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LAST UPDATED: June 22nd, 2022

Arcadia Energy opened its doors in 2009, the first in the state of California, and has since expanded into Arizona and Nevada as of 2020. Arcadia Energy is committed to making solar energy available and affordable for everyone, doing so with a promise of great customer service.

Below you will find a comprehensive review of Arcadia Energy, a solar company committed to empowering its customers through quality and money saving solar panels.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Option to Lease or Buy
  • Customer Service

Free Consultation

Arcadia Energy is eagerly willing to set up a free initial consultation to help you understand more about solar energy as well as the intricacies of its services. The company will help you to understand the following in that consultation:

  • The pros and cons of solar energy in regards to your specific home 
  • The utilities regulations in your area
  • The strengths and drawbacks to buying vs. leasing solar panels.
  • How much everything will cost, and how much you are estimated to save on your utility bill
  • Any solar related questions that you have

Arcadia Energy commits to a consultation that is pressure free and all about addressing the needs of potential customers to ensure transparency.

Option to Lease or Buy

Arcadia Energy gives customers the option to own solar panels or to lease them. Arcadia Energy does a great job on its website of breaking down the advantages of owning vs. leasing. 

Leasing advantages

  • Lower initial investment
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • No responsibility for maintenance and repairs

Owning advantages

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Greater savings over time
  • Receive a 30% federal tax credit (until the end of 2019)

Not all solar companies offer the option to either lease or buy, making Arcadia Energy a great option for someone on the fence about solar energy. These two options allow new customers to make a smaller solar commitment, first by leasing with the option to transition to owning.

Customer Service

Arcadia Energy is committed to empowering and helping its customers. What started as a family owned business has grown into a company that still values its personable relationship with its customers.

Several customers have expressed an appreciation for the attention to detail that Arcadia Energy employees have and the professionalism that they show. No company is perfect with its customer services, but Arcadia aims to make great customer service a big priority.


The Bad

  • Limited Pricing Information Online

Limited Pricing Information Online

Arcadia Energy does not disclose much information on general solar panel pricing estimates, meaning that to get any sort of cost information you will have to set up an appointment. This is most likely the case because each home will vary by the cost of its solar installation.

Other solar companies will provide an online estimate calculator or a general pricing table to help give a ballpark range, but Arcadia does not.


The Bottom Line

Arcadia Energy has been around for just a little over a decade, but they have established themselves as a company that cares about its customers with a commitment to help its customers save money through solar energy. 

For those in the California, Arizona, and Nevada area, it would be wise to consider Arcadia Energy as a solar company. Schedule a free consultation to learn more and be sure to look at Arcadia Energy reviews below.

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Walter Brawner Oak Park, IL

Well I heard about them through a friend and inquired about the process of getting services. We went through an easy application process and the results were great

2 years ago