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LAST UPDATED: December 1st, 2022

Tier 1 Solar is a relatively new installation operation working to provide catered solar and roofing solutions to residential and commercial property owners. The solar professionals with Tier 1 Solar will work with each individual client to find pinpoints where money can be saved as it pertains to energy consumption and usage, whether that is through the installation of a customized solar PV system or through improved roofing materials. 

Tier 1 Solar is a locally owned and operated company that services those in Corpus Christi, Texas. Founded in 2020, Tier 1 Solar has worked to provide the solar solution each client is looking for. Whether it is financed, utilizes net metering, offers off-grid capabilities, or is entirely grid-tied, Tier 1 Solar can help identify options and generate the ideal solution. 

For each project, Tier 1 Solar will evaluate potential equipment options and then present them to each client for discussion and analysis. Tier 1 Solar prides itself on finding affordable panels without sacrificing quality. Essentially, Tier 1 Solar will not simply identify the cheapest solution if it is not the best fit for the property. 

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The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Warranties Available
  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • Energy Assessment

Services Offered

As a full service solar provider, Tier 1 Solar has worked to provide a number of services related to or involved in energy savings efforts. Currently, the company offers the following services as part of its operation:

  • Residential solar installations
  • Commercial solar work and installations
  • Battery backup solutions and installations
  • Roofing repairs and replacements

Some solar companies also offer roofing services or include battery backup solutions, but to find a company that offers all of the above as a local-focused operation is uncommon meaning Tier 1 Solar stands out from its competition in this regard. 

Warranties Available

Warranties are a standard offering within the solar system. The equipment and cost of installation is rather expensive, so ensuring that the system will work as expected and expensive repairs will be avoided is something most solar customers are interested in. Generally, a solar installation company will only offer a workmanship warranty, protecting clients against any issues that stem as a result of installation issues. Production is then guaranteed by the manufacturer of the solar equipment.

With Tier 1 Solar, the company self-backs two different warranties which is extremely rare to find within the solar industry. In addition to offering a full 25-year workmanship warranty, the company also offers its clients a full 25-year power output warranty. 

Off-Grid Solutions

A common misconception when people turn to solar for energy production is that it will entirely eliminate the monthly electric bill. However, if a solar system is in any way tied to the utility grid, this is not necessarily true. It will drastically reduce the energy bill, but clients will still receive one.

The only way to entirely eliminate the monthly electric bill is to go off-grid. Not all solar installation companies are capable of providing off-grid solutions, but Tier 1 Solar can. With the installation of a battery storage system, which Tier 1 Solar will handle, clients can achieve more energy independence potentially cutting that dreaded bill to $0 per month. Tier 1 Solar can also assist clients interested in utilizing net-metering programs through a grid-tied system. 

Energy Assessment

Each interested solar client can take advantage of a complimentary in-home 60-minute full solar and energy assessment. In this assessment, a trained solar professional from Tier 1 Solar will come out to the property and evaluate how energy is used and consumed on a regular basis.

Depending on the electrical needs of the property, the assessment will offer a finalized solution that is specifically catered to the client’s energy independence goals and standards. At the conclusion of this assessment, clients will have a clear view of what services Tier 1 Solar can provide and what the next steps within the solar process will be.

While many solar companies offer a comparable service, sometimes clients are charged for the time or a full work up of energy savings possibilities are not thoroughly explored. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Equipment Partners
  • Limited Service Area

Unknown Equipment Partners

A key selling point for many solar installation companies is the actual brand or manufacturer used in its installation. Often, companies will highlight exactly what brand of panels, inverters, and battery systems are available to potential clients as this seems to be pertinent information for researching solar customers. 

Tier 1 Solar remains committed to offering completely customized solutions, so being tied down as an authorized dealer or installer of one or two solar manufactured products is not the aim of the company. This does, however, leave some interested clients in the dark as it is unknown exactly what equipment Tier 1 Solar customers will have access to when it comes to having a solar system installed. 

Limited Service Area

One of the major drawbacks of the Tier 1 Solar operation is its limited service area. It is not uncommon for solar installation companies to limit its operational service area to one state or a select few of the more populated cities or regions throughout a state. It is rare to find a company that can provide installation in services in multiple states, but those operations do exist.

Unfortunately for interested Tier 1 Solar clients, the company only services one city — Corpus Christi — and remains committed to its local focus. That means anyone located outside of this service area will need to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 


The Bottom Line

Tier 1 Solar provides comprehensive solar and roofing services to residential and commercial clients in Texas. In addition to offering solar installations on residential and commercial properties, Tier 1 Solar also designs and installs battery backup systems as well as roofing repair and replacement services.

A unique aspect of Tier 1 Solar is that the company self-backs multiple warranties, something not commonly found within the installation industry. For interested clients, Tier 1 Solar can also customize off-grid solutions for clients looking to eliminate the electric bill entirely and avoid blackouts when the utility grid goes down for whatever reason. Lastly, Tier 1 Solar will provide a complimentary 60-minute energy assessment to all clients interested in exploring solar options. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Tier 1 Solar for solar solutions and roofing work, there are limitations to the operation prospective clients should be aware of. For starters, it is unknown exactly what brands or manufacturers are used in Tier 1 Solar installations. This is in part due to the fact that Tier 1 works to provide a completely customizable solution, so limiting client options to certain solar panel and system providers inhibits that standard.

However, most solar installation companies will list a number of equipment partners for researching customers and Tier 1 Solar does not. The service area of Tier 1 Solar is also restricted to Corpus Christi, Texas, so clients outside of this area will have to find an alternative installation solution.

Residential and commercial property owners located in Corpus Christi looking for customized or off-grid solar solutions will likely benefit from what Tier 1 Solar offers to its clients. However, those looking for cookie-cutter design would be better off going through a certified manufacturer dealer. 

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