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LAST UPDATED: October 25th, 2023

All Bay Solar Construction is a full-service roofing, solar, and home improvement company serving home and business owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area of California. With an accreditation from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and Diamond Certified status through the American Ratings Corporation, All Bay Solar has demonstrated its commitment to best industry practices and customer satisfaction.

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The Good

  • SunPower Elite Dealer
  • Roofing and Construction Services
  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Free Property Inspection

SunPower Elite Dealer

Having a relationship with and being an elite dealer of tier-1 solar equipment is pivotal for prospective solar clients looking for a solar installation company. Fortunately for All Bay Solar clients, the company has partnered with SunPower to provide solar system equipment. The panels are designed to hold up during extreme weather conditions including intense wind and sal spray common in the Bay Area.

SunPower offers a 25-year warranty on parts and equipment, so clients can expect a highly efficient system that runs for a long time. Not all installation companies have high level relationships with tier-1 solar manufacturers, but All Bay Solar does. 

Roofing and Construction Services

As a licensed general contractor, All Bay Solar provides roofing and construction services to clients in need. For solar clients, the electrical services All Bay Solar provides are particularly important as the company can handle the following projects:

  • Electrical upgrades to service panels and distribution boards
  • EV charger installation
  • Security camera installation
  • Wiring and circuitry repair 

In addition to providing these types of construction solutions, All Bay Solar knows how to address roofing issues prior to having solar systems installed. Many solar installation companies do not have this expertise, which could end up being costly down the road. 

Energy Storage Solutions

Having a battery or solar energy storage solution installed is becoming increasingly popular. Despite the rise in interest, not all solar installation companies offer energy storage solutions to clients. All Bay Solar offers its clients three different energy storage solutions and customers will get to take their pick of what system to have installed.

All Bay Solar is certified to install the following energy storage solutions:

  • SunPower SunVault
  • Enphase Encharge
  • Tesla Powerwall

All of these storage solutions are compatible with the solar systems All Bay Solar installs and will store enough power to provide uninterrupted energy supplies. 

Free Property Inspection

Any time a client reaches out to All Bay Solar for help, regardless of the project type, professionals will come to the site and conduct a free property inspection. This inspection will provide clarity about needed equipment and will allow All Bay Solar to provide prospective customers with an accurate quote and scope of work. While many solar installation companies offer some type of free consultation, not all inspections are as thorough, detailed, or informational as the analysis All Bay Solar provides. 


The Bad

  • Limited Reach
  • Purchase Only

Limited Reach

All Bay Solar serves a local clientele specific to the San Francisco Bay Area of California. While its narrow service area is in no way unique to All Bay Solar — many solar companies through the United States share this quality — California, specifically the Bay Area, represents a market saturated with solar power providers. All things being equal, the biggest difference maker for solar companies in California is the presence of verified reviews from real customers.

Purchase Only

All Bay Solar markets itself as a solar purchasing company, as opposed to a leasing company, and information on the availability of solar loans could not be found. While direct purchase is the fastest way to own a solar system outright (and take advantage of tax incentives), not everyone has access to the funds necessary to finance the system themselves.

While the company appears to have taken a stance against solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs), which both mitigate significant upfront costs while also foregoing tax credit eligibility, the company could seek to broaden its client base by providing additional financing options like solar loans that do set a path toward ownership and energy independence.


The Bottom Line

All Bay Solar Construction bears all the hallmarks of a bona fide, full-service solar provider. It has partnered with an industry-leading solar modular manufacturer in SunPower, has received important industry-recognized accreditations, as well as local recognitions, and provides direct assistance to customers throughout the entire installation process.

The only known drawbacks are the company’s limited service area and payment options. Potential All Bay Solar customers should investigate verified customer reviews and compare financing options from other solar companies prior to signing a contract with All Bay Solar.

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D C. Millbrae, CA

Don't trust this company. I don't want to write negative review but what Carlos did is very disappointed. In 2016, the job was to install generator that connected to electric panel and sump pump, new electric panel, control for sump pump and electric outlets for the yard. He asked me for the square footage of my home in order to calculate the suitable generator to support my home electric use. I was in the dark at night and got cold several days during last winter power outage. I couldn't charge my phone, make food to eat and drink hot tea. After all these years, there were several power outage the last winter and left me in the dark without any power at all. I always thought the generator was connected to my home so I had power from Generator. It took me a while to find out the shocking news the generator wasn't connected to my home. 2nd, He wasn't experienced in installing generator. It was a nightmare he agreed the generator can be installed below the deck and asked me to hire my wall contractor to dig out the soil and install concrete slab for the sump pump for about $5k. I lost $5k for his mistake. We didn't pass our inspection due to several reasons. The gas line connected to generator wasn't the correct material. The worst was the generator need a few feet of clearance between the deck and generator. Thus, he had to relocated somewhere else and blamed it was my fault. I'm not a generator installer. How do I know the requirements? 3rd, He did not install both rear yard electric outlets and the $1000 payment I paid him for the appliance protection parts he strongly suggested for power outage in electric panel. He asked me to hire his company to do annual generac service. I felt I can't hire him to service my generac because he installed cheap gas line that isn't allowed to connect generac. I discovered from the technician of generator dealer there is no appliance protection installed. Now, I have to pay another electrician to redo his work. Very frustrating...

1 month ago