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Cove and SimpliSafe are both popular home security companies that offer competitive pricing and equipment packages. Both companies offer a do-it-yourself bundle. Additionally, Cove gives you a choice between a DIY or professional installation. Cove’s headquarters are based in Utah, and SimpliSafe’s headquarters are based in Boston, MA. Cove and SimpliSafe are available nationwide. 

When comparing Cove vs SimpliSafe, they are similar in their equipment, ease of installation, affordability, and monitoring options but differ the most in these areas: equipment warranty, monitoring costs, discounts offered, and customer satisfaction ratings.

Keep reading to learn more about whether Cove or Simplisafe is a good option for your home. 

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#8 Cove
7.8 Overall Score
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#26 SimpliSafe
6.4 Overall Score
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Monthly Monitoring Price

$17.99 - $37.99

Contract Length

No contract

Money-Back Guarantee


Cancellation Fees


Installation Options Offered

Professional, DIY

Security Camera Included


Time in Business

6 Years






Professional, DIY


18 Years



Overall Score
7.8 of 10
Review Score
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Value for Money
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Quality of Product or Service
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Company Trustworthiness
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Likely to Recommend
8.8 of 10


6.4 of 10
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star star star star_half star_border
star star star star_half star_border
star star star star_border star_border
5.3 of 10



Number of Reviews
Review Breakdown
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1 star
2 star
3 star
4 star
5 star


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1 star
2 star
3 star
4 star
5 star

Reviews for Cove

Helpful Favorable Review

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April 2nd, 2024



Review Source

I remember the day the Cove security system arrived at my doorstep. The sleek design of the control panel and the motion sensors gave me confidence that I had made the right choice. The instructions provided were clear and easy to follow, allowing me to set up the system without any hiccups. Within a matter of hours, I had the Cove system up and running, securing my home and providing me with the peace of mind I had been searching for.

Helpful Critical Review

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jason Ellsberry

May 3rd, 2023


The worst system I have ever had! Called support multiple times to fix issues. The camera would lose signal. The monitoring would never contact us or the police. I kept adding my family into the system so they could arm and disarm from the panel. It would show saved then when one of my kids would try to disarm it they couldn't . Then I would find out that they were no longer in there. Nothing works with this system so buyer beware.

Reviews for SimpliSafe

Helpful Favorable Review

star star star star star

James Price

November 7th, 2023


You get what you pay for. Its Simply Safe. Name says it all. I have set the alarm off by accident a few times over the years. I had the panic button on silent and the cat sat on it had the cops show up quickly. (Don't do silent anymore). Whenever I have forgot it was armed, I got fast response from monitoring service to cancel. It does what it claims, is cheap, and I feel SAFE.

Helpful Critical Review

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

fred V

April 14th, 2024

Poor customer service. Incompetent people at the technical support. Low equipment quality. It simply does not work most of the time. At least once a month I have to delete every camera from the system and re install it . Please do not waist your money or jeopardize your safety

The Final Word

Contract (Winner: Cove and SimpliSafe) 

Several popular home security companies require a three-year contract for new customers. A three-year commitment can feel like a big decision for someone who is new to home security. 

If you like trying out a service before signing a long contract, Cove or SimpliSafe might be the right option for you. Both companies don’t require a long-term monitoring contract. The upfront cost depends on the size and customization of your system. 

During signup, you’ll be given the opportunity to decide on the level of monitoring. SimpliSafe doesn’t require a monthly monitoring fee. If you choose Cove, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee that includes professional monitoring and cellular backup. 

Cove's Contract SimpliSafe's Contract
Month-to-Month Month-to-Month

With each of these companies, you can pay month-to-month without worrying about cancelation fees or long-contract terms. 

Equipment Warranty (Winner: Cove) 

Equipment warranty is a major factor when choosing a home security system. You never know when technology could fail. Cove has one of the best equipment warranties in the industry with its Cove Plus plan. The Cove Plus plan includes a lifetime equipment warranty, so you don’t have to worry about paying for replacements. Equipment should be used as intended to keep the warranty valid. The Cove Basic plan only includes a 1-year equipment warranty. 

SimpliSafe offers only a 1-year limited hardware warranty on all of its equipment. However, SimpliSafe incentivizes customers to sign up for its 24/7 Interactive Professional Monitoring by offering additional warranty coverage for those who sign up before the 1-year limited warranty expires. 

Those who sign up for 24/7 Interactive Professional Monitoring will get a limited lifetime warranty for the duration of their subscription. Those who subscribe to the Standard Monitoring Plan or Camera-Only plan will get a 2-year hardware warranty extension, giving them a total of a 3-year warranty. Keep in mind that if you cancel and restart your monitoring, your warranty will be void. 

Cove's Equipment Warranty SimpliSafe's Equipment Warranty
1-year or lifetime* 1-year, 3-year, or limited lifetime*

Cove is the clear choice when it comes to equipment warranty if you are looking to buy the Cove Plus plan. 

*Warranty based on the monthly monitoring plan 

Risk-Free Trial (Winner: Cove and SimpliSafe) 

Cove has a 60-day money-back guarantee on all home security systems. This added peace of mind allows you to try Cove risk-free. You’ll receive a complete refund of service and equipment charges if you ship the products back within 60 days of your purchase date. All items should be returned in good condition. If you do not have free shipping on your account, you may need to pay for the prepaid shipping label. If you receive an incorrect or defective product, Cove will exchange it free of charge. 

SimpliSafe also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Sixty days is one of the best guarantees you can get in the industry. If you are unsatisfied with your SimpliSafe security system, you can return all the equipment for a full refund plus return shipping. SimpliSafe does not require any permanent home placement so you don’t have to worry about patching holes if you change your mind. 

Cove's Risk-Free Trial SimpliSafe's Risk-Free Trial
60 Days 60 Days

Cove and SimpliSafe have an almost identical money-back guarantee, making either a good option if you want to try a system without long-term commitments. 

Monthly Monitoring (Winner: Cove) 

When you purchase a system with Cove, you are required to sign up for a monthly monitoring plan. Cove lets you choose between the Cove Basic for $14.99 per month or Cove Plus for $24.99 per month. 

SimpliSafe has four monitoring options when purchasing your system. The first option is to forgo monitoring together. If you want some level of camera recording, you can choose the self-monitoring plan for $9.99. The more comparable monitoring plans to Cove are the Standard Monitoring for $17.99 and the Interactive Monitoring for $27.99. 

See below for a list of all the monitoring options available for Cove and SimpliSafe.

Cove Basic ($14.99) - Cameras not available

  • 24/7 live alarm monitoring
  • Environmental emergencies monitoring 
  • Cove InstaText™
  • TripleTouch™ Communications
  • Cove LiveAssist on standby 
  • Anti-Smash and Grab protection for panel 
  • No Wifi required 
  • Hourly system checks 
  • 24-hour backup battery 
  • 1-year equipment warranty 

Cove Plus (24.99) 

  • Everything that comes with basic + MORE
  • Lifetime equipment warranty 
  • High-resolution live and recorded camera footage
  • Smarthome control from app
  • Alexa and Google compatibility 
  • $5 per month equipment credit
  • Rate-Lock guarantee

SimpliSafe Unmonitored (Free) 

  • A live video feed of your cameras
  • 7-day history of your system in the app 
  • Control your system with the SimpliSafe App 
  • View and change system settings
  • Control smartlock via app

SimpliSafe Self Monitoring with Camera Recording ($9.99)

  • Arm/Disarm remotely 
  • View/Configure settings
  • Push, SMS, and email notifications 
  • Alarm, error, and camera alerts 
  • Secret and activity alerts
  • Arming reminders
  • Unlimited recording (Up to Five Cameras) 
  • Smart home integration with Alexa and Google
  • View unlimited timeline 

SimpliSafe Standard Monitoring ($17.99) 

  • 24/7 emergency services dispatch
  • Cell-communication backup 
  • Arm/Disarm remotely 
  • View/Configure settings
  • View 7-day timeline
  • Push notifications 
  • Alarm, error, and camera alerts 

SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring ($27.99)

  • 24/7 Emergency Services Dispatch
  • Water leak detection
  • Dangerous temperature detection
  • Built-in cellular connection
  • Smartphone App Integration 
  • Unlimited camera recording and evidence capture (Up to 10 Cameras) 
  • On-demand video recording
  • Smart Person Detection
  • Advanced phone alerts and family/friend alerts
  • Secret and Activity Alerts
  • Push, SMS, and Email Notifications 
  • Smart Home Integration with Alexa and Google
  • Home insurance discounts 
  • Limited lifetime product warranty 
  • 10% off future equipment purchases

If you compare all the options, Cove seems to offer the best value for its monitoring plan with the most affordable prices and a wider variety of features. 

Special Discounts (Winner: Cove and SimpliSafe) 

Cove offers special discounts to show appreciation for military members, first responders, nurses, and teachers. If you are a serviceman or woman, you can get $475 worth of equipment and 6 months of monitoring for just $150. This same deal is available to first responders, teachers, and nurses. The deal requires that you verify your status or title to redeem this discount. Cove offers one of the best discount programs for these groups of people. 

Simplisafe does not offer any additional discounts past current promotions. This makes Cove a better option between the two companies if you are a military member, first responder, nurse, or teacher.  

Build Your Own Security Package (Winner: Cove and SimpliSafe) 

Cove and SimpliSafe both offer a build-your-own security package. This is a great option for those who have a unique space they are looking to secure. Individuals can buy equipment a la carte instead of purchasing a standard package. 

The chart below provides a comparison of Cove and SimpliSafe’s equipment pricing for their most popular products. 

Equipment Cove's Pricing SimpliSafe's Pricing
Alarm Panel $249.00 $69.99
Door Sensor $15.00 $14.99
Motion Detector $30.00 $29.99
Medical/Panic Button $20.00 $19.99
Key Remote $25.00 $24.99
Glass Break Sensor $35.00 $34.99
Window Sensor $15.00 $19.99
Temperature Sensor $55.00 $29.99 + $49.99
Flood Sensor $20.00 $19.99
Smoke and CO Detector $55.00 $29.99 + $49.99
Indoor Camera $99.00 $99.00
Outdoor Camera  $199.00 $169.00
Video Doorbell Camera $99.00 or $189.00 $169.00
Siren Included with panel $59.99
Security Signs Included with all orders $3.99
Pro Setup $79.00+ $99.00+

Cove often provides discounts if you buy more of one product (such as bundling the motion detector, window sensor, door sensors, etc.) Most of the equipment prices and options are comparable between the two companies. 

Either system would be a good option if you are looking to build your own package. 

Customer Reviews (Winner: Cove) 

Cove has a much better star rating than SimpliSafe. Cove has a 4.7-star rating with over 300 customer reviews. SimpliSafe has a 3.5-star rating with over 200 customer reviews. The number of reviews is similar, so it’s more accurate to compare the overall star ratings. 

Below is a recent five-star review from Cove. 

Review Icon

Customer Review: Aubrey from CA

“I got Cove for my parents and I sleep well knowing they're safe. I can even check up on them to see if they've fallen, such an awesome system.”

Below is a recent five-star review from SimpliSafe.

Review Icon

Customer Review: Daniel from Henderson, NV

“SimpliSafe is easy to use and even easier to install. We purchased the kit that’s had everything you need to get started and setup was a breeze…I have referred a lot of friends and family to this company because of its great service.”

If you are looking for a company that is backed by visible customer satisfaction, you should consider going with Cove. 

Online Transparency (Winner: Cove and SimpliSafe) 

Both Cove and SimiplieSafe have high transparency on their websites. You are able to see the prices for equipment and monitoring without requesting an online quote or talking directly with a salesperson. This makes it easier to see exactly what you are getting and understand the company policies. 

Cove vs SimpliSafe: Which is the Better Option?

Cove and SimpliSafe are similar when it comes to contract length, risk-free trials, equipment pricing, and online transparency. 

Cove has a few more strong points compared to SimpliSafe, including its lifetime equipment warranty, monthly monitoring price value, special discounts offered, and customer review ratings. 

If you compare the main factors mentioned in the text above, Cove is the better choice and value for your money when deciding between Cove and Simplisafe. 

The only case in which SimpliSafe would be better is if an individual is looking for a security system that doesn’t require professional monitoring. However, you will lose out on equipment warranties and added protection if you decide to buy the equipment without monitoring. 

If you are looking for a home security company with good smart home integration, you should research other top-rated options such as Vivint and Frontpoint. Neither Cove nor SimpliSafe offer smart home integration other than with Alexa and Google. 

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