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LAST UPDATED: October 12th, 2023

SilverBack Home Warranty, headquartered in Lehi, Utah, creates peace of mind, security, and ease of homeownership through its quality home warranty products and network of highly skilled contractors.

Home warranty plans are available in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C.

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The Good

  • Coverage Options
  • Set Your Service Call Fee
  • 24/7 Emergency Claim Service
  • Repair or Replace
  • Service Professionals
  • No Appliance/System Age Restrictions
  • Re-key Service

Coverage Options

SilverBack Home Warranty offers three home warranty plans: 

  • Blackback Plan — $400 per year
  • Silverback Plan — $500 per year
  • King Kong Plan — $600 per year

It is important to note that pricing is for homes going through a real estate purchase. Here’s what each plan covers and how they compare:

  Blackback Plan Silverback Plan King Kong Plan
Pre-season tune-up A/C and heating
Re-key service
Haul away/disposal
A/C unit
Heating unit
Heat pump
Evaporative cooler
Coolant recapture/recovery/recharge  
Window A/C unit  
Drain line stoppage
Plumbing pipe leaks
Water heater
Garbage disposal
Pressure regulator assembly
Showerheads, arms, faucets  
Shower diverter valves  
Angle stops and gate valves  
Interior hose bibs    
External hose bibs    
Water heater expansion pack    
Electrical system
Panels and subpanels
Junction box
Circuit breaker
Ceiling and exhaust fans
Trash compactor
Garage door opener
Built-in microwave
Smoke detector    

In addition to this coverage, SilverBack offers individually priced add-on coverage options that can be added to any plan. The following options are available:

  • Stand alone freezer
  • Water softener
  • Additional water heater
  • Second kitchen
  • Basement apartment/mother-in-law suite
  • Central vacuum
  • Septic system and pumping
  • Booster pump
  • Sump pump
  • No fault coverage
  • Water/gas/sewage line coverage
  • A/C protection

Set Your Service Call Fee

SilverBack Home Warranty is unique because it lets clients choose the amount of their service call fee. There are three options: $75 per service call, $100 per service call, or $125 per service call. 

While choosing the cheapest service call fee might seem like the obvious answer, keep in mind that lowering your call fee will result in your monthly payments going up. Alternatively, choosing the most expensive service call fee will lower your monthly bill. 

24/7 Emergency Claim Service

SilverBack Home Warranty has representatives available 24/7 to answer any questions or address concerns. However, the company also has an emergency line for clients to report more severe and dangerous appliance breakdowns.

Repair or Replace

The SilverBack Home Warranty website states that if the company can’t fix an appliance, it will replace it. However, be sure to read your contract for more detailed information.

Service Professionals

SilverBack Home Warranty boasts that it works with a network of professional contractors who are insured, licensed, and perform outstanding work. 

No Appliance/System Age Restrictions

Whether your appliances or home systems are new or old, SilverBack will cover them. This is unique in the home warranty industry because most companies have coverage restrictions for appliances or systems of a certain age.

Re-key Service

Homeowners can have up to six locks re-keyed and only have to pay the service call fee.


The Bad

  • $50 Cancellation Fee
  • No Live Chat Feature

$50 Cancellation Fee

Once you sign a contract with SilverBack Home Warranty, you have 30 days to cancel free of charge (if no service requests have been made). If you decide to cancel after the first 30 days, homeowners will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

No Live Chat Feature

Currently, SilverBack Home Warranty does not offer a live chat feature on its website. Consumers can get a hold of a representative by either calling or emailing. However, these methods aren’t always ideal, and some consumers may be reluctant to reach out. 

Live chat features are increasingly becoming more popular as it allows businesses to give quick answers to questions about their products, solve problems faster, and assure customers that they’re available to help. 

Although the main company page doesn’t have a live feature, Silverback Home Warranty does have a Facebook page, and the company usually replies within an hour.

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The Bottom Line

SilverBack Home Warranty is a good option for homeowners looking for an affordable yet extensive home warranty. 

The company offers three warranty plans that vary in coverage. The Blackback Plan is the cheapest option, but several appliances are not covered. The Silverback Plan is the middle ground, not nearly as limited as the Blackback but not as extensive as the King Kong. The King Kong plan is more expensive but covers a wider range of appliances. 

You’ll need to keep in mind that choosing the most basic plan will save you money, but if something like your ceiling fan breaks, you’ll likely have to pay for it out-of-pocket. As with all home warranties, we recommend that clients carefully go over the coverage options. This helps to ensure that you’re getting exactly the coverage you need.

SilverBack is a young company and a new player in the industry. While this doesn’t directly affect its given services, the company hasn’t had as much time to garner a large client base or build its reputation. 

However, being new to the game doesn’t mean the company isn’t trustworthy. It simply means that consumers may have to do a bit more legwork to determine if this company is the right choice for their home warranty needs.

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Emily Burke

If I could give zero stars I would. DO NOT BUY A POLICY FROM THIS COMPANY. My furnace, which has been maintained properly since I purchased the home, is now emitting hazardous levels of carbon monoxide into my home. They said they will not provide coverage to replace the part that is at issue. There were numerous times that Heather, the supervisor at the company, spoke untruthfully to me about this claim, both in conveying what the contractor allegedly told her and what my policy says. Heather told me I needed to use the contractor that they chose (did not allow me to chose my own contractor) despite my contract allowing otherwise. She also told me that the contractor (the one Heather told me I was required to use) specifically said that the issue was not "normal wear and tear", which is inconsistent with what he told me, so I called him to verify. He was adamant that he never once said anything about normal wear and tear. I asked him to send me a written diagnosis via email so it was clear exactly what his diagnosis was; again, it said nothing about normal wear and tear. Additionally, Heather would not allow a 3-way conversation with myself, the contractor and her, so there was no way to hold her accountable for her lies. Save your money. These people will deny claims for anything, even items that will lead to serious brain damage and eventually death, and will talk out of both sides of their mouth when coming up with fake reasons to deny your claims. Strongly suggest that anyone working with Silverback also record their phone calls with them as they will repeatedly lie to you. (Utah law allows for one party to record calls.)

4 months ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Hayley Haws Eagle Mountain, UT

Super reliable, great contractors that they work with, check in with you afterwards to see how everything went.

3 years ago

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Jennifer Maier Van Duren Hyde Park, UT

May 13th, we spoke to a representative that told us they would get the plumber out to fix a leaky pipe, and "would we like them to contact a restoration company". We said yes (please keep in mind they did not mention this would NOT be covered). The plumber they sent was the only person that told us it would not be covered after they had already come. So we called, and were told that it was in fact not covered, but we would receive $100 discount. The restoration company did NOT in fact give us a discount (after much back and forth phone calls), and therefore needed the entire bill paid. We did not go through insurance from the beginning since (from the first phone call with Silver Back) we assumed who they called for us would have been covered (at the very least partially). The company is not helpful in trying to clear up this up by contacting the restoration company and "seeing why they didn't provide the discount", and while they offer to "pull our phone call to verify whether they said it was covered or not" (no one ever said it wasn't covered), I am stuck paying a bill I would not have agreed to pay and work I could have done myself by renting the same dryers from Home Depot and paying half the cost. The plumber they got out to us was the only decent transaction during this whole debacle. I will adjust my review if indeed their representative from the restoration company fixes the error and provides a $100.00 credit.

2 years ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Nik Nielson West Jordan, UT

Excellent service, super fast and responsive. I truly appreciate their help.

3 years ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Larry Brown Sandy, UT

Wonderful customer service - quick and professional

3 years ago

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