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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Beyond the Grid Outfitters is in the business of helping people find products and innovations that bolster both customers’ lifestyles and freedom, whether they live on or off the grid. Beyond the Grid Outfitters has a brick and mortar store available in Idaho for in-person product and equipment purchases, but it also offers solar installation services on a variety of projects. 

The Beyond the Grid Outfitters customer base targets farmers, search and rescue personnel, outdoorsmen, and avid RV or mobile home users/owners. While there are solutions available to homeowners looking to purchase whole home solar, that is not the main focus of the company.

For potential solar customers, Beyond the Grid Outfitters will help clients in the Inland Pacific Northwest, specifically in the following regions: North Idaho, Eastern Washington, Northwestern Montana, and Northeastern Oregon.

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The Good

  • Whole Home Solar
  • RV and Mobile Solar
  • Solar Well Pumps
  • Service Area

Whole Home Solar

Beyond the Grid Outfitters does provide whole home solar solutions, despite it not being the company’s main focus or service. A team member will go to the property, assess the sun exposure, and come up with a customized solar plan. Whole home solar customers can take advantage of both off-grid and grid-tie systems, depending on what is best for their needs.

Typically, off-grid solar providers do not also provide solutions to homeowners or residential properties, but Beyond the Grid Outfitters does.

RV and Mobile Solar

Beyond the Grid Outfitters specializes in providing easy-to-install solar panel systems. These systems can withstand the toughest weather conditions and are backed by 10 to 25 year warranties. The Go Power! Solar solutions provide all the benefits of a fully integrated system, including

  • Cost Effective: the system will minimize expenses or eliminate them all together.
  • Maximize Battery Life: the system will also maintain optimal charge and double a battery's lifespan.
  • Minimal Maintenance: there are no moving parts to wear out, so the only maintenance required is cleaning panels every so often and inspecting the system for loose connections or damage.
  • Safe: since the system produces at a relatively low voltage and amperage, it is both safe and efficient to use.
  • Environmentally Friendly: the system/panels reduce pollutants.

The off-grid solutions for RVs and mobile entities through Beyond the Grid Outfitters surpass a lot of solutions provided by other off-grid companies.

Solar Well Pumps

Beyond the Grid Outfitters is an authorized dealer of the Simple Pump solar well pump. This is a motorized solution that attaches to the hand pump assembly and provides a reliable backup solution next to the existing submersible well pump. This pump can be used as a backup or primary pump and will pump up to five gallons per minute directly into the pressurized household plumbing system.

This pump will work in both shallow and deep wells, is freeze proof, and provides safe drinking water. Most solar installation companies that provide off-grid services rarely have solutions for water needs, but Beyond the Grid Outfitters does.

Service Area

Most solar companies are regionally based. More often than not, a solar installation company will install systems only in one state or a select few cities within a state. On rare occasions, a solar company will offer services in two or more states which sets Beyond the Grid Outfitters apart from the rest of the industry.

Currently, the company provides services in the Inland Pacific Northwest, including north Idaho, eastern Washington, northwestern Montana, and northeastern Oregon. This service area far surpasses what many solar installation companies can accommodate. 


The Bad

  • Equipment Brand Information Unknown
  • Undisclosed Warranty Information

Equipment Brand Information Unknown

Typically, solar installation companies will partner with a solar manufacturer. This partnership allows the solar installation company to sell and install that brand’s solar systems and products. This information is generally made public to inquisitive customers who may be drawn to one brand over another.

These partnerships also establish a level of credibility for the installation company. Beyond the Grid Outfitters does not disclose the actual solar brands sold in the store or installed on homes/RVs.

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Solar systems are a hefty investment, particularly in the short term. Upfront costs can be between $15,000–$25,000 for traditional residential properties. Because the cost of the equipment and installation is steep, many manufacturers and solar installation companies will give customers some sort of warranty.

Typically, equipment is backed by a 25-year performance warranty and the installation (also known as a workmanship warranty) is backed by a 10-year warranty. This provides the customer with the peace of mind needed to make this type of large investment.

However, Beyond the Grid Outfitters does not appear to offer these types of warranties to residential customers despite it being an industry standard. That being said, for RV and mobile users, there is a 10–25 year guarantee on solar panels. 


The Bottom Line

Those looking to utilize off-grid forms of power would benefit from Beyond the Grid Outfitters' services. The company offers a wide range of products and equipment for those looking to maintain their off-the-grid free lifestyle with comfort.

That being said, for homeowners looking for a complete whole home solar system and subsequent installation, it would be wise to look elsewhere for installation services.

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