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LAST UPDATED: February 3rd, 2023

Tesla is a household brand name in the United States. Well-known for its electric vehicles, Tesla also makes a proprietary solar battery (Tesla Powerwall) and installs solar panels and solar roofs.

Tesla Solar offers a sleek website and solar panel designs, as well as a price match guarantee for customers that happen to get a lower quote from a competing solar company. Additionally, Tesla offers solar roofs, so rather than having panels attached to an existing roof, customers can have a roof entirely tiled with glass and steel roof tiles that are aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.

While we don't yet see many Tesla solar reviews, the company is an established brand with an impressive reputation for producing efficient, durable, and long-lasting clean energy solutions. Keep reading our Tesla solar review to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing this solar provider or skip to the customer reviews

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The Good

  • Solar Roof Option
  • Virtual Resources 
  • Price-Match Guarantee
  • Tesla Solar App 
  • Company Longevity

Solar Roof Option

Tesla's Solar Roof option is a unique offering in the solar industry. Instead of traditional solar panels (which Tesla offers as well), homeowners can opt to have their entire roof tiled with glass and steel solar shingles that are durable and more aesthetically pleasing than panels attached to an existing roof. 

A Tesla Solar Roof also covers the entire roof of your home, which means maximum surface area coverage and more potential to generate power from solar energy. The Solar Roof comes with a 25 year warranty and is corrosion resistant.

Virtual Resources 

Tesla provides a superior online solar shopping experience compared to other solar company websites. 

The biggest difference is that Tesla will give you an immediate quote estimate when you input your address, average electric bill, and home square footage. You can see what you’d pay monthly if you’re financing the investment rather than paying upfront. Most companies will not give you even a ballpark figure until you’ve met with a representative. 

Keep in mind that your automatically generated Tesla quote includes installation but excludes sales tax. 

In addition to the solar quote calculator, the Tesla website showcases helpful photos and videos that illustrate the products' appearance and function. 

Price-Match Guarantee 

If price is a major factor in your solar decision, you’ll appreciate Tesla’s price match guarantee. On a price per watt basis, Tesla will match a competing solar power system quote, provided it meets these (among other) criteria: 

  • Quote was given in the past 14 days
  • Quote represents same financing option (cash to cash or loan to loan)
  • Quote includes permit and installation costs and can’t include discounts 
  • Solar system is of comparable size
  • Solar system includes an inverter
  • Solar system has a minimum 10-year warranty 
  • Quote has same name and address used to order Tesla solar panels

This guarantee is subject to end at any time at the discretion of the company. 

To complete the price match guarantee process, you can simply place an order with Tesla and send in the competitor quote via the question center in your Tesla account. Tesla will verify the alternate quote and make a decision on whether you are eligible or not, using the criteria above.

Tesla Solar App

The Tesla solar app allows you to monitor your solar panel system's performance all from your smartphone. All Tesla Solar Inverters connect to Wi-Fi, making it easy to send production information. A Tesla Gateway can be installed on third-party solar inverters to connect to the internet and provide monitoring. 

With the Tesla app, you can monitor your Tesla solar panel system, Tesla Powerwall, and Tesla electric vehicles all in one space. Some of the app features include tracking financial savings tracker based on your rate plan, scheduling energy service, and setting Tesla Powerwall specifications such as backup reserve level and time-based controls.

The app also has a unique go-off grid feature that simulates what would happen during a power outage. This gives you peace of mind knowing how your system would work if the event of an emergency. 

The Tesla app is a convenient way to track your solar benefits and modify system settings. 

Company Longevity 

The solar industry includes thousands of companies nationwide — companies of varying sizes and number of years in the industry. One concern with having so many different players is that, realistically, they’re not all going to be around for the long haul. When you install solar, you want to choose a company that will be around for the full 10–25 years of the workmanship warranty advertised. 

Founded in 2003, Tesla has been innovating in clear energy products for nearly two decades and feels like a safe bet for solar. 


The Bad

  • Consultation Fee
  • Needs Customer Reviews 

Consultation Fee

After you obtain a quote online, you’ll be assigned a sales representative who reaches out over the phone and can answer any questions you may have. 

To take the next step beyond the automated quote and phone conversation, you’ll need to pay about $250 (depending on the size and expected cost of your solar power system) to begin the process of a Virtual Home Assessment. This assessment includes high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery used to create your home’s solar design. 

You’ll have a video consultation with an advisor in which you view your home through the aerial photos, go over the installation process, and address any questions. 

This for-cost consultation differs from many other solar companies. Most local solar companies won’t charge you for in-depth conversations and consultations prior to scheduling an installation. 

All of this being said, the fee is refundable up until you approve your design plan, at which point the fee is nonrefundable whether or not you pursue installation. 

Needs Customer Reviews 

For a true reputation analysis and in order to gauge overall customer satisfaction with Tesla, we need a repository of Tesla solar reviews from consumers who have worked with Tesla specifically relating to solar.

Without hearing about individual experiences working with Tesla Solar, we can't know for sure if the company's positive reputation with electric vehicules extends to its solar offerings and services.


The Bottom Line

Tesla shines with an especially helpful website, including an interactive chat, automated quote generator, and plenty of educational resources. 

Tesla-brand panels, inverters, and the Tesla Powerwall solar battery energy storage are top-notch in aesthetics and have a reputation for being reliable. Solar roofing is also an option unique to Tesla. 

And while complete state coverage is unclear, Tesla boasts nationwide solar delivery. 

Our primary unanswered question remains the quality of customer service, including any local, in-person support offered. If you’ve gone solar with Tesla, please consider leaving your review below. 

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no sugarcoating Cheshire, CT

Assuming I am reviewing the one and only Tesla, I had a quote from them for solar panels + whole house battery system and they provide the best industry terms, warranty AND at the best price. They only offer one simple option to finance, no gimmicks. The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is their current backlog, over 6 months waiting now (to be fair 5 months on Tesla and 1 month on my energy company) and still no final word on where things stand. I will update this review when I hear back or move forward with them

8 months ago