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LAST UPDATED: June 25th, 2020

Based in Tulare, California, AltSys Solar is a full service solar company that offers services in the surrounding Central Valley. The company has over 13 years of experience in harnessing solar power and finding solutions to save customers money. The company offers solar panels, solar inverters, and solar battery storage.

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The Good

  • Solar Repair
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Transparency
  • Financing Options

Solar Repair

Even if customers didn’t get their solar panels from AltSys Solar, the company will fix anything that needs repair. 

10-Year Warranty

AltSys Solar follows state codes and regulations, giving customers a 10-year quality workmanship warranty. If a solar system has any problems due to an installation error or other fault to the part of the company. AltSys Solar will repair it at no cost. 


When designing a client’s solar panel system, AltSys solar will design a system based on the client’s needs and share the most economical solutions. The customer can then decide on the option that works best for them and receive an internal cost sheet. This sheet is intended to keep the customer informed about where their money is going. The company promises that there are no gimmicks and no hidden fees.

Financing Options

AltSys Solar provides several options to customers looking for a solar panel system. The company is dedicated to saving the customer money and offers secured and unsecured loans, power purchase agreements (PPA’s), and leases. AltSys Solar also offers a unique financing option called a Property Assessed Clean Energy loan, or PACE. This loan allows customers to qualify for a loan based on home equity instead of a credit score. The loan is paid back through property taxes to the government.


The Bad

  • Installation Times

Installation Times

AltSys Solar’s website gives different estimations for the overall time it takes to get a solar system up and running. One page says a crew of four, a three-man roof crew and one electrician, can install a solar system on an average house in a day, while another says that it takes three to six days on average to install a roof system. Other pages say that it takes six to nine weeks to finish the whole process, but that paperwork to make sure the right meter is installed could take months.

This ambiguity in installation times can be frustrating for customers who want a timeline when considering having a solar system installed.


The Bottom Line

AltSys Solar offers transparent services to its customers, meaning a full price breakdown is given to each new customer purchasing a solar panel system. This helps the customer know exactly where their money is going, but the company has somewhat ambiguous installation times. When considering working with this company, a customer will have to contact a sales representative to try to determine how long the process will take.

Even if customers didn’t get their solar panels from AltSys Solar, the company will still help repair any broken systems. On its own products, the company offers a 10-year warranty, which is standard for the industry. A unique benefit to AltSys Solar is the financing option available to those with bad credit. Some customers can qualify for a property assessed clean energy loan that will allow them to pay for their solar panels through property taxes. 

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