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LAST UPDATED: July 14th, 2023

Affordable Solar Installers, Insulators, and Roofers is an authorized solar dealer partnered with SunPower. They offer solar installation services in addition to several other residential services like: insulation installation/removal, roofing replacement/repair, power vent installation, ridge vent installation, and attic vent installation.

The solar division of the company, known as Affordable Solar Texas, provides solar installation services in the Greater Houston Area. The company has offered solar installation services since 2017 and backs all equipment with a 25-year warranty. 

The streamlined process from consultation to system connection has helped Affordable Solar Texas customers reap the benefits of solar energy including a drastic decrease in energy costs and usage.

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The Good

  • Maintenance Package
  • SunPower Dealer
  • Price Match

Maintenance Package

A unique service offering from Affordable Solar Texas includes the annual solar checkup. Many prospective solar customers may not understand the level of upkeep that goes along with solar panels. That being said, most solar companies do not provide any level of maintenance. Typically, solar providers are eager to help clients get solar panels installed. Beyond that, there is not much interaction. That is not the case with Affordable Solar Texas.

Dirty solar panels can reduce energy efficiency by 25 percent. Additionally, if proper care is not taken when handling solar panels, it may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Affordable Solar Texas offers an annual solar check up for $235. This service will include the following:

  • cleared debris
  • cleaned panel surface
  • voltage test
  • circuit and wire test
  • output performance audit
  • quality check of inverter and components
  • overall check of rooftop penetrations

SunPower Dealer

SunPower, a leader in the solar industry, has a dealer network. Authorized dealers are required to meet certain standards in order to sell the SunPower product. Affordable Solar Texas operates as a SunPower Dealer in the greater Houston area. That means that the company has had to complete rigorous training, achieve good customer satisfaction scores, and meet performance standards in design, quality, and service.

Solar providers that do not operate as dealers are not always held to the same standard. In order to remain in good standing as an authorized dealer, quality service must remain constant.

Price Match

With so many solar installers and contractors spread across the state, Affordable Solar Texas instituted the Best Price Guarantee. That means that prospective clients can obtain quotes from other providers and have that price met if Affordable Solar Texas does not provide the lowest quote. All that is required by prospective customers is a written estimate and the price will be matched by Affordable Solar Texas guaranteed.

Most solar providers in the industry will provide a quote to clients, and it is generally final. There is not much to negotiate when it comes to the price point. The fact that Affordable Solar Texas will work with customers when it comes to pricing in order to provide clients with the best deal sets them apart from the rest of the solar industry. 


The Bad

  • No Financing Options Offered
  • Restricted to Greater Houston Area
  • Other Focuses

No Financing Options Offered

Solar is expensive. On average, a 2,000 square foot home can expect a solar system to cost anywhere from $14,000–$40,000 once installation and operation is complete. While some homeowners may be able to foot that bill in cash, not everyone who wants to start utilizing clean energy can. That is where financing options come into play.

Most solar providers are either partnered with financing companies to help with the cost or will assist customers through the loan or lease process. Affordable Solar Texas does not offer this sort of assistance. Prospective clients will need to maneuver the financing portion of the solar process on their own. 

Restricted to Greater Houston Area

As an authorized dealer, Affordable Solar Texas is limited as to where the company can operate. Currently, Affordable Solar Texas can only install solar systems in Houston, Texas and in the surrounding communities. Anyone not residing within the greater Houston Area will need to go elsewhere for solar services.

Other Focuses

Unlike most companies in the solar industry, solar is not the only service offered through Affordable Solar Texas. The company also has strong ties to the roofing and insulation industry offering a wide range of services within those spaces. 


The Bottom Line

While Affordable Solar Texas is offering a quality product with a price match guarantee, there are too many drawbacks to the company’s overall service to recommend to those interested in installing a solar system.

Affordable Solar Texas does not offer any sort of guarantee on its own work, but instead will charge for maintenance and repair. The solar provider also fails to help with financing and is limited geographically when it comes to who can be serviced. 

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