solar Inc. offers a variety of hardware that comes with up to a 30-year parts warranty, a 25-year power production warranty, and a 30–40 year expected lifespan on solar systems. Customers can rest easy knowing their system is heavily backed thus protecting their financial investment.

Battery Installation Specialists

For those looking to keep their lights on and fridges cold during a power outage, CB Solar can help out there too. The company's battery systems allow homeowners to keep their homes running when the grid is down.

CB's solar battery systems come with a 10-year, end-to-end warranty (compared to 2 years on most generators), no moving parts (no maintenance to be expected), and an endless supply of power.

Turnkey Installation Service

Installation solar not as simple as other home improvement projects. Permits need to be obtained, certain incentives require specific processes to be followed to take advantage of them, options need to be applied for, not to mention the quality of workmanship and project management needed to ensure the install process runs smoothly.

This is where CB Solar Inc. separates itself from many solar providers. The company handles everything, from the initial energy audit, to obtaining permits, to the final installation and system activation. Every CB Solar customer is assigned their own project manager who specializes in getting through the red tape quickly to ensure the back end of the project progresses swiftly.

Customized Solar Energy Solutions

Since no property is identical, there is a design element to solar panel installation. What is unique about CB Solar Inc. is that their leadership is made up of experienced and qualified engineers who have been trained to ensure consumers get the most out of their solar panels. The customized solar energy solutions that the CB Solar Inc. team can design ensures optimal performance.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area

Limited Service Area

CB Solar Inc. specializes in assisting Iowa residents and business owners with their solar needs. However, the company's service area is limited strictly within Iowa state lines. Anyone living or working outside of the state of Iowa would not be able to utilize CB Solar Inc.'s services and would need to look elsewhere for a solar service provider.

While many solar providers specialize in targeted regions within the United States, most companies in the solar industry do operate in more than one state allowing them to service more homes and businesses. By only servicing in Iowa, CB Solar Inc. does not have the operating reach other companies within the industry have.

That said, if you do live in Iowa and would like to work with a local expert, CB Solar's familiarity with local utilties, building codes, and permitting requirements should give customers confidence that the company can expedite the solar installation process for them.


The Bottom Line

CB Solar Inc. is an ideal solar provider for those looking to cut production costs in the agricultural space or for commercial and residential properties within the state of Iowa. CB Solar Inc. was the first company based in Iowa to bring solar solutions to agriculture allowing for those within the industry to lower energy costs and bolster profits.

For commercial and residential owners, CB Solar Inc. provides complete service, handling all necessary permits and ensuring that the job is done correctly from start to finish. That being said, anyone working or living outside the state of Iowa will not be able to utilize the services of CB Solar.

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