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LAST UPDATED: January 24th, 2023

GoMedicare is part of GoHealth, a health insurance comparison tool. Like GoHealth, Medicare shoppers can compare Medicare insurance plans from multiple companies. With GoMedicare, clients work with a licensed insurance agent to find the best deal on Medicare options.

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The Good

  • Compare Pricing and Coverage on Plans from Multiple Companies

Compare Pricing and Coverage on Plans from Multiple Companies

GoMedicare allows Medicare shoppers to work with a licensed insurance agent to compare Medicare plans and quotes from several different insurers. As you're comparing plans, pay attention to both the monthly premium rates and projected out-of-pocket expenses (coinsurance and copayments) to get a full picture of a plan's cost.

After completing a brief questionnaire, an insurance agent will contact you about Medicare coverage options available to you in your region.

If you've opted for Original Medicare, you'll compare Medicare supplement plans and prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D). A Medicare supplement insurance or Medigap plan helps control your out-of-pocket costs from Original Medicare.

Original Medicare is hospital and medical insurance that is managed by the federal government. Medicare Part B is medical insurance. Part A is hospital insurance. Private insurers offer the other Medicare coverage plans to Medicare beneficiaries.

If you're choosing a Medicare Advantage plan (Medicare Part C), you'll compare those. Medicare Advantage plans cover the same services Original Medicare does. Most of these plans also offer qualifying prescription drug coverage, so you don't have to buy a separate plan.
GoMedicare connects individuals with insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug coverage (Part D), and Medigap insurance plans.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Limited Online Information

Insufficient Customer Reviews

GoMedicare has not recieved many customer reviews on Best Company, which means a full recommendation is not available.

It's also concerning that the reviews GoMedicare has on Best Company give the company low ratings. However, general conclusions are still not possible due to the small number of reviews.

Limited Online Information

Medicare shoppers are unable to view their plan options online, which would make it easier to compare plans and prices. Instead, they work with an insurance agent to compare options.

Insurance agents are very familiar with the industry, so they can help with questions about health insurance terms and help people understand their insurance options.


The Bottom Line

While it would be nice to view plan comparisons on GoMedicare’s website, working with an insurance agent has its own advantages. Insurance agents can answer Medicare questions and help clients through the entire health plan selection and enrollment process. When evaluating health plans, be sure to understand the insurance coverage offered and the costs — monthly premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

Working with GoMedicare simplifies the Medicare shopping and enrollment process and allows clients to easily compare plans across companies.

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Mark NC

I was very unsatisfied with the representatives that answer the phone they couldn't answer any question that i asked.they couldn't even tell me if I was eligible for go Medicare they kept trying to push me off to another Rep. It was very obvious they were reading a script anytime I had a question they kept reading it I totally ignoring and disrespecting me and they won't even let me submit my review

1 month ago

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Polly Henderson Grand Saline, TX

I was cold-called reqarding Medicare Advantage which is not allowed by Medicare. When I explained this to the man who contacted me, he asked me if I had heard of GoMedicare which I had. I am a licensed agent and have heard about it and lots of other companies that violate their contracts with Medicare and place an unrequested call to Medicare beneficiaries. I am on the "do not call" list and I also had not requested information. I am reporting them to Medicare. The reason there is all this ridiculous advertising to television which states there is " new free money from Medicare according to your zip code" is to get people to call in and request information. That way they can call you OR sell your information and PTC "permission to call". There is (and it's not new) a level of federal and state assistance that would pay for all or part of the beneficiary's Part B Premium. It's not by zip code, possibly referring to low-income neighborhoods. It is a maximum amount of income and also a maximum amount of assets, such as savings, etc. Anyone can apply online at ssa.gov or call the number on the site and ask for paperwork. Just contain a local brokerage and they will send a licensed, trained agent to your home. They will research your doctors and medications and present a plan that would meet your needs. Oh, and you'll even be able to call them after the sale. They will help use your insurance and advise you if there's a problem.

1 year ago

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Rita Case Atlanta, GA

Nothing. SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED FOR FRAUD / MISLEADING AD. They got me on their site --which has Medicare in its name but that's a subsidiary of GoHealth-- with an ad that people might qualify to get $185 put back into their monthly check. Can't recall whether it specified social security check, but one would naturally make that connection, especially someone with a limited income like me. I filled in some of the application and got suspicious when I saw hints about charges and payment type, with no mention of possible monthly income, and researched the site to learn that it's all about selling medical insurance. I backed out of the application, and here I am. I don't think they should BBB accredited.

3 years ago

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Chris O De Pere, WI

DON'T CHANGE YOUR MIND, IT WILL COST YOU! I sign up for one of there medicare plans. The next day after comparing it to my present plan, I decided to keep my plan. I called to cancel the plan that I just sign up for and was told that if I do that you can not go back to your old plan and you will be left with no medicare advantage plan. You will only have medicare part A and B. They got me !!!!! I am stuck with there plan!

1 year ago

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William Fankboner La Quinta, CA

I was under the impression that Go Medicare was an official government program because it used the word "Medicare" in it title. Just to make sure, I directly asked if this was an official government program. The agent said that it was. I found out later, after wasting a half hour on hold, that it's nothing of the kind. In fact, it's a fly-by-night organization praying on the gullibility of the public. No government program, like Medicare, should allow its name to be used in such a fraudulently scheme.

1 year ago

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eileen Portland, OR

I experienced a pushy, rude women on the phone. After I answered some questions she said that they didn’t have agent in my area. They seem to be a company that takes advantage of elders. They should not be accredited. I don’t trust them.

1 year ago

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Joseph Kelwaski Stephentown, NY

Go Medicare takes advantage of the elderly to push their products. They are predators creating more problems than they solve. They are not knowledgeable in all aspects of the plans they promote and enroll people in plans they are not eligible for. They should be shut down.

1 year ago

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Cynthia Alt Middletown, DE

Garbage company that promises $135 back to your SSA but can't deliver. It's just a company looking for sales leads to get you to sign up with healthcare companies they use so they can make a comission.

2 years ago

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Pastor William Emmons Woodland Hills, CA

Interviewer wanted my personal information and wouldn’t connect me with a Licensed Agent unless I gave her my personal info.

1 year ago

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IAM P Sammamish, WA

Just what I thought. Its a scam company. The screener asked too many personal questions.

2 years ago