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Terminix began in 1927, and with more than 90 years of experience in termite treatment and pest management, it has become a nation-leading termite and pest control service provider.

Terminix employs Ph.D.-level entomologists and certified members of the Entomological Society of America. Terminix has a team of more than 8,000 trained pest control technicians and helps over 2 million customers get rid of unwanted pests. The company is a household name in the pest control industry and currently operates in 45 states within the United States.

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The Good

  • Quarterly Pest Control Services
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Wildlife and Rodent Control
  • Additional Services
  • Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Quarterly Pest Control Services

Pests are active year-round. While some may only appear in the spring and summer, others will find shelter in your home during the fall and winter. With year-round pests, you'll need year-round protection.

Terminix's Pest Control plan offers flexible treatment plans that take into consideration pest activity, location, and the season. Homeowners can expect a technician to treat the outside of their home every season - a total of four treatments a year (including the initial service).

As a part of its 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*, Terminix states that if the pests come back, it will too.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Terminix attempts to respond to its customers within two hours of the initial contact every day of the year, 24 hours a day. To accomplish this goal, the pest control company deploys the closest available exterminator to the location. With more than 300 locations across the United States, Terminix is equipped to respond quickly to any ant, tick, or termite problem within its expansive service area.

Many Terminix plans, such as the Residential Termite, Pest, and Mosquito plans, are protected with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Under this guarantee, Terminix will do whatever it takes, including coming back between treatments at no cost, until the pest problem is gone. If the bug problem persists, or the customer is not completely satisfied within 30 days of an inspection or treatment, Terminix has a money-back guarantee and will refund the treatment charges and cancel the current service plan.

To see how this guarantee compare's to Orkin, visit our compare page.

Wildlife and Rodent Control

Alongside providing pest control services for common pests, Terminix offers homeowners and commercial properties a wildlife control plan. This includes effective, humane traps for raccoons, possums, squirrels, and other nuisance animals that can cause hundreds — possibly even thousands — of dollars in damage. Wildlife can chew through wires, eat drywall, tear insulation, leave droppings behind, and destroy personal property and belongings.

A Wildlife Control plan with Terminix includes a free inspection — where a technician will identify any entry points the wildlife are using to get in — a guarantee to come back and eliminate, and remove trapped pests, repairs to any new damage, and the company will seal any new entry points the wildlife creates**.

Additional Services

Terminix covers more than just insect and pest infestation problems; it also provides crawl space services and attic insulation services. Terminix not only treats for pests but works hard to identify and correct conditions that encourage their presence. Many homeowners aren't aware that moisture in their crawl space attracts several pests — many of which who can cause thousands in property damage.

Terminix uses advanced solutions to help protect homes against water damage, fungi, mildew, and minimize the conditions that attract pests. The company also offers an Attic Insulation service. Terminix's attic insulation is made from 85 percent recycled materials, is ENERGY STAR certified, is flame retardant, and able to reduce noise. As insulation degrades, it increases the wear and tear on the air conditioner and heater. Terminix's attic insulation can help homeowners regulate the temperatures in their homes, therefore, lowering heating and cooling costs.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Terminix has been in business for over 90 years and has locations in 45 states. The company has a network of over 300 local branches that can provide residential and commercial pest control. Each branch employs trained pest control technicians who specialize in local pest and termite control.

Terminix can even assist the homeowner establish a termite bond prior to the sale of the house. Terminix's termite bond states that a home has been inspected for termite damage, and details the severity of any termite infestation found and its respective treatment recommendation. The pest control company also works with home insurance companies to establish a termite contract, which consists of both an initial and annual termite inspection. In the event of a termite pest issue, Terminix will provide its termite control services at no cost to the homeowner.

Each Terminix technician knows that common household pests and rodents in any building can spread disease and seriously damage the quality and reputation of the company's product or service. That's why Teminix's Commercial Pest Control plan includes custom solutions for businesses. Whether it's retail services, healthcare facilities, food processing, Terminix helps businesses protect their reputation and stops pests from disrupting day-to-day operations.

Additionally, Terminix offers customized services for national companies. Its National Accounts team specializes is offering customized pest control services to businesses with multiple locations throughout the United States.

The Bad

  • Pest Control Plan Exclusions
  • Service Available in Most but Not All Regions

Pest Control Plan Exclusions

Before signing a contract with Terminix for a pest control plan, be sure to read the fine print and make sure the treatment plan provides the right coverage. For example, Terminix’s Guaranteed Pest Control Plan covers treatment for cockroaches, mice, rats, silverfish, “house” ants, clothes moths, non-poisonous spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, house crickets, and paper wasps.

It does not include coverage for carpenter ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants, tawny crazy ants, termites, wood-boring beetles, bed bugs, and mosquitoes.

Homeowners who want coverage for these pests will need to purchase an additional pest control plan for an additional charge.

Service Available in Most but Not All Regions

While Terminix offers coverage in most of the United States, there are five states that Terminix does not service: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont.

The Bottom Line

Terminix is one of the most well-known brands in the termite treatment and pest control industry and has more than 90 years of experience. The company offers free inspections for services that require an inspection before purchase, a variety of plans, a money-back guarantee, and 100 percent satisfaction on many services.

However, be sure to read the fine print on the contract before signing. The Standard Pest Control plan doesn't cover all pests and to receive coverage for certain pests (mosquito service, termite activity, bed bug issues, etc.), you'll have to pay a separate fee for an additional plan.

Terminix does stand out with its superior customer service. The pest control operators strive to respond to customers and deploy a local technician to any location as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. The Terminix C.O.D.E provides customers with 24/7 customer service, on-demand solutions, 100 percent satisfaction, and effective pest control strategies.

Overall, we recommend working with Terminix for your professional pest control needs.

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*If within 30 days after an inspection or treatment you aren't totally satisfied, Terminix will refund the treatment or coverage charges, reimburse any prepaid services, and cancel your plan. Subject to additional limitations and restrictions. See Terminix Pest Control Plan for details.

**Covered pests include rats, mice, bats, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, groundhogs, armadillos, pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and snakes. Limitations apply. See Terminix Rodent and Wildlife Exclusion Service Plan for details. Consult your plan for specific terms and limitations that may apply. Not available in all areas.

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April Reid

September 21st, 2017 Goleta, CA

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. They showed up an hour early with a bad attitude. They then told me I packed my food and bottles incorrectly, even though I did it the way the sales person told me. The person, Ezequiel, then proceeded to repeatedly slam one of my glass bottles onto the table while redoing the wrapping. When I told him not to slam the glass because he might break it, he said he was leaving, all the while saying nasty things to me. He then stormed out. He was really abusive the entire time. Also, even though they were an hour early, the supervisor, Robin, repeatedly called me telling me I needed to be out of the house in 20 minutes, otherwise the company would leave, even though the sales person said I could stay the entire time the company was setting up, which was about 2 hours. This is after the salesperson, Joel, told me I had to sign a bunch of documents without reading them first. When I told him I wanted copies of the documents, he repeatedly said he would send them; but he never did. I told Terminix before they came out that I really needed the job done that day because I had to do a lot to schedule time off with my work, and now I will have to start all over agin with another company and take more time off. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY.



September 11th, 2017

Im a long time customer,I've called 9th Sept also twice on the 11th Sept I haven.t receive a return call yet for service.


nina gonzalez

July 29th, 2017

This review is for Terminix commercial in general. seriously... they suck. Tech turn around rate is high. Service is terrible. They do not show up on day and time of "scheduled appts". They do not return calls. They respond to extra service request 3 weeks after initial request. They will give you all kinds of reasons why YOU didn't request things in the right way. Sometimes you luck out and get a great tech... one that returns your calls and shows up in a reasonable amount of time after a request. I havent had one of those in probably 3 years. My current tech is friendly and polite in person. fabulous. This does not help me if i cannot get serviced when requested. This is a business. They obviously do not value everyones business. have been a customer , this time around since 2013. Clearly, ive been beyond patient. Looks like its time for a new company... again. * for those who wonder whyI stayed so long with a company that treats its customers so nonchalantly: laziness and convenience. I didnt want to start the whole figuring it out process with someone else. but they have exceeded even my low bar and threshold for laziness



July 23rd, 2017 Corpus Christi, TX

Terminix tried to trick me into canceling my policy and voiding my warranty coverage, when I refused they canceled my policy anyway. My house has been covered by the Terminix subterranean termite policy, since the spring of 2010. In the fall of 2016, when subterranean termites were found a few feet away from my front door on the front porch, I called Terminix for a treatment. Terminix told me, that due to the fact my house is on the water, they can't do any external termite treatments. I was shocked, so I asked if they had ever done any external preventative treatments during the years since 2010 while I was paying for their service. Their answer was that they hadn't because they were prevented by law from treating the outside of my house due to water being nearby. I was present during every visit Terminix made to my house since my policy started, so I know for a fact they never performed any treatment on the inside of my house either. So for all those years Terminix had never performed a treatment either inside or outside my house, I was shocked. Then I asked whether they intended to just wait until the termites got inside my house, and then they would be stuck with a major repair bill. There was quite a bit of back and forth with them for many days about this issue, on whether they would do any treatment outside my house. Finally they said they would come out and place some bait sticks around my house. The day they showed up to place bait sticks around my house, the first thing they did is place a document in front of me to sign. This was a big read flag to me, so I read the first page. Upon reading, I told them that I would never sign the document, since it would cancel my current policy providing for termite damage repairs, but that I still wanted the bait sticks. The document they insisted that I sign, was a conversion document from the policy I had with termite damage repair coverage, to one that didn't provide any damage repair coverage just external bait sticks. I was shocked that they tried trick me into signing away my warranty coverage, after termites had already been found outside my house. They didn't explain what I was being pressured to sign, they just told me to sign it immediately or the bait sticks wouldn't be deployed. When I refused to sign away my warranty rights, they refused to place bait sticks out, and simply left. Move forward to July 19, 2017 when I discovered Termites inside my house next to my front door, so thinking that I was covered by a Terminix policy, I call Terminix for service. They said that my policy had been "converted" in November of 2016. So I asked what it was "converted" to, and by whom. They said it was simply "converted" to nothing. So my policy & warranty was canceled in November of 2016 without any notice simply because I refused to voluntarily sign away my warranty. No notice was ever sent by mail, email or phone indicating that my coverage had been canceled. So bottom line is that after termites were found just outside my front door, Terminix attempted to trick me into signing a document which would've voided my warranty. When deception didn't work, they simply canceled my policy & warranty without notice. Now the termites are in my house, and Terminix only says my policy was canceled by them last November.


China Rogers

July 20th, 2017

A technician came out to look for bed bugs, refused to inform about payment methods, looked at beds in the household yet wouldn't disclose how far along the issue was, also wouldn't offer advice.


Erin Woodhouse

July 17th, 2017 Dallas, TX

This is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I cancelled service in early April 2017 after the technicians routinely did not show up for service and I was still having problems with the same pests I hired them a year prior to get rid of. After cancellation they withdrew $121.24 from my account for a service that never occurred AND which had been cancelled two weeks before. I contacted Terminix and they agreed it was an error and they would refund the full amount. Needless to say, they never did and I had to involve my back in a dispute. My bank attempted to contact them and they refused to respond so the dispute was resolved in my forward 3 months and I receive ANOTHER bill for the same service! Really shady business practices and their "guarantee" is a joke! I put up with their terrible service and lack of results for a year because I had already shoveled nearly $1200 into services and I still had the same pest problem plus the added pest known as Terminix. Seriously, look elsewhere for pest control. After firing Terminix I went with a local company in Irving, TX and have never been so pleased. They show up on time, every single time, no more pest issues 2 months later (they accomplished in 30 days what Terminix couldn't in 365), they are respectful, communicative and their customer service is tremendous! What a shame that I got taken for a ride by Terminix...hopefully my experience will save some of you the same fate. I only wish I would have read the posts here before I hired them. SMH.


Kenneth Okerlund

June 8th, 2017

When they actually come out and keep the appointment they do a good job (most of them do anyway). They have cancelled many of our appointments though.


Caitlin Bekker

May 26th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

Terminix does a good job spraying for the various bugs we get at our house. The are quick and keep to their schedule. We will keep them.



October 19th, 2016

People here are telling the truth! If they call & tell you their tech found something while spraying outside & another tech (the scam artist "expert")) calls to check inside inside your home, hang up! They find things that don't exist, they want to be paid the FULL amount up front or use their high interest payment plan. They will not give you a written breakdown of what thy plan to do - they tell you they'll email it to you. Tell them you'll email them the check! They want to redo your insulation & charge you an outrageous amount to do so along with all the other made up things they find. They'll tell you your home won't pass inspection should you ever go to sell it if you won't let them do these things to your home. Since when is Terminix in the insulation business? They're not! They want all the money up front - thousands of dollars! They especially target retirees. The snake oil salesmen will call you uninvited, will show up at your door uninvited despite you're telling them you're not interested. Their salesmen are pathological liars who have an answer for every question. We told the slimeball to get out of our house, that he was delusional if he thinks we were going to write out a $10,000 check. We are retired for heaven's sake! We then called Terminix and told them that after using their service for spraying outside for many years, we were done with them. We've been loyal customers and don't need to be scammed. They pretended to be shocked. Right! Just read the reviews of poor preyed upon people who fell for their scam and got far less than their money's worth.


Justin Rinehuls

August 30th, 2016 Pittsburgh, PA

Terminix will not honor their 30 day money back guarantee. They are total liars about this whole scam. They promised all my spiders would die; they did not. They just sprayed the same stuff you can buy yourself and they sprayed around the doors and windows, just like you can do yourself. Spiders are still there. We fumigated to kill all bugs. 08/10/16 - Tech came out for initial service. 08/29/16 (9:33) - I called to cancel. The rep gave me a hard time and then finally said someone would call me in 24 hours. No one did. 08/30/16 (10:39) - I called again and was told that it hasn't been 24 hours yet even though it had been 25 hours. Still no call. They're trying t o drag it out past the 30 days. I hate these people. Do not start service. That will take all of your money whether you want them to come back or not.



May 26th, 2016 Clarksville, TN

No matter what, go elsewhere. The management could not care less about the quality of service at this location. We contracted Terminix to complete a crawlspace encapsulation at our home. They began the work on 4/13, which included just pulling out the old insulation, and have not been back since, its 5/26. They left 1800 square feet of insulation sitting in my backyard since 4/13. They have repeatedly told me that they are coming out the next day to pick it up, yet here it still sits. I have been leaving messages at every level of management for weeks that the city is ticketing me for the insulation and Terminix has done absolutely nothing but make promises. They consistently pass the buck and make excuses on those rare occasions when I can actually get in contact with someone. And then they have the audacity to treat me as if something is wrong with me because I am upset about the situation. I have kids and pets who I have to be concerned about getting into this insulation, and neighbors who are extremely upset about having to look at it. I have literally spent hours on the phone on hold trying to resolve this situation. It seems as if absolutely no one at Terminix cares about anything but taking your money. They may be fine for basic bug services but for anything else, please save yourself a terrible experience.