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LAST UPDATED: September 6th, 2023

ATX Solar is a residential solar company founded in 2019 and based in Austin, Texas. In addition to selling solar panel systems, ATX Solar offers solar batteries and battery installations so homeowners can be equipped with energy storage when needed.


The Good

  • Equipment Brand Partnerships
  • Solar Consultations
  • Enphase MyEnlighten Monitoring
  • Project Portfolio
  • Involved with Charitable Organizations

Equipment Brand Partnerships

ATX prioritizes top-tier solar equipment, utilizing REC Alpha Pure solar panels and Enphase IQ solar batteries. REC Alpha Pure panels are known for their exceptional durability and sustained energy production. Enphase IQ battery technology ensures optimal energy storage and distribution, maximizing the efficiency of your solar setup. 

Solar Consultations

With its free consultation, ATX offers free designs, detailed savings reports, and educational consultations with a knowledgeable representative. This commitment to customer education ensures prospective customers have a clear understanding of the entire process from the start. 

Enphase MyEnlighten Monitoring

ATX Solar provides monitoring through Enphase MyEnlighten, which gives real-time performance analysis and production statistics. The company offers this complimentary service to all of its customers and helps ensure customers have the security of its system always functioning at peak performance. 

Project Portfolio

ATX Solar has an impressive website portfolio of past work. Potential customers can browse through and get an idea of what they want. We appreciate photos of past projects that show clean lines and well-placed panels. While some potential customers hesitate about solar due to the theory that solar is not aesthetically pleasing, ATX Solar seems to have a knack for design and placement because its projects appear to have panels blend with the roof seamlessly. 

Involved with Charitable Organizations

ATX focuses on investing in organizations that support building healthy local communities in Texas. The company supports the following charities:

  • Sea Turtle Inc
  • All Things Wild Rehabilitation
  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Adopt a Beach

The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • No NABCEP Certification

Limited Service Area

ATX Solar is only available in Texas and is one of many solar companies attempting to help Texas residents convert to solar in this competitive market. Due to the tax credits and ability to sell back electricity to local energy companies, Texas is a prime state for residents to benefit from solar incentives.  

No NABCEP Certification

We were unable to establish whether ATX Solar has received certified status from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), which is responsible for some of the most highly regarded solar technician training programs in the solar industry. 


The Bottom Line

ATX Solar has a lot of great things going for it as a company: excellent equipment brands, some impressive affiliations, and reliable solar production monitoring. 

With a larger repository of verified reviews, customers can be confident that the company's reputation matches all of the great qualities described on its website.  

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ATX Solar Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ATX Solar over other solar providers?

ATX Solar's strength lies in being a vertically integrated company, ensuring that every stage, from design to installation, is managed in-house. This guarantees streamlined operations, top-notch quality, and a consistent service experience. The company's dedication to quality is showcased by its choice of leading brands like REC, QCell, and Enphase.

What warranties do ATX Solar systems come with?

Peace of mind is paramount when you invest in solar. That's why ATX Solar offers a stellar 30-year workmanship warranty. On top of that, many of its equipment manufacturers, known for their impeccable quality and durability, provide 25-year warranties.

What incentives are there for solar in Texas?

While Texas doesn't provide state-wide rebates, it does offer a property tax exemption for home value increase due to solar. Many utilities within the state offer attractive solar incentives. Furthermore, homeowners can benefit from the federal solar tax credit, which helps offset the initial installation cost.

Does an ATX Solar system increase home value?

ATX doesn't just install solar panels; the company elevates your home's market value. Every ATX Solar project comes standard with a Pearl Certification, an independent quality assurance that maximizes the value increase of your home with solar. Plus, homeowners will enjoy reduced utility bills, adding a financial benefit to their investment.

Why is community involvement important to ATX Solar?

ATX Solar is more than just a solar provider; it's an active community member. By volunteering with initiatives like “Austin Angels,” “Adopt a Beach,” “Sea Turtle, Inc.,” and “All Things Wild," the company is showcasing its commitment to sustainability and the welfare of such a beautiful state.

What technology and brands does ATX Solar use?

Absolutely! ATX Solar prioritize top-tier quality and performance. The company proudly installs REC and QCell solar modules. For optimal monitoring and efficiency, we use Enphase microinverters, ensuring module-level insights. Additionally, for those interested in energy storage, we offer cutting-edge Enphase IQ batteries.

What payment options does ATX Solar have?

ATX Solar is dedicated to making solar affordable for every Texan. The company provides a plethora of financing options, tailored to fit individual needs, ensuring the switch to solar is smooth and financially comfortable for you.

What makes ATX Solar's approach to solar installations unique?

The in-house team ensures every aspect of the solar transition is handled with precision. From the initial consultation, customized design, to the final installation and post-installation support, every step is meticulously executed, ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction.

How does ATX Solar help with energy independence?

By choosing ATX Solar, homeowners are taking a step toward greater energy independence. The company's solar solutions not only reduce reliance on grid electricity but also shield you from rising energy costs, ensuring long-term savings and a sustainable future.

What post-installation support does ATX Solar offer homeowners?

ATX Solar's relationship with homeowners doesn't end post-installation. The company is dedicated to ensuring your solar system's performance excels for years. From regular system check-ups, timely maintenance, to round-the-clock customer support, the in-house team is always at your service, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits of your solar investment.

Message from

ATX Solar

At ATX Solar, we're committed to top-notch quality. Our installations feature only the best equipment, backed by a 30-year workmanship warranty.

In collaboration with SEIA, we're pushing for industry excellence. We proudly sport an A+ BBB rating and a partnership with Pearl Certification to not just reduce your energy bills but also boost your home's value.

Our mission is simple: educate and empower Texas homeowners to achieve energy independence. Beyond rooftops, we're also actively involved in volunteer work. To us, it's not just about energy—it's about making the world a better place.

Embodying our tagline, "The Future is Bright," we promise more than just energy solutions. We offer a vision, a commitment to excellence, and a pathway to a better tomorrow.

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Matt figueroa Austin, TX

The solar panels are not producing enough to cover my electricity cost nearly what I was led to believe they would. I have a 1 for 1 buy back for solar and I try to use only during the day. Out of the last 13 months I was only negative on my bill for three months and they do roll over the credits....this was supposed to be sized over what I used in the past. Not sure it was based on what we are seeing... not a good investment.

3 weeks ago