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LAST UPDATED: July 1st, 2021

Alternative Energy Southeast is a solar company that's been serving customers in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for more than a decade. The company was founded by Montana Busch who graduated from North Carolina State University in Renewable Energy and Green Building Technologies. He also currently serves as the co-chair for the Georgia Solar Energy Association. The company’s team is composed of a diverse group of solar engineers, entrepreneurs, and renewable energy advocates. 

The company currently has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, is a member of the Georgia Solar Energy Association and the Solar Energies Industries Association, and was ranked as one of the top 400 solar companies from Power World in 2019. It has high ratings from customer reviews and strives for excellent customer service with every solar project.

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The Good

  • Money-Savings Guarantee
  • Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer
  • Tesla Solar Roof Installer
  • Charitable Efforts
  • Offers Residential and Commercial Solar
  • Excellent Maintenance
  • Residential EV Charging Systems
  • Extensive FAQ

Money-Savings Guarantee

Alternative Energy Southeast’s overarching goal is to save customers money while contributing to a healthier environment. In order to ensure the return on customers’ investment in a solar system is worth their while, Alternative Energy Southeast promises that if the actual production of the solar panels is less than the production estimate, the company will pay the difference.

This promise is guaranteed and written into the company’s contract. Additionally, each customer is provided with a complete financial analysis from start to finish, helping customers know exactly what they'll be paying for their solar panels with no surprises. This provides great peace of mind for customers as they can be sure that their solar panels’ estimated production rates will be the same as the final cost and will avoid being surprised with any hidden charges or fees. 

Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer

Alternative Energy Southeast is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer. The Tesla Powerwall battery for solar energy is one of the top batteries on the market. The Tesla Powerwall also comes with a 10-year warranty. Not all companies are certified Tesla Powerwall installers, setting Alternative Energy Southeast apart from the rest. 

Tesla Solar Roof Installer

One of the newest services offered by Alternative Energy Southeast is the Tesla Roof. Each roof shingle is essentially its own small solar panel, allowing for the benefits of the sun’s energy to be maximized. Customers can receive an estimate on how much this service would cost by contacting Alternative Energy Southeast, but typically the Tesla Solar Roof costs $10 per square foot and $2.60/watt, not including tax benefits or rebates. 

Charitable Efforts

Alternative Energy Southeast donates a generous 10 percent of profits each month to various charities. Chosen charities include those with an environmental or humanitarian focus. Recently, the company completed a solar project bringing reliable energy to an orphanage in Nigeria. Few solar companies have a corporate social responsibility focus like Alternative Energy Southeast. This is an additional reason for customers to choose the company by knowing they are doing good in the world even more than just solar energy.

Offers Residential and Commercial Solar

Alternative Energy Southeast offers solar systems for both residential and commercial. The company discusses the particular benefits of going solar for businesses such as lower production costs and a better return on investment.

Excellent Maintenance

At Alternative Energy Southeast, solar panel maintenance is one of the company’s top priorities in order to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to do this, Alternative Energy Southeast performs quarterly, yearly, and as-needed repairs and maintenance on all solar panels. The most notable of these checks are the following:

  • Annual string testing
  • Annual cabling, breakers, disconnect and combiner box inspection/testing
  • Annual solar panel cleaning

Very few companies offer such detailed and consistent follow-ups. These checks will bring customers peace of mind that their solar panels are working well and maintaining top performance throughout the system’s lifetime.

Residential and Commercial EV Charging Systems

An additional service Alternative Energy Southeast offers is building residential and commercial EV charging stations for electric cars. The company can install a scaled size for individual-family homes or a large number of charging ports for multi-family or condo housing. For customers looking to install this service, especially if they'll install solar panels at the same time, Alternative Energy Southeast is a great place to find those services all-in-one. 

Extensive FAQ

Alternative Energy Southeast has an e-book with more than 30 pages that includes customers' most frequently asked questions. While most solar companies take the time to write a detailed FAQ resource page, Alternative Energy Southeast goes above and beyond.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • No Financing Information on Website
  • Short Product Warranty

Limited Service Area

Currently, Alternative Energy Southeast serves in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina in the following areas:

  • Atlanta
  • Metro Atlanta
  • Macon & Bibb Counties
  • North Georgia
  • Western South Carolina
  • Northeast Georgia
  • Gwinnett County

No Financing Information on Website

Alternative Energy Southeast’s most important goal is to save customers money while taking strides to ensure a better world through renewable energy. Part of this comes with a guarantee that the estimated price for your solar system will always be honored. This indicates that the company provides various financing options in order to make that happen, however, no information is mentioned on the website about options like buying, leasing, loaning, or PPA (power purchase agreements).

Short Product Warranty

Alternative Energy Southeast offers a complimentary 5-year equipment warranty on its solar panels. The industry-leading warranty for solar panels is currently 25 years, making Alternative Energy Southeast’s warranty significantly shorter. The company does have the option to extend the warranty to 20 years, but this is likely dependent on certain conditions or fees and is still shorter than the standard 25-year warranty.


The Bottom Line

Alternative Energy Southeast is a trustworthy company for those wanting to go solar. The company has over 15 years of experience and a skilled team with excellent customer service. 

The company does both residential and commercial solar but also offers a variety of larger services, such as residential EV charging systems for electric cars and Tesla Solar Roofs. These services are more rare than common in the industry and point to Alternative Energy Southeast’s advancement in the industry.

Customers are protected with the company’s price guarantee that the cost of their solar panels will never be more than their estimate. If so, Alternative Energy Southeast will pay the difference. Additionally, the company will provide quarterly and yearly check-ups on equipment to make sure the system is performing at optimum capacity.

Alternative Energy Southeast’s solar panels come with a complimentary 5-year warranty, however, this is much lower than the standard 25-year warranty. Customers can extend their warranty up to 20 years but should ask about fees or conditions associated with the extension.

As a certified Tesla installer, partner of charitable organizations, and with favorable reviews, Alternative Energy Southeast is a great option for those living in George, North Carolina, or South Carolina.

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