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LAST UPDATED: January 27th, 2023

Axia Solar is a true full-service solar solution for residential clients looking to take control of their monthly utility bills and upgrade their home’s energy efficiency. 

Axia Solar helps clients make the switch to solar. As a long-term investment, solar through Axia is designed to provide sustainable energy for years to come. As both a solar manufacturer and installer, Axia Solar makes and assembles all equipment domestically in the United States. In 2022, Axia Solar was recognized by Fortune 500 for its product manufacturing service within the solar industry. 

Getting started with Axia Solar is simple, with instant quotes and baseline analysis provided entirely through the company’s online portal. The metrics provided will allow Axia Solar to give prospective clients insight into what a solar system can do for the property and the potential savings associated with having a solar system and/or storage solution designed and installed. 

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The Good

  • Axia Solar Full-Service Process
  • Backed by QCells
  • Flexible Financing
  • Hassle-free Manufacturer Warranties
  • NABCEP Certification 

Axia Solar Full-Service Process

The most unique aspect of Axia Solar is the fact that the company both produces and installs solar equipment. The industry generally consists of solar manufacturers that solely produce systems and storage solutions and then companies that strictly conduct installation services. 

Axia Solar has combined these functions by manufacturing its own product and then professionally installing these systems. That means that Axia Solar clients will solely work with Axia throughout the duration of the solar project. If something goes awry, clients will only have to reach out to one company for assistance, a luxury that most solar clients don’t have.  

As a full-service solar company, Axia Solar offers its own take on the solar process:

Solar Design & Approval Process

Before Axia can install, they need to finalize your system design and ensure they have all the necessary 
approvals required for construction. They will collect all the information needed to finalize your solar system design during a site survey of your home and handle the permitting process with your local jurisdictions. You will need to provide your signature of approval along the way but they take care of the hard parts.

Solar Installation Process

As soon as Axia has all the required approvals for your solar system, they will proceed with the installation process. To complete your project and get your home running on solar power, they will install the equipment on your home, coordinate the inspection by your local building department and confirm that you have the green light to flip the switch from your utility company.

Backed by QCells

Since Axis Solar is relatively new to the manufacturing side of the solar industry, it is important to note that the company is backed by QCells. QCells is a well-established tier-1 solar manufacturer, known for producing some of the best solar panels on the market. Axia Solar is connected to QCells and utilizes some of its proven technology in its manufacturing. 

Most independent solar manufacturers that also offer installation services are generally on their own and are not backed by a proven resource. Axia Solar is. 

Flexible Financing

Axia Solar partners with financial institutions to provide customers with simple and affordable financing for the needs of their projects. 

  • Loan – The loan terms range from 10 to 30 years with zero down and flexible monthly payment options that will fit any budget.
  • Cash – Cash purchases receive a discount for their solar system. 

Hassle-free Manufacturer Warranties 

Because Axia Solar actually manufactures the products, the company backs its own equipment. Axia Solar provides hassle-free warranties for solar and battery storage systems, including the management of warranty claims between the manufacturer and the customer. 

Solar Panel Warranties

  • 25-Year Workmanship Warranty - Axia’s warranty provides 25 years of repairs, replacements, and labor on the installation of a covered solar system.
  • 25-Year Solar Panel Product Warranty - Manufacturer’s product warranty provides 25 years of repairs or replacements on your covered solar panels.
  • Up to 30* Years of Performance Warranty - The manufacturer’s power output warranty provides up to 30 years of repairs or replacements so that the covered solar panels produce power at the 

warranted output levels.

Battery Storage Warranty

10-year manufacturer’s warranty provides repairs and replacements on covered battery storage systems.

Roof Penetration Warranty

Installation warranty provides 10 years of repairs for roof leaks caused by solar installation.

Warranty Transfer

If the customer decides to sell their home, the warranty coverage may be transferred to the new homeowner for the applicable remaining warranty term.

Customer Advocate

Axia Solar’s Customer Advocate team will provide ongoing support. They will manage warranty claims by working with the manufacturer to help resolve the unexpected. 

NABCEP Certification 

Qcells and Axia Solar are NABCEP-certified. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is known as the gold standard certification organization within the renewable energy field. While it is not required to maintain NABCEP certification to conduct solar installations, it goes a long way in showing the skill and knowledge an installer has as it pertains to efficiently installing a solar system. 


The Bad

  • Young Company
  • Limited to California Residents 

Young Company

While Axia Solar is not the first full-service solar provider, it is one of the few companies that takes this approach within the industry. There are benefits of working solely with one company that both manufactures and installs solar equipment, but Axia Solar equipment and its process are still relatively new. 

The company was founded in 2021, and while backed by a larger and more experienced manufacturer in QCells, Axia itself remains untested. This makes it difficult to determine how well Axia Solar equipment will hold up over time as even the most “seasoned” customers have only had the system installed on their home for one year.

Most solar installation companies utilize equipment that has been produced by manufacturers that have worked within the industry for decades. The same can not be said for Axia Solar. 

Limited to California Residents

Only homeowners in California can work with Axia Solar, which is based in Irvine. As the company grows, there may be opportunities for expansion into solar markets in additional states. 


The Bottom Line

With both manufacturing and installation solutions, Axia Solar truly provides an all-encompassing solar service to California residents.

Despite being relatively new within the solar industry, Axia Solar is backed by established solar manufacturer QCells that comes with its own extensive expertise and technology. The process clients will go through when utilizing Axia Solar is truly one-on-one, as the company will design, produce, and then install the solar equipment. At some point, most solar companies require the involvement of a third party. 

Before making a final decision on what company to utilize for solar equipment purchasing and installation, prospective clients should be aware that this full-service approach available through Axia Solar is untested over long periods of time as the company has only officially been in business since 2021. 

Solar clients looking to work with a company that both produces and installs its own solar equipment would likely benefit from what Axia Solar offers. However, those wanting a more experienced installation team coupled with more established products may want to look elsewhere. 

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P L Laguna Niguel, CA

Before purchasing, we interviewed 4 popular solar companies and then we finally called Axia Solar in Irvine, we chose this company because it is local, and it is a spin-off company from Qcells USA Corporation. Alex (the technical engineer) and Annabelle (the project manager) have been informing us every step of the whole process. They answered our phone calls, texts and emails on time and today the solar panels are up and running as we expected. We strongly recommend Axia Solar to everyone and we don’t think you can find any companies that can beat Axia Solar’s price.

4 days ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Frankye Campbell San Francisco, CA

Mike was my point person on the order and setup he did a fabulous job painless! Then Annabelle took over for the installation and she did a wonderful job! Telling me what and whom to expect at every corner. Great experience thanks.

1 week ago

star star star star star

Shuai Zhang Irvine, CA

We worked with Axia Solar on installing the solar panels on our roof and we're absolutely happy with the service and quality Axia Solar provided. Alex and Cory did an excellent job in the whole process and took care of everything for us in the proposal, contracting, permitting and installation process. They always replied to our messages and addressed our concerns promptly within the same day. Highly recommend!

2 months ago

star star star star star

Rosa Lawson Chula Vista, CA

Very happy with the service and information received by Alex about our solar , we had a lot of questions which He gave us all the information we needed , installation was very smooth, Alex responded to all our needs. Thank you Alex .

2 months ago

star star star star star

Kali Korogy San Diego, CA

Our Solar Advisor, Joe, is the reason I selected Axis. He earned my trust by giving me his time and answering my million questions. He educated me and made choosing to go solar a no-brainer! He is patient and gave me all the time I needed to make my decision. No pressure. Thank you Joe!!!!!!

2 months ago

star star star star star

Arthur Lawson Riverside, CA

We had an estimate from a large company. Alex was able to get me more power from the panels at the same price. With a lower interest rate. Alex and Annabelle took care of everything from that point. Permits. Install. Inspection. Everything. Great job. Thank you

3 months ago

star star star star star

Noam Crawford Windsor, CA

We had an amazing experience with Axia solar. I did my due diligence researching solar & batteries & this company checked all the boxes. They also have amazing customer service. Jasper and Annabelle walked us through the whole process & we couldn't be happier.

3 months ago

star star star star star

L Bosio Monterey, CA

Going Solar is a big decision for many. How large of system you need, panel quality, who is installing, workmanship and service during and after install. These choices are even tougher if you can't find a review of the company you are interested in. So, I'm providing this long review of Axia Solar. For myself I had many companies provide a quote for my system. Pricing ranged for the same system quite a bit, roughly 25% across the board. I wanted a one stop shop when it came to panels and install. I researched the panels I wanted first. I decided on Q Cell Panels. I than came across Axia Solar this was the one stop shop. Axia is backed by Q Cell, but Axia is fairly new to the install from what I could find online. I also could not find any reviews of them. I decided to take the chance with Axia. Price: They were the least expensive of all. This wasn't a concern to me because they own the panels, therefore I expected them to be less overall. Sales: Their sales department "Michael M" was fantastic. He answered all my questions and also provided valuable feedback to all my concerns as well. I'm sure I was a pain because it took me awhile to decide and he was very patient with me. Contract: Once in contract, their Customer Advocate or what I would call their project manager "Lindsay R" went beyond to keep me apprised of the status at all times. The permit process took a while several weeks in my county. Lindsay would give me updates weekly. Install: Their install crews were knowledgeable and profession. They coordinated all inspections and prepared all inter-phasing with PG&E my utility company. Their workmanship was clean. They did run into a couple of hick-ups after install. This delayed completion a few days, but I would not consider this a workmanship issue rather an interconnection issue with Enphase. When turning the system on for the first time, several of the inverters were not reporting to Enphase. They resolved the issue quickly. Scheduling/Timing: My original start date was delayed, a week due to unknown issues however Axia continued to inform me of the status almost daily. Once started, the system install took roughly a week from start to finish. I would think it would have been completed sooner had there not been rain. After all inspections were completed, our utility company "PG&E" took two weeks to give us an approval to operate, this was quicker than expected. Overall: I would recommend Axia Solar for the following reasons: Their sales team was very knowledgeable and professional. Their pricing was great! Their workmanship was professional and courteous. Their communication before and during the process has been great. I feel based on their overall performance so far, they will be there should any issues arise later.

4 weeks ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Kim Main Paso Robles, CA

Very friendly and keep me informed with the progress

1 month ago