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LAST UPDATED: October 19th, 2022

Humana is a well-known health insurance provider. In addition to other health plans, it offers Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medigap plans (Medicare supplement insurance) to Medicare beneficiaries.

If you're more interested in Medicare Parts A and B for separate hospital and medical insurance policies, you'll need to work with the Social Security office to enroll. Medicare Parts A and B are also referred to as Original Medicare or Traditional Medicare.

With Original Medicare, you can purchase additional coverage through a Prescription Drug Plan and a Medicare supplement plan.

Medicare is primarily for seniors age 65 and older. In some circumstances, you may qualify as a Medicare beneficiary at a younger age. 
Humana also offers great resources and tools to its members.

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The Good

  • Nice Medicare Plan Selection
  • Humana Medicare Advantage Perks
  • Additional Plans Available

Nice Medicare Plan Selection

Humana offers Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans (PDP), and Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap).

Most of Humana's Medicare Advantage plans have received high star ratings, which indicates member satisfaction and health. As you look at Medicare Advantage plans, consider the star rating to get a better sense of how well that plan works.

Humana offers Medicare Advantage plans with two different networks: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). 

HMO network-based plans typically only offer coverage for care received from in-network providers. 

PPO network-based plans generally offer a higher level of coverage for care from in-network providers and a lower level of coverage for care received from out-of-network providers.

Humana also offers Private-Fee-For-Service (PFFS) plans. PFFS plans have set amounts that the plan pays for care and how much you are responsible for.

Additionally, Humana offers Special Needs Plans (SNPs) for qualifying individuals. Humana offers two kinds of SNPs: Chronic Condition Special Needs and Dual Eligible Special Needs. The Dual Eligible Special Needs plans are designed for people who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. If you have a chronic condition or qualify for Medicaid services, research these plans further.

These Special Needs Plans are only available in some states. Work with Humana directly to see if these plans are available in your area.

The range of Medicare Advantage plan structures is nice if you're trying to find a good fit.
Humana also offers good options for Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) and Medigap insurance. These plans can vary by region, so it's best to work with Humana directly to see if one of its plans are a good fit for you.

As you evaluate each plan, pay attention to the cost, including the annual deductible, copays and monthly premium, as well as the coverage offered. Medicare benefits are largely regulated by law, so there should not be too much difference regarding services covered plan to plan. The cost-sharing and how that affects your out-of-pocket expenses for medical expenses may vary depending on what kind of Medicare insurance plan you're considering.

Humana Perks

Each Humana Medicare Advantage plan comes with the following perks:

  • Go365 Wellness Rewards
  • SilverSneakers ®
  • HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line

The Go365 Wellness Rewards offers incentives for doing things like exercising or receiving preventive care. The SilverSneakers ® program offers gym memberships to help members stay fit. The HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line gives Humana Medicare Advantage members access to a nurse via phone to get advice and have questions answered.

Humana also has community centers, chronic disease management support and resources, Humana Well Dine ® meal delivery, and personal care managers for qualifying members. For more information about these services and to see if you qualify, contact Humana directly.

Humana also offers nice resources for managing prescriptions. It offers a mail-order pharmacy service that delivers your prescriptions to your home. 

Humana members can also manage their pharmacy plans online through the MyHumana portal. Humana also has tools to help members compare prescription costs across pharmacies and forecast their spending on prescriptions. Humana offers a pharmacy finder tool to help members find in-network pharmacies close to them.

Humana also offers tools for tracking prescription drug spending and finding ways to save on their prescriptions. It offers SmartSummary Rx ®, which is a monthly report on your prescription drug spending. Reviewing this report can help you track your spending and even find ways to save. Humana also sometimes reaches out to its members to review prescriptions and find ways to reduce costs.

Some Humana members qualify for Humana's Medication Therapy Management program. If Humana members are taking multiple prescriptions prescribed by different doctors, they can sit down with a pharmacist to get more information on their medications and even find ways to save on their medications.

These tools for analyzing prescription costs help Humana members get the most out of their prescription drug coverage.

Additional Plans Available

Humana also offers dental, vision, and fitness plans that can be purchased separately from its Medicare plans.

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The Bad

  • Limited Customer Reviews
  • Plan Offerings May Vary by State

Limited Customer Reviews

Humana does not have many customer reviews on Best Company, so a recommendation based on the customer experience is not possible.

Unfortunately, a majority of the reviews for Humana are negative. Complaints include difficulties with customer service, cost, and provider network concerns.

Plan Offerings May Vary by State

Specific Humana Medicare plan options and rules may vary state to state. It's important to work with Humana directly to understand what coverage options are available to you in your area.


The Bottom Line

Humana offers a good selection of Medicare coverage plans. Instead of enrolling in Original Medicare, you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan. Humana has a great selection of health insurance plans, perks, and helpful tools for its members.

If you're opting for Original Medicare, you can purchase additional coverage from a private insurer. These plans are Prescription Drug Plans and Medigap. Medigap plans help you with Original Medicare's out-of-pocket costs like coinsurance. 

A full recommendation of Humana is not possible due to the limited number of customer reviews. Pay attention to concerns expressed by reviewers as you explore Humana further.

Be sure to work with Humana directly to learn specific details about the plans available in your areas, coverage offered, the perks included, and the costs.

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Carolyn Page Charlotte, NC

During my breast implant in 2011.,and then I had to under go 17 more surgeries for reconstruction, and had some very horrible events. Humana and their team were so amazing., and good to me. .. Can never thank them enough.

11 months ago

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Jlbflatx Pompano Beach, FL

Cataract surgery what Humana gold plus Medicare plan covers. Covers surgery performed by knife but do not cover cataract surgery by laser. Laser runs about $1,000 per eye. Plan only covers clear non prescription lens implant. Rest are premium and you pay for. If you have astigmatism you can get Toric implants and they run $2,500 per eye. Humana does not cover. Then you have co pays and surgical facility fees. So Toric with prescription lens plus laser and doctor fees will run you a little under $6,000. Clear lens with laser about $1000 under. With knife Humana covers clear lens and cataract removal only have co-pay

2 years ago


Review Source

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Warren Grover Seattle, WA

We have been with Humana for two years for our Medicare coverage and really like them. They are easy to work with and we have dropped eyecare and dental insurance we had through military retirement because Humana offers the same or better coverage for much less money. Also, as we are getting older (in our mid-70s) we are using medical care and facilities more often and Humana has provided outstanding coverage for us through our plan. Also, we love the $75 per quarter allowance for OTC items. And both of us take advantage of the Go365 plan they offer--we have accrued many reward points and have converted them to gift cards for gifts or to use ourselves. We are very glad we had an insurance rep who discussed Humana Advantage Plan with us!!

1 year ago

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Stephanie Byrd Tallahassee, FL

Humana is the best insurance there is. From personal experience, this is one of the widely recognized insurances. I leave all of my medical appointments with full coverage. Humana is highly flexible and provides great coverage.

3 years ago

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Old Lady Minneapolis, MN

Humana nichol and diming me. . 1. Humana coverage Suppose to be zero $ for primary doctor. My clinic primary doctors are Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Humana said have to pay copay of $25 because it says Pediatrics. I’m appealing it. Stupid. I can’t tell doctor office to drop the wording Pediatrics. 2. Charged $27 for EKG done in cardiologist office. Says it’s a radiologist. Never, ever paid for any EKG in 50 years. Says it a specialist. I already paid the $25 copay. Suppose be be paid by Medicare. Appealing it. 3. Charged $25 for black & white chest exray. Done at primary doctors office. Again, never, ever paid for exrays. Be warned. They charge for 2 doctors visits at specialist if anything other than doctor exam is done. DO NOT BUY HUMANA. They are scamming us to buy in to lower monthly premiums on Medicare Advantage plans. But they don’t tell you how they charge you behind the scenes and get away with it.. Or you’ll be spending hours and hours appealing it with Humana, they reject your appeal, send it on to Maximus who suppose to be Medicare watchdog. And your still spending hours appealing with them. Then next step is direct to Medicare. I wish I’d of never dropped my last insurance UCare. My bad. They never had billing issues or tried to cheat me.

4 years ago


Review Source

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AMOS Hodge San Antonio, TX

My Medicare insurance provider of choice, I’ve been a customer for over ten years. I have a HMO plan and it provides for my medical care What I Also like is their mail order pharmacy which is very easy to use and your meds are sent directly to your mail box I have. Compared their prices and they offer very competitive prices

1 year ago Edited January 11, 2022

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Kline kendall Grand Rapids, MI

I'm 65 years old. Been in business al my life. Went on Medicare in August 2020... Humana is the worst company I have ever been in contact with. The customer service is laughable... One would think this company is run by a slow Junior Achievement class.. Their pharmacy people, there licensed sales agents , their service, ITS ALL TERRIBLE!! I have spent 3 days on the phone with them.. First you sit on hold for 25 minutes before you can talk to anyone. they then transfer you around to other phone trees or you are just disconnected and have to start over...... If you ask to speak to a supervisor, you are disconnected, so don't ever do that..... I made a HUGE mistake going to Humana.... I am without my needed prescriptions for Xarelto, which I need to stop clotting in my blood..... their complete incompetence is risking my very life! I still dont have any and no longer know where to turn..... biggest mistake I ever made was starting with Humana!! DON'T DO IT!

2 years ago

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Sue Fourmet Lake Arrowhead, CA

As of 01-01-2020, my Part D Plan with Humana was converted from a $29 per month plan to a $64 per month plan.I was unable to access my email for several months prior to this change and therefore, unable to receive email notifications. No other contact was attempted by Humana to get my agreement to this change. At the same time Humana made this change, they created another plan (much less costly), that is similar to my previous plan, but instead chose place me in their new Premier RX plan that is more than twice the cost of my previous plan. I regularly use three Tier 1 medications and my annual cost went from around $300 plus to $900 plus with the new plan. How can they do this without my consent.

3 years ago

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Sandra Laplaca Yuma, AZ

This bar far the absolute worst insurance company out there. If you enjoy getting hung up on, lied to, being refused to be put on with a supervisor, put on hold for hours and getting absolutely nothing settled call Humana. Otherwise run fast and hard away. Seems to be no checks and balances. Service or should I say non service is running wild. Wanted to talk to Bruce B who is CEO and was informed by 3 separate employees that Mr B does not speak to the public. What kind of crap is that. This company is one big joke. They don’t deliver any prescriptions on time, that is if they even bother to send your prescriptions. I have waited so long that I’ve run out of meds. Because it was their fault I didn’t get my meds Asked to put a rush on it and I was told NO. Told it would take another 10 days. These people claim to be proactive. What is proactive about letting people run out of meds and then tell them they will have to wait. Criminal if you ask me! I am looking for a better plan. I am not sure that even a high school diploma is required. They speak to customers like they are bothering people. The entire staff should be fired including the entire board of directors. They act like they are doing some great favor to you by even speaking to you. They talk over you and so disrespectful. Perhaps the company should look at all the problems instead of allowing their employees to act like a bunch of entitled rude idiots

3 years ago

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Nate New Orleans, LA

Poor service, definitely not at all worth having. 6+ hours and 12 phone calls later still no closer to getting anything done plus worth also getting kicked from phone calls cause there system sucks. There medical claims office is a joke. They "say" they put urgent on a request for medication for preapproval and have it done at the end of the day which is a bold face lie, I should of known a insurance company can't be honest. You cannot get a straight answer from anyone. If you ask for a supervisor they have absolutely no pool what's so ever. And for anyone that's from human corporation all this phone calls have been recorded by our system so you know it's not a lie and everything I say is true. Medicare patients before warned now! If they offer this program for you denie it and go for a different insurance company all together. If you are paying out of pocket avoid them all together. Not worth spending anything on this company Really what a crappy company.

3 years ago

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MD Bradenton, FL

I had Humana Medicare Drug Plan D. Humana required payments via a credit card, then input a wrong expiration date in their system for my credit card which stopped charging for plan payments. Consequently they terminated my policy for non payment even though my credit card HAD NOT EXPIRED! When I discovered the issue I called Humana...ALL THE CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF WAS IGNORANT AND RUDE! I spent hours on the phone, was passed from person to person, department to department and disconnected twice. I was told it's my fault, even though they did not make an attempt to call or email me and they did not update their system with my new mailing address when I called to report it 2 years prior. They refuse to re-instate my policy and I cannot get coverage until open enrollment in 6 months. DO NOT CHOOSE HUMANA OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!

4 years ago

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Jvgreer Seattle, WA

in one word: terrible. Yhis review is for the "advantage" program They talk the talk, but do not walk the walk.I am in the Seattle area I needed hand surgery,there is only one surgeon in a dangerous area of downtown that takes Humana. Seattle's metro area is nearly 4 million.The medical office I was referred to reported to me that they have nothing positive to say about Humana,specifically they state poor billing issues,difficulty getting scripts filled,inability to find a human to speak to.

3 years ago

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Larson Riverton, UT

We have enjoyed using Humana over the years. They have been reliable and the customer service is great.

3 years ago


Review Source

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Robert Paugh Long Beach, MS

I'm disabled so it is important to me to have a good insurance provider. Humana is great there customer service is fantastic. And pay alot of my medical bills.

3 years ago

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Christopher Bober San Francisco, CA

BE AWARE Humana's dental plan is NO GOOD. Humana DO NOT PAY for a root canal or crown work. Humana states it will pay $2,000.00 for dental work. It is deceptions since Humana pays 0 (zero) for crowns or root canal.

2 years ago

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kimberly Haaff West Chester, OH

It is one problem after another without any recourse. Everyone wants to pass the problems on without resolving it. I cannot begin to tell you how horrible this company has been. I have never dealt with one this pathetic.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Alicia Carlile

I have Humana Medicare Advantage and I absolutely love it. No copays for anything.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Wilinda Sylvestre Tallahassee, FL

Humana is best healthcare and I love their selection of doctors.

3 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Dara Bottenhagen Chicago, IL

Great health care company. They are very easy to work with, contact, great customer support.

1 year ago