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Whitney Troxel
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SimpliSafe and Frontpoint are both do-it-yourself home security solutions that offer wireless/broadband and cellular monitoring. Landline monitoring is not included with either provider. SimpliSafe and Frontpoint are available nationwide and have both been in business for more than a decade. 

With these similarities in mind, SimpliSafe and Frontpoint differ in many noteworthy areas, including contract length, equipment warranty, risk-free trial, monthly cost, upfront fees, a la carte pricing, monitoring options, equipment variety and quality, home automation capabilities, and consumer reviews. 

If you're looking for high-tech security equipment with home automation capabilities and don't mind a contract, we recommend Frontpoint. SimpliSafe doesn't have a contract and has a cheaper monthly cost, but the company charges high upfront fees and has poor equipment quality with limited home automation capabilities. 

Consumers note disappointment with SimpliSafe's customer service and security equipment, while Frontpoint's consumer reviews give the company nearly four stars or higher in value for money, quality of product, customer service, company trustworthiness, and likeliness to recommend. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know when comparing SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint. 
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4.7 Overall Score
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#3 Frontpoint
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Monthly Monitoring Price


Contract Length


Money-Back Guarantee


Cancellation Fees


Installation Options Offered


Security Camera Included


Time in Business




12-36 Months


80% of Remaining Cost



14 Years



Overall Score
4.7 of 10
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8.5 of 10
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7.5 of 10



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Reviews for SimpliSafe

Helpful Favorable Review


Review Source

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Daniel Henderson, NV

SimpliSafe is easy to use and even easier to install. We purchased the kit that’s had everything you need to get started and setup was a breeze. It included door and window sensors, glass shatter sensor, fire alarm, and a camera. Whenever there is motion or an alamr triggered, the convenient app alerts us on our phone. If an alarm or sensor is triggered, SimpliSafe calls us and makes sure everything is alright. I have referred a lot of friends and family to this company because of its great service.

1 month ago

Helpful Critical Review

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Disappointed Alexandria, VA

This company is a scam. I paid over $1K and never received any equipment. I even paid for expedited shipping, to no avail. Emails are not responded to and their phone help desk hung up on me when I called. Stay away and order elsewhere.

4 months ago

Reviews for Frontpoint

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Abi Deen Frisco, TX

Frontpoint is a 9.7 out of 10 overall, and I consider the security system to be best for smartphones. Great customer service reps, and the quality of the product is great! I will definitely use them again in the near future!

1 month ago

Helpful Critical Review

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Jim Cole Mount Juliet, TN

I have had two frontpoint systems, the first in 2016 and then after moving a second in 2019. The first system was great. The second system has been deplorable and a complete waste of money. We can't even set the system for fear of false activation. Sensors randomly activate for no reason. The quality of the equipment has gone way down from the first system.

2 months ago

The Final Word

Contract (Winner: Frontpoint)
A major appeal of SimpliSafe is the company does not require a contract. Most home security companies require contracts for close to three years. Frontpoint's contract, on the other hand, can range from 12–36 months, depending on the security package you select. 

Equipment Warranty and Risk-Free Trial (Winner: SimpliSafe)
SimpliSafe and Frontpoint both include a three-year warranty on equipment as well as a risk-free trial. SimpliSafe's risk-free trial is longer and lasts for 60 days, while Frontpoint's trial lasts for only 30 days. 

Monthly Cost and Upfront Fees (Winner: Frontpoint)
SimpliSafe's monthly fees are cheaper than Frontpoint's and start at $14.99. Frontpoint monthly fees range between $34.99 and $49.99. Although Frontpoint has a higher monthly cost, the company's upfront fees are much less than SimpliSafe's. Frontpoint's upfront fees are $99 in total, whereas SimpliSafe's upfront fees range between $229 and $489, depending on which security package you choose. 

Equipment Quality and Home Automation (Winner: Frontpoint)
Although you're paying a higher monthly fee for Frontpoint, you're getting higher quality equipment. Frontpoint has high-tech equipment with an array of home automation capabilities, such as geo-location services, remote access, live video streaming, light control, smart lock control, garage door control, and more. Frontpoint also has a variety of security cameras, such as indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, etc.

With equipment quality being a high priority to consumers, SimpliSafe is concerning. Although SimpliSafe has a mobile app and is an easy do-it-yourself security option, the company's equipment is behind in quality. Touchscreen equipment is not available and home automation capabilities are limited, such as smart lighting and temperature control. SimpliSafe also does not currently offer an outdoor camera. Although there has been speculation that SimpliSafe is working on an outdoor camera, it doesn't look like there are solid plans in place for any time soon.

Basic Security Package (Winner: Frontpoint)
Frontpoint's most basic security package: $69
SimpliSafe's most basic security package: $122

When comparing SimpliSafe's and Frontpoint's basic security package, Frontpoint comes out on top. Frontpoint's basic security package includes the following: one Frontpoint Hub base station and keypad, two door/window sensors, one motion sensor, one yard sign, five window decals, and one door sticker.

SimpliSafe's basic security package includes one base station and keypad, two door/window sensors, one motion sensor, and one free keychain remote. SimpliSafe's basic plan does not include the yard sign, door sticker, and window decals like Frontpoint's package does. Frontpoint also holds the cheaper price even with more items included in the package.

Advanced Security Package (Winner: Frontpoint)
Frontpoint's most advanced security package: $509.86 (does include security cameras)
SimpliSafe's most advanced security package: $832.84 (does not include security cameras)

Frontpoint's advanced security package includes these items:
  • Frontpoint Hub base station
  • One keypad
  • Six door/window sensors
  • Two glass break sensors
  • One smoke and heat sensor
  • One indoor camera
  • One outdoor camera
  • One doorbell camera
  • One yard sign
  • One door sticker
  • Five window decals
SimpliSafe's advanced security package includes the following equipment:
  • One base station
  • Two keypads
  • One key fob
  • Six entry sensors
  • Two motion sensors
  • One 105dB siren
  • One panic button
Frontpoint's advanced security package is much more expensive than SimpliSafe's, but that is because Frontpoint's includes three high-tech cameras. If SimpliSafe's package included an indoor camera and a doorbell camera like Frontpoint's did, SimpliSafe's plan price would be around $777.86, and this doesn't include an outdoor camera because SimpliSafe does not currently offer one.

Build Your Own Security Package (Winner: SimpliSafe and Frontpoint)
Frontpoint and SimpliSafe both offer build your own plans that allow you to customize your security package to your liking. If you want to create your own plan, you can select equipment a la carte and only pick out the items you want. Keep in mind that because these products are priced individually, it may save you money if you go with a premade package; it depends on how robust of a plan you want. You also have the option to select a premade package and add on additional sensors or motion detectors to make your package more extensive without having to create a plan from scratch.

A La Carte Equipment Pricing (Price Winner: SimpliSafe; Equipment Quality and Variety Winner: Frontpoint)
If you want to purchase equipment individually, Frontpoint and SimpliSafe allow you to buy equipment a la carte. While Frontpoint has a wider variety of equipment that is higher quality, SimpliSafe has the cheaper price point. If you're willing to pay a bit more for additional equipment options and better quality, Frontpoint is the better choice. If you're looking for the cheapest option, SimpliSafe is best. 

SimpliSafe's equipment costs are as follows:
  • Door/window sensor — $14.99
  • Motion sensor — $29.99
  • Glassbreak sensor — $34.99
  • Panic button — $19.99
  • Smoke detector — $29.99
  • Temperature sensor — $29.99
  • Water sensor — $19.99
  • Keypad — $69.99
  • Key fob — $24.99
  • 105dB siren — $59.99
  • 9" x 9" yard sign — $3.99
  • Professional installation — $79.99
  • Video doorbell — $129
  • Indoor camera — $99
Frontpoint's equipment costs are as follows:
  • Door/window sensor — $32.99
  • Motion sensor — $64.99
  • Garage door tilt sensor — $44.99
  • Glass break sensor — $74.99
  • Panic button — $33.99
  • Smoke and heat sensor — $64.99
  • Water sensor — $44.99
  • Carbon monoxide sensor — $89.99
  • Keypad — $49.99
  • 10" x 10" yard sign — $3.99
  • Window decals (set of five) — $3.99
  • Door stickers — $3.99
  • Keychain remote — $31.99
  • LED remote light bulb — $9.99
  • Wireless light control — $49.99
  • Garage door controller — $69.99
  • Smart door lock — $179.99
  • Video doorbell — $189.99
  • Indoor camera — $99.99
  • Premium indoor camera —$199.99
  • Outdoor camera — $199.99
Standard Monitoring (Winner: SimpliSafe)
SimpliSafe and Frontpoint both offer 24/7 professional monitoring with their most basic security packages. You can choose between standard monitoring or interactive monitoring. Standard monitoring is 24/7 professional monitoring that will alert the police in an emergency.

SimpliSafe's standard monitoring is $14.99 per month and includes around-the-clock monitoring with certified staff members that will send the police to your home if an emergency occurs. Frontpoint's standard monitoring costs a bit more at $34.99, but it includes 24/7 monitoring in addition to an automated system check, an expandable and portable system, unique user codes, and it is 100 percent wireless and cellular.

Interactive Monitoring (Winner: Frontpoint)
Interactive monitoring gives you remote access to your security system at all times. You can arm and disarm your system as well as control other home automation capabilities. You also receive text or email notifications to update you on your home's security. Interactive monitoring will cost you more with both companies. 

SimpliSafe's interactive monitoring is $24.99 per month and includes the company's mobile app that lets you control your system remotely and receive text and email alerts. You can arm and disarm your system as well as control security settings with it. SimpliSafe's package includes portable equipment, crash and smash protection, and power outage protection. 

Frontpoint has two interactive monitoring options. Its more basic plan is $44.99 per month and includes crash and smash protection, geo-location services, email and text alerts, remote access and control, and sensor history. Although this plan is more expensive than SimpliSafe's interactive plan, it is more robust and includes more features. Frontpoint also has a second interactive monitoring plan that includes even more features. It costs $49.99 per month and includes additional capabilities, such as live video streaming, video and image history, motion-triggered alerts, night vision, light control, and smart lock control. 

Company Reviews (Winner: Frontpoint)
Frontpoint reviews are mostly positive, highlighting easy-to-use and quality equipment, excellent customer service, and home security packages that give you the best value for your money. SimpliSafe reviews aren't awful, but they aren't as positive as Frontpoint reviews. SimpliSafe complaints mainly note poor customer service and defective equipment. 

SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint: Which is the Better Option?
If you want to skip hefty upfront fees and are interested in quality home security equipment with home automation capabilities, we suggest going with Frontpoint as your home security provider. The company has better offerings, positive reviews, and although you'll pay a bit more in monthly fees, you'll be getting more for your money. 

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