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LAST UPDATED: August 30th, 2022

YSG Solar has completed over 1,000 residential and commercial solar system installations. The company offers flexible payment options and strives to provide high quality equipment, excellent customer service, and competitive prices with no hidden fees or charges. Additionally, YSG Solar offers a 25-year parts, labor, and power guarantee.

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The Good

  • Variety of Payment Options
  • High Quality Equipment and Installation
  • Lengthy Warranties
  • Energy Management System Included
  • Referral Program

Variety of Payment Options

YSG Solar strives to make solar energy as obtainable as possible for its customers by offering several payment options, including outright purchases, on-bill financing, low-interest loans, PACE financing, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and leases. The company walks through the details of each of these options on its website.

High Quality Equipment and Installation

YSG Solar offers high quality solar products from top-tier manufacturers, including LG panels and SMA inverters. The company also offers Sonnen batteries for customers interested in backup power. In addition, YSG Solar does not subcontract any of its work and each of its solar panel installers are NABCEP certified. Every YSG Solar project is overseen by a licensed Master Electrician.

Lengthy Warranties

YSG Solar offers some of the best warranties in the industry, including a 25-year production warranty, which guarantees a certain level of output from the system; a 25-year equipment warranty, which covers the panels, inverter, and other components of the system; and a 25-year workmanship warranty, which covers the labor and installation.

Energy Management System Included

Each YSG Solar system includes an energy management tool so that customers can track how much power their system is producing, as well as how much electricity they are using. Using this tool, customers can ensure that their solar energy system is working optimally.

Referral Program

YSG Solar offers a referral program that provides customers with a $500 American Express gift card each time one of their referrals has a solar system installed by the company.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

YSG Solar's service area is relatively limited; the company currently only operates in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Connecticut, California, and Rhode Island. Consumers who do not live in these states will not have the opportunity to do business with YSG Solar.


The Bottom Line

YSG Solar is a solid, experienced solar company with over 1,000 installations under its belt. The company offers a number of attractive features, including several financing options, high quality equipment, battery storage, in-house installations performed by certified installers, lengthy warranties, energy management, and a referral program. Individuals who live within the company's service area should definitely consider YSG Solar.

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Ashek Islam Mount Vernon, NY

WARNING DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY!!! LOOK AT MY SCREENSHOTS!!! You're going to get stuck paying for a system that doesn't work I can promise you that! My solar system has been in need of repair since March 2022 (now August 30th 2022). Pigeons even made a home under the solar equipment installed on the roof because the technicians improperly installed the critter guards. I have a long email of back and forth to prove my claim and of course the long history report of my actual solar system. YSG Solar IS A SCAM! Look at all these fake accounts giving high praise to what is really a SCAM company. 99% of the reviewers here have less than 3 total reviews. Here's a few examples of the many outrageous excuses to not come out and repair my warranted system (screenshots attached): *MAY 31, 2022* FROM: Chelsea W-Operations Manager Hi Ashek, Our crew lead just came back after losing a baby and we are working on scheduling all of our service visits now, I will send you a date asap for when they can come troubleshoot. Thanks for following up, we can hopefully get someone there in the next 10ish days. *JULY 21, 2022* FROM: Chelsea W-Operations Manager "I'm really sorry to hear about the pigeons. I wasn't aware that the critter guards were left off, I will make sure the crew clears the pigeon homes out and replaces the critter guards when they come to reset the rapid shutdown. Our crew lives together in a big dorm and all have Covid for the second time this year. As soon as they come back, your home will be the first that I send them to. Thank you for being understanding, I realize this can be very frustrating. I look forward to wrapping this up for you."

1 month ago

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S.C. New York, NY

My name is Salvatore Coretto, and in 2019 I decided to go with YSG Solar for my panel services. Mostly the initial introduction and offering of equipment was simple. I agree with their services. The next few was the downfall. The equipment sold never arrived. I received a type of panel less productive than the one agreed and then service stalled. Calling the company began to be a nightmare. Email correspondences seem like endless, never a response. Finally, figured out the company only operates on their own schedule and you never have an opportunity to speak with a live agent. The chat support is very condescending and negative. Long story short - they are tell to sell and not meet any requirements. So, throughout the process I complained that the system wasn't properly installed. The mapping of the panels and communication with the inverters are still faulty as they were from the first day of installation. They don't come out to inspect the job after completion after they hired a contractor to install the panels late in the evening causing my neighbors to complain about all the noise. Now, Enphase has to manually each day reboot my panels and to configure the miscommunication. I recently received a leak about 2 1/2 months ago and still trying to figure out what's my option because YSG doens't return calls or have adequate staff qualified to handle and assist with the claim. YSG did sent two of their own highly recommended contractors to assess the damage and each have told that the roof and the installation wasn't done according to code. The proper installation was ignored and that the roof is damaged due to the installation. So, bottom line... they destroyed my roof, ignored my request for 2 1/2 years + and should not be a company qualified to install panels in the NY or the US. Oh lastly, from the words of Chelsea W "YSG has already received your money, so we don't care." It's your problem now. This comes from the Operations Manager of YSG.

3 months ago

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Jose Aguilar ,

YSG is not a professional company from making false promises on schedule to the owner, David M not being accountable. I was told the system would be completed In 2 months at most. That was in November 2019, “everything will be installed in 1 or 2 days” I am into my 3rd visit and still Not fully installed. I am dealing with an incomplete installation and a YSG team that’s not accountable for what they do. I was told on 12/24 the rest of my connection will be 3 or 4 weeks. David asked me to approve the loan on 1/2/2020 and everything will be completed in 3-4 weeks. All it was so they could get paid, since he has avoided contact with me. I asked for call backs. Do not approve any loan from Service Finance Company, LLC until you are fully operational. Stay away from YSG, I have had an issue every step of the way, not one item or schedule has been kept. I will update my progress until my system is connected updated - 2/6/2020 As of 2/28 I have not received any schedule of my interconnection, e-mails and schedule request have gone un answered for weeks. I keep on getting the run around, I get the talking to Nora or David but no answers from Ken D who was my sales person. My loan payment has started in February and now I am paying for a system that’s not operational plus my electrical bill. Two bills and not end to it. I have contacted Service Finance Company, LLC and waiting on their reply. I will update my progress as I hear back from Service Finance Company, LLC or when David Magid decides to complete my project or call me back as requested. Updated 2/28 As of 4/22 YSG is refusing to provided incentives added to the agreement. Do not trust the Docusign process. Do not approve the loan or sign anything from Service Finance company until you have a fully sign agreement. Add a retainer on the agreement until the work and connection service if fully completed, which means your are generating power. As of 10/19/20 - My permit have not been closed, I left a message with Raymond, their project manager and no call back. The incentives promised have not been delivered as of this update. Do not take a loan from any of their finance company GreenSKY (dropped them) or Service Finance company, they are all in bed together. As of 11/2 YSG has not closed my permits or provided a timeframe for closing them

1 year ago

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Trish Ragonesi East Northport, NY

I'd like to answer to YSG Solar's comment back to my review When I was sold my 17,000 dollar system, I was told " YSG monitors your panels 24/7, we will be on your roof before you even know you have a problem!!!!!" If I was told the customer had to do this work I would NEVER have taken on this responsibility! They word it now that the customer can have the "joy" of looking at their home online and see the production. But they DO NOT let you know the CUSTOMER is actually in charge of looking out for the problems and having to call it into YSG . Ask them to put it into the contract that THEY are responsible for the monitoring of your system, THEY WILL NOT DO IT! Shame on me for not "catching" that in my contract. As far as I'm using more electric since they installed almost five years ago and after they just fix the problem. I finally got a 20.00 bill from my electric company! YSG's answer to my review is just another way of fabricating the truth! GO TO A COMPANY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE IN WRITING FOR MONITORY YOUR SYSTEM. I am helping you understand the hidden, most important part of owning solar! In YSG comments to reach out to them..... I was sent to their answering service automatically for weeks until I figured it out. They do not call you back when you try to hold them accountable with your issues.

2 years ago

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Reply from YSG Solar

Hi Trish, We understand your frustration and feel badly about this. Your solar panels were installed in 2015 and you have a standard SolarEdge monitoring system which allows you to see, on your computer, how much power you generate. I know you have expressed frustration that your electric bills have increased. We had advised that your panels are generating power, and have come to your home to show you that the solar panels are working—it just got kicked off the internet from your modem. The reason your energy bills have increased is because your energy consumption has increased. You had advised us that if we did not pay your new energy bills, that you would write bad reviews on the internet about YSG. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay your electric bill as the solar equipment you purchased is functioning just as designed. During the time you purchased the equipment you had a 5-year warranty⁠—which we have maintained for you. We would suggest reducing your electrical consumption because, although you have solar, the system was only designed to generate the amount of power you needed at the time the system was designed. An increase in energy consumption will cause an increase in energy usage, and any electricity use beyond what solar provides will be billed by the power company. If you do have any questions you are welcome to email us, contact our office number, or even set up a time to meet a support associate in our office to answer questions you may have. Best wishes, YSG Solar

Dec. 9th, 2019

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Robert Tozzi Staten Island, NY

Don't Trust Them! They make promises they don't keep. I was going to wait and replace my roof first but was assured by YSG Solar that temporarily disconnecting and reconnecting the solar panels was common and wouldn't cost much more than $400. Considering this option, I double (and triple) checked this price with Steve, the salesman, who I worked with. He confirmed that "this was a service benefit that [YSG Solar] provided to their clients". So, I converted to solar... and was satisfied. One-and-half years later, I had the funds to change the roof and contacted YSG Solar to schedule the temporary solar panel disconnection. Finally, I received a call after a week's worth of failed attempts at trying to reach someone capable of assisting me. On the phone was the same salesman, Steve, who sold me the system, with a quote of $3,400 - plus materials. I reminded him that on at least 3 different occasions, he assured me that "the temporary disconnect would not be much more than $400". However, this time, he denied quoting this price AND insulted me by implying that $400 was just silly and unreasonable, despite his confirmations prior to installation. It is unfortunate that a company would be so dishonest. This situation leads me to believe that YSG Solar just wants to sell their product without regard to integrity or their customers' well-being. Just like the stereotypical used-car salesman, they do not stand by their word. Instead of solar saving me money, which was the entire reason for this purchase, it is going to cost me (at least) another $3,500 - all because of YSG Solar's lies and deception. I am completely disgusted. If you're in the market for solar, I suggest you find another company and DO NOT USE YSG Solar! *********************************** 5/29/2018 Update ------------------------ Last Steve contacted me with a new quote of $1,800 which is still 4-1/2 times the originally promised price of $400. I am still hopeful that YSG will keep their word. Otherwise, I will do my best to make sure that anyone considering solar, finds out about YSG Solar's deceptive business practices. *********************************** PS: If you see this on Yelp, take note of all YSG Solar's hidden negative reviews. I posted this review there too & hope Yelp doesn't hide it as they did before (bc I followed Yelp's guidelines and I can confirm that I did a solar conversion with YSG in Dec. 2016). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. -RT

4 years ago

YSG Solar Logo

Reply from YSG Solar

Robert, We value you as our customer and we are very sorry you are going through this experience with us. We assure you that this is not a typical experience our customers encounter with a project such to yours. We stand by our customers and policies and can offer a full turn key experience that current patrons of ours commend us on. A job that consists of removing and restoring panels on average can range from $500 - $2,000 not including materials. Our solar executives are highly transparent when explaining a situation pre-installation and post installation. The labor includes removing the panels, rails, brackets, optimizers, wiring and over 80+ bolts & nuts. Once taken down we must re install the system, with all parts mentioned including new adhesive seal, flashing, and all new hardware. The scope of work includes up to four installers and on average up to three days to complete restoration. In this case Mr. Tozzi we apologize if you had been confused with the cost of full removal and restoration. We value our customers and assure you that YSG is a transparent and reputable business that is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We know this was not your best experience with us and we value you as our customer in your first year with us. At YSG Solar we value honesty, transparency and we look forward to alleviating this matter for you.

May. 30th, 2018