Since 1977, LifeStation has been offering medical alert devices and medical monitoring services designed by medical alert industry veterans to help seniors live independently. LifeStation makes getting emergency assistance easier for seniors who want to live in the comfort of their own home at an affordable cost. LifeStation looks after the health and well-being of older adults, giving them, as well as their family members, peace of mind knowing they will be protected with LifeStation's emergency services and medical monitoring.

Additional highlights of the company include low monthly monitoring fees ($19.95–34.95), no equipment fees, no activation fees, no contract length, and a lifetime warranty on LifeStation equipment. The medical alert company has high ratings and exceptional service, which is evidenced by a number of positive Life Station reviews below.

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The Good

  • Low Price and No Long-Term Contracts
  • Multiple Plan Options
  • System and Warranty
  • Fastest Response time in the Industry
  • Complimentary Alert Messaging
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Five-Day Battery for Mobile System
  • Waterproof Alert Button
  • "Find My Loved One" Feature
  • Free Spousal Alert Monitoring
  • LifeStation Reviews
  • 1,000-Foot Range from Base Station

Low Price and No Long-Term Contracts

LifeStation has lower prices on medical alert systems than most other leading competitor medical alert companies. On top of that, there are no long-term contracts that rope customers into service for a specified period of time. With LifeStation, customers can cancel at any time without having to pay a cancellation fee. Both of these points make LifeStation a very wise financial choice.

Multiple Plan Options

LifeStation offers a variety of plans to ensure there is a choice that fits every consumer, regardless of their specific lifestyle. Whether you are regularly on the go or typically remain at your home, LifeStation has a plan to fit everyone's needs. You can also choose between monthly, quarterly, or annual billing services. Plan details for LifeStation's three main packages are below:

In-Home Landline — $19.95 per Month

This package is best for customers who most often remain at home but still want to remain independent and safe in the case of an emergency. 

  • Shower-safe buttons wearable as a pendant or on the wrist
  • Sensitive whole-house 2-way speakerphone
  • Optional fall detection pendant available
  • Plug compatible with landline phone jack or modem - optional Cellular System available

In-Home Cellular — $26.95 per Month

This plan is best for consumers looking for protection in their home and around their yard, as this plan has a larger range from the base station to ensure protection in the yard as well as in your home. 

  • 2-Way voice pendant
  • Shower-safe pendant up to 600-foot range (2 football fields)
  • Easy setup - connect to phone line and power within minutes
  • No activation or setup fees 

Mobile LTE — $34.95 per Month

This package is best for consumers looking to be more active with their medical alert system and who plan to leave their homes quite often. This medical alert device is made specifically for on-the-go.

LifeStation’s Mobile LTE boasts the most advanced suite of capabilities to date in a medical alert system. Leveraging AT&T’s 4G LTE network, the nation’s fastest and most reliable system, it takes advantage of LifeStation’s award-winning monitoring center, allowing seniors to get help quickly and confidently, anywhere in the country

  • Fastest, most reliable nationwide LTE Network
  • Most accurate location services, utilizing GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Fully waterproof — take it in the shower or bath with no worries
  • Longest battery life — up to five days without needing a charge

System and Warranty

LifeStation's medical alert systems are covered under a lifetime warranty. Their in-home system consists of a pendant or wristband with an emergency alert device button and a base station that is connected to their monitoring station. The base unit and emergency button work within 1,000 feet of each other. When you press the button, a Care Specialist is notified that you are having an emergency.

The base station features an enhanced speaker and voice capabilities that gives users two-way communication with a Care Specialist even if they have fallen down. For those without a traditional landline, LifeStation offers products for alternative phone service and mobile devices for seniors with active lifestyles. Read LifeStation reviews below to read about customers' experiences with different types of LifeStation alert systems.

Fastest Response Time in the Industry

LifeStation's monitoring station exceeds both national and industry standards for training and response time. It is a UL-listed and 5 Diamond Certified medical monitoring center with a strict training protocol for its personnel, starting with six weeks of formal classroom training and mandatory exams at the end of every module.

Once this training for the response center personnel is successfully completed, there is field training guided by TMA certified instructors. All new personnel receives weekly performance reviews for three months. This ensures a high standard of customer service and a quick response time.

The average LifeStation response time is 20 seconds. The company encourages its customers to do a monthly system test so they can see how quickly LifeStation responds to alerts. LifeStation systems also have check-in capabilities that allow the company to check your system each week to ensure it is communicating with the monitoring center. 

Complimentary Alert Messaging

A LifeStation medical alert device also offers caregivers the option for an alert messaging service that sends automatic email notifications in the event their loved one has an emergency. It also performs a silent weekly test of the loved one's system and notifies them if the system has any issues.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

LifeStation features a 30-day money-back guarantee for any customer on any payment plan. This includes customers that still pay month-to-month. This can give customers peace of mind that they can test out LifeStation and get their money back if the medical alert service doesn't work for them. LifeStation is essentially risk-free, and anyone can try the service without committing to any fees or contracts.

Five-Day Battery for Mobile System

LifeStation's mobile medical alert system has an impressive battery life of up to five days, which is an upgrade from the previous 36 hours. This is considered impressively long, especially compared to other medical alert companies. Having a lengthy alarm battery life ensures the medical alert owner does not have to worry about charging the system every day and has the ability to go days without having to worry about doing so. LifeStation also replaces medical alert batteries for free so customers do not have to worry that this cost would be out of their pocket. 

In the case of a power outage, LifeStation's system also has a backup battery that lasts for up to 32 hours. When your power turns back on, the battery will begin to self-charge. 

Waterproof Alert Button

All of LifeStation's medical alert buttons are waterproof. This means you don't have to worry about taking off the alert device when showering, taking a bath, or during other activities that involve water. This is especially convenient since wet areas are the most fall-prone areas, so it is a major plus that you'll still have protection in these instances. 

"Find My Loved One" Feature

For a limited time, LifeStation has created a "Find My Loved One" feature to go with all mobile GPS device packages. This feature allows anyone on the emergency contact list of the medical alert owner to text "Find + [medical alert owner's name]." The contact will then receive a text message with a link to the address of the loved one's location on a map.

Whether it's used as an extra safety precaution or a way to find a medical alert device if lost, this feature adds additional peace of mind and added security for medical alert owners and their loved ones. With a simple text, they can check up on their loved ones and their whereabouts at any time. 

Free Spousal Alert Monitoring

If you have a spouse or another person in your home who also wants medical alert monitoring, LifeStation will provide the monitoring services completely free. The only cost the second medical alert user is responsible for is an extra help button, which is $3.99 per month. 

LifeStation Reviews

LifeStation consumer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting exceptional LifeStation customer service, affordable pricing, quick response times, and quality equipment. LifeStation complaints are minimal, demonstrating a positive customer experience and awarding LifeStation a high star rating. Knowing LifeStation has reliable service and highly trained professionals can give consumers peace of mind that their loved one using the medical alert device will be taken care of.

1,000-Foot Range from Base Station

LifeStation has a 1,000-foot range from the base station for its medical alert devices. Many medical alert providers have lower ranges closer to 600 ft. A larger range gives consumers more flexibility in how far they can travel from the medical alert device base station and ensures more protection in the case of a fall or another emergency. 

The Bad

  • Additional Fees

Additional Fees

One way LifeStation's alert service falls short of its competitors, who offer spouse coverage at no additional charge, is by charging an additional fee of $3.99 per month for every extra alert button. Also at an extra cost is a LockBox, a bathroom and hallway alert button, and automatic fall detection, which some companies offer for free or include in the subscription fee. However, the fee is minimal and won't raise your monthly payment by a significant amount. Check out LifeStaton reviews below to see if this has proved to be a problem to past customers. 

The Bottom Line

LifeStation offers both standard benefits as well as modern technological features like mobile GPS tracking technology and audible notifications, letting users know the battery needs to be recharged. LifeStation's pricing is on par with the lower to middle range of industry standards with a price-lock guarantee of one monthly rate and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

LifeStation's greatest strength lies in the industry certifications it holds, such as UL approval and TMA certified instructors to provide peace of mind. The major selling points are LifeStation's state of the art monitoring center, the automatic alerts for caregivers, and LifeStation Fall Detection. The medical alert service is known for its quality medical alert systems with high-end equipment, exceptional customer service, and affordable pricing, including a low-priced monthly fee, no activation fee, no equipment fee, and no contract length.

If you're interested in learning more about the medical alert provider, read LifeStation reviews below to see what current and past customers have to say about the company, its customer service, its equipment, and more. 

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Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Glenpool, OK

Thankfully, we've only had to run tests for it, but the people we've spoken to have been very helpful. They actually explained everything very well, so I'd say I'm very satisfied with it.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Augusta, GA

The agent that stayed on the line with me when I fell was very good. He made sure I was okay until somebody came over and helped me get up. Overall, I'm satisfied with LifeStation.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Erath, LA

Very pleasant, very kind and very knowledgeable is how I would describe their customer service. we've only used the system to test it, but I think it's perfect.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Pacifica, CA

My mother hasn't used the service for an emergency, but we've tested it to give her reassurance when she hears people calling her by her name and recognizing where she lives. I can say that the agents have been very professional, receptive, and informative. we've just been happy with the service.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Brighton, MI

We haven't really talked to anyone since we purchased the system, but they did offer an excellent service. Thankfully, the person we purchased it for hasn't used it, but I think it'd be nice if they checked on our loved one more often.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Manchester, NH

I always get in touch with their customer service, and it takes them a while to answer. The machine just keeps beeping until somebody answers, so they should pick up faster.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Heppner, OR

We're glad we have LifeStation for my father-in-law; it does a very good job. Plus, they always help when we call them, and overall, they're great.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 South Dennis, MA

Setting up the system for my mother was a very good experience. The employees I spoke to were kind, and everything went very smoothly. Plus, it's cheaper than the previous service we had, and that's a good thing, considering my mother is on a fixed income.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Twin Falls, ID

we've only tested the system, but the representatives have always been very courteous and quick to respond.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Gainesville, FL

Everybody I've spoken to has been delightful! they're very nice, very accommodating, and do what they say they're going to do. I've had some trouble with the product, the wristbands to be exact, and they just sent me a replacement. I am well satisfied with them, but I'm not sure if I would recommend them. I had a lot of trouble with the product during the first month.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Wichita, KS

It's a very sensitive product, so the alarm would constantly activate, but besides that, everything's been fine.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Walnut Creek, CA

I've bumped into something a few times, and the device automatically alerts their representatives, who quickly call me to make sure I'm alright. Working with them has been a very favorable experience, even if it's for a system malfunction, they respond very promptly.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 West Columbia, SC

I've set it off by accident, and the people that come online have been very good, so I'd say it's a helpful service.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Bellefontaine, OH

Life Station's representatives have always been very helpful. We had a problem recently, where my mother fell and the machine wasn't doing what it normally does, but it still went off, so they ended up calling her and talking to her, which was very helpful. They've just been great everytime we've talked to them, and I've been pleased with everything. It's nice to know that, even with all the false alarms, the machine is working correctly now. I do have to say though, my mother does get frustrated with all the false alarms.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Evansville, IN

They've done a good job so far! Everybody is very friendly and helpful, and when our loved one needed the service, she just pushed the button and they sent somebody out right away.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Kaneohe, HI

I wear it around my neck, which is very convenient. Their customer service has always been very positive, especially when I test the system; somebody comes on, genuinely within a minute. Plus, they already know who I am, and they ask me if I need help. My limited experience with them has been very positive.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 St Helens, OR

My son uses this service because he's disabled, and so far, he's been comfortable with it. He set it off by accident, and the response from LifeStation was wonderful! They responded appropriately, and notified me as well. The only thing I'd add to their service is a monthly report to my email, with all the responses between LifeStation and my son.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Syracuse, IN

The representatives are very nice, and I use my devices every day.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Lindsborg, KS

They need to have a device that can be hooked to a gold or sterling necklace. These ropes or tapes that they use are vain, and we don't wear those unless they're pretty.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Laughlin, NV

I'm happy with my LifeStation, and can't' think of anything that could be better. My grandson pushed the button by accident once, and the paramedics came over right away, so it's been a very positive experience.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Lakewood, NJ

I don't know who took the order or whatever, but she was wonderful! Absolutely great! I'm really happy with it, although I haven't used it.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Lake Orion, MI

Although I haven't used the service yet, I have it pretty much as a precaution, and it's been a very positive service.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Phoenix, AZ

My mother fell one day, and by the time I got to her house, there was people there already, so it was a very good response time. Plus, their agents are so helpful. I was just a little concerned about the price. I thought it was going to be a little less, but I guess I read it wrong somewhere.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Arlington Heights, IL

Everyone was very nice when I called. I call them once a month, and they're just there when I need them. That gives me a peace of mind.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Jupiter, FL

I've been very fortunate because I haven't had to use it, but their representatives have been very cordial. It's a great service.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Albany, OR

Having it with me gives me a sense of comfort, and although I haven't used it, I carry it with me everywhere. We did hit the button by accident already, and they were all very nice. they're there if I need them!

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Apex, NC

My experience with their representatives has been very pleasant. they're helpful, and I think they do a very good job. I'm an office manager at Visiting Angels, and I've referred quite a few clients to LifeStation over the satisfaction I've had.

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Frankfort, IL

Everything about LifeStation has been very good so far. I like the fact that they can contact multiple people if something happens to my mom, the person that wears it. We got the device in a timely manner, and It was sent over to my house, and I drove over to my mother's place to take care of the installation for her. The company we had before was just not good, but the Life Station's customer service has been nothing but top shelf stuff. It's been fantastic!

Verified Customer



August 11th, 2017 Fincastle, VA

We bought this for my mom, she's 85 years old, and we were concerned about her. So far, she's only used it for testing, and the system does what it's supposed to do. The representatives however are very nice. When she calls to do the testing, they answer in a nice way.


Ruth Cavanaugh

August 11th, 2017 Staten Island, NY

I've had the Life Station for several years, and in fact they have replaced the units for me last year as I'd had it for over 4 years. Twice I've needed their service as I had two incidents when I woke in the middle of the night with feelings of heart irregularity, and they were quick to respond and send an ambulance, while also alerting my daughter upstairs that I was feeling bad. I am 83, and it is surely a good thing to know that I can summon help even if I am incapacitated. Thanks!


Linda Alleman

August 11th, 2017 Thibodaux, LA

just got my device and not what i wanted, called customer serv. about a return label...was told i had to pay return postage, but was told i could try it and if not satisfied they would send me a return label and cancel. not what i was told yesterday. the lady actually hung up before i could say thank you . so rude


Teresa Estepp

May 25th, 2017 Franklin, TN

I feel very safe. When I accident my push button they answer immediately and never get upset with me. I highly recommend their service.


Cindy Young

March 8th, 2017 New York, NY

Have had the systems for 5 years. Cannot say enough good things about this company. The main feature is they have their own call center. If you've ever used a company that outsources, you'll see the difference when the phone rings for 2 full minutes before they answer. Those 2 min. are the difference between life and death. My mother has had to use it 4 times and it has saved her all 4 of those times. Worth every penny.


Janet in Santa Cruz, CA

March 5th, 2017

Least expensive I've found for myself. Only need it for three months while my total hip replacement become more solid. Plan to send it back. Have only paid for those three months, but will notify them of end date now, based upon other review. I chose Life Station also because they had no contract. The first unit had a buzzing sound from the transformer, so they sent an entire new unit and I had it within 3 days. The pendant around my neck is weightless, so it doesn't bug me. So far, I'm a fan.


Judy Reese

January 4th, 2017

I have had Lifestation for 6yrs now, they are very reliable and polite to all customers. The most rewarding thing they have done for me is to reduce my fee when I could no longer afford the 29.95 per mo. I have been paying 20.00 a mo for the very same service for about 5.5 yrs now.....I won't switch, I am very satisfied.


Lorie Klenk Moore

November 29th, 2016 Shalimar, FL

Every penny spent the last year and a half paid for itself the one time so far that my Dad has had to "Press the Button". Having his LifeStation alert button saved his life.



September 18th, 2016 Portland, OR

My parents got the LifeStation system about 5 years ago. We have tested the unit many times, and it has always worked perfectly. The people who handle the phone calls are always very courteous and professional. We could not be happier with the service, and plan to upgrade to the mobile service.



September 8th, 2016 Salisbury, MD

Pay monthly.. Recommended by my heath insurance. Best price.