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LAST UPDATED: June 19th, 2023

Best Home Energy is a solar company based in Draper, Utah. The company brings innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction through a no-pressure sales approach, extensive warranties, and a superior solar energy storage system. 

With a range of products and services designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners, Best Home Energy aims to make solar energy accessible, reliable, and cost-effective.

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The Good

  • Warranties 
  • Off-Grid Battery Option
  • Additional Products 
  • $0 Down Financing
  • Giving Back 


Best Home Energy provides quality installations backed by extensive warranties. Customers can expect a 10-year warranty on roof and workmanship, ensuring that their investment remains protected. 

Furthermore, the company offers a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on the solar panels, demonstrating their confidence in the longevity and durability of their solar systems.

In addition to the comprehensive equipment warranty, Best Home Energy goes above and beyond by providing a 20-year extended battery warranty. This commitment to quality distinguishes them from many other companies in the industry, as most battery warranties typically last for only 10 years. 

With Best Home Energy, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their solar batteries are covered for an extended period, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during blackouts or grid failures — or living off the grid entirely. 

Off-Grid Battery Option

Best Home Energy takes pride in its off-grid solution, allowing homeowners to achieve complete independence from the traditional power grid. 

Whereas many solar battery options keep only the bare minimum appliances running in an outage, Best Home Energy’s is large enough and reliable enough to ensure that customers can power their entire homes during blackouts or emergencies. 

Whether it's running air conditioners, heaters, charging electric vehicles, or using Wi-Fi, Best Home Energy's battery system provides the reliability and peace of mind that homeowners desire.

Additional Products

In addition to solar panels, inverters, and solar batteries, Best Home Energy offers an array of additional products to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of residential energy systems including the following;

  • Solar attic fan 
  • Power conditioner box
  • Attic seal
  • Multi-layer insulation

By providing these supplementary products, the company ensures that customers can optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs, and create a more comfortable living environment.

$0 Down Financing

Best Home Energy understands that upfront costs can be a barrier for many homeowners interested in adopting solar power. To address this concern, the company offers a “$0 down” option for solar installations, solar plus battery systems, and even completely-off-grid solutions. 

Giving Back 

Best Home Energy is committed to giving back to the community. A portion of every installation fee is dedicated to paying the power bill of a struggling family, ensuring that they can keep their lights on. Best Home Energy collaborates with local leaders to identify families who require assistance, fostering community engagement and making a positive impact on peoples’ lives.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing and Equipment Partnerships
  • Needs Customer Reviews 

Undisclosed Financing and Equipment Partnerships

To provide the $0 down financing option it advertises, we can safely assume that Best Home Energy has established partnerships with reputable financial institutions. However, more information is needed regarding the nature of those partnerships and eligibility requirements of solar financing with the company. 

Additionally, the company does not specify which equipment brands it uses for solar panels, solar batteries, and inverters. 

Needs Customer Reviews

Best Home Energy is presumably new to the solar industry, as there is little to no information about this company to be found outside of its own website, including verified customer reviews that can back up its claims. 

Customer reviews provide valuable insights from customers who have already installed solar energy systems, offering prospective solar customers the opportunity to assess a company’s reliability, quality, and customer service. 

If you’ve worked with Best Home Energy, please consider leaving a review below. 


The Bottom Line

Located in Draper, Utah, Best Home Energy is strategically positioned to serve Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas, which are continuously growing. However, take note that its service area may not extend beyond that part of Utah. 

Best Home Energy stands out from competitors with an off-grid-capable solar battery, 20-year solar battery warranty, and additional energy efficiency products. And by eliminating an upfront payment for customers who finance, Best Home Energy aims to make solar energy accessible to a broader range of homeowners.

Another point of interest is the company’s installation timeline. Once the decision to go solar is made, Best Home Energy aims to initiate the installation process promptly. Typically, installation begins within 30–45 days after signing the contract, allowing homeowners to start reaping the benefits of solar energy quickly.

In regards to savings with solar, Best Home Energy is so confident it can save you money, it can guarantee that homeowners will save at least $15,000 over the next 30 years. In the rare event that this target is not met in your energy consultation, the company will pay you $500. 

Finally, when you become a client of Best Home Energy, you indirectly support a local family in need. 

That being said, more information is still needed in regards to the company’s customer reviews, equipment and financing partnerships, NABCEP certification status, and service area. And with it presumably being new to the solar industry, it may ta ke some time to establish itself among some of the bigger names in solar. 

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