Alert1 is a leading provider of medical alert systems today in the US. This company provides award winning service, with top ratings from consumers and industry leaders alike. Alert1 has protected and gained the trust of 200,000 members today, with a 98% member renewal rate.

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The Good

  • Customer service
  • Personalized accessories
  • Automatic fall detection

One of Alert1’s primary benefits is its customer service, which has CSAA -certified operators that stay on the line with customers until help arrives. They also offer personalized response, so operators go beyond calling 911. They contact whomever you choose based on your customized list of contacts to call in case of emergency.

Compared to other Medical Alert companies that have only one command center, Alert1 has two fully independent US-based Command Centers in different states to protect service in case of a power outage. The system has a one-step installation, arriving to customers preprogrammed. All that is required is to plug the POM base unit into a phone jack and electrical outlet.

Customers may like Alert1’s choice of personalized accessories, such as lanyards and wristbands in different colors. Accessories are made of silicone for flexibility and are 100% waterproof. Each colored lanyard or wristband is an additional $9.95. Customers don’t necessarily need to choose between a lanyard and a wrist button. Alert1 makes it easy to transform the button from a necklace to a wristband and vice versa.

A bonus is that Alert1 offers automatic fall detection. This fall detection neck pendant senses a fall automatically notifies the Command Center. The device offers the same benefits as the company’s other systems, such as 24-7 monitoring service that stays on the line until help arrives—the only variation is that it offers 400 feet coverage from the base unit instead of 600. The pendant is one of the smallest on the market and is designed to be worn comfortably.

If customers don’t have a landline, Alert1 also offers cellular medical alert systems with no required activation fee.

The Bad

  • No mobile alert system option
  • No default warranty
  • Fall detection range

They currently do not have a mobile alert system option. They are one of the few companies without cellular options today which may be a deal breaker for more active seniors who want protection on the go. With so many Americans choosing mobile medical alert systems, they have decided to add mobile capabilities to their products.

Their medical systems do not include a default warranty. When a system is purchased there’s an option to add a warranty or product insurance for an additional monthly fee. Some other companies that provide medical alert systems include a warranty of some kind, ranging from 1 year to lifetime coverage. They charge customers a bit more to add this standard feature to their service.

Although, it is a bonus that Alert1 offers Fall Detection, the coverage from the base unit is less than the company’s other system products. The Fall Detection unit only covers up to 400 feet, while the other products cover up to 600 feet. If someone is prone to falls, they may want to be consciously aware of how far they travel away from the base unit.

The Bottom Line

Alert1 is a reliable and trusted service provider. There are flexible service options available with no contracts or long-term agreements required. Shipping costs are included with purchase, and customers can even get coverage for their spouse with a help button included, all free of charge. Information about this company is straight forward and the’ve done a great job in building a trustworthy product.

Stay tuned for their mobile medical alert system options which are scheduled to be available this summer. Since there are no contracts involved, existing customers are able to upgrade their current service to the mobile system if they prefer.

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  1. User Score


    April 26th, 2017 Winchester, MA

    BEWARD of fine print. HUGE fines if you don’t return all the equipment. I returned everything, except the wireless router which was broken via the way they instructed me to in order to avoid the $500 non equipment return clause, something I was never made aware of when I got the service. I sent everything via overnight mail because I only had 3 days to return it before the next 3 months charge hit my credit card. Well, even though I returned EVERYTHING else, I am still being charged the $500 since ALL the equipment wasn’t returned. I asked for it to be reduced since I returned everything else, they said NO.

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  2. User Score


    December 5th, 2016 Racine, WI

    My parents used Alert 1 and were satisfied with the service. They paid yearly rather than to have to pay every month. When my father died my mother decided to move to assisted living and she cancelled her service. One thing they don’t tell you is that they will not refund any of the unused service. This means my mother spent hundreds of dollars for service she never received. This was never mentioned when she signed up and they gave her the bums rush when she requested a refund. Beware of the fine print. I feel they took full advantage of my elderly parents. Who’s ever heard of a company keeping 8 months of payments. By the way, they told my mother to return the unit and they would look into a refund. She shipped it back right away and she never heard from them again.

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  3. User Score


    November 20th, 2016

    They are great and always respond with professionalism and courtesy. Very happy with the product and the service.

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  4. User Score


    October 28th, 2016 Westland, MI

    I like their pricing, the button is a bit smaller so more comfortable, service is great

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    2 2

  5. User Score


    September 20th, 2016 La Grange, IL

    I cancelled services for my mother-in-law. We had paid a year at a time as a savings. It turned out not to be a savings since the company would not return almost a full year of payment ($323)(August 2016-August 2017. We never saw or were told that this would happen. My family found this very unfair, particularly for a senior service. If we had known we would have paid quarterly.

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    13 2

  6. User Score


    February 15th, 2016 Washington, DC

    I got this system, the new cellular one, for my sister but she died before the equipment was taken out of the box. I called to cancel the service and to find out about a refund. THERE IS NO REFUND for the $159.00 I paid. I asked to speak to someone in management and was told I was speaking to a supervisor and she assured me the was no recourse. I am completely dissatisfied with this so called “customer service.” Be very wary if you deal with Alert 1.

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  7. User Score


    July 19th, 2015 Levittown, PA

    They saved my mother’s life. She fell in the kitchen with a pot on the stove. It could have caused a fire. They had the ambulance there in minutes and they took her to the hospital. They called me to let me know what was happening. It was the best purchase I ever made for my mom.

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    9 1

  8. User Score


    January 31st, 2015 Williamsport, PA

    I got this unit for my mother, now my father is confidant to leave my disabled mother alone in the home. It is great to know that help is a button press away.

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    12 1