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LAST UPDATED: May 29th, 2023

Sutro Power, founded in 2018, serves San Francisco residents. Owned and operated by its electricians and engineers, Sutro Power is a unique solar company that focuses on operations rather than sales. This company structure ensures quality and craftsmanship in all aspects of the installation process.

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The Good

  • In-House Operations
  • Battery Backup Options
  • Owner-Partner Shareholders
  • Electrical Upgrades and Other Services
  • Free Quote

In-House Operations

Sutro Power handles the design, installation, and maintenance of its solar photovoltaic systems in-house, which allows the company greater control over the process than those that outsource to subcontractors and provides quality assurance.

The following are all done in-house by the team that designed the system: 

  • Layout
  • Roof attachments
  • Racking
  • Wiring
  • Module placement
  • Grid tie-in

Additionally, any necessary electrical upgrades that need to be made prior to solar installation can be done by the Sutro Power team, so no third party is necessary.

Battery Backup Options

Sutro Power offers battery storage options that can provide a limited amount of electricity during a power outage. Solar batteries can also help homeowners depend less on the grid utility for their electricity overall, not just in an outage, and may prove financially advantageous in light of the latest policy updates in California's Net Metering 3.0.

Owner-Partner Shareholders

As mentioned, every designer and electrician at Sutro Power is an equal owner-partner shareholder in the business. This means that all the employees who work on customers’ systems are invested in the success of Sutro Power as a whole, and may be more likely to provide stellar service than other companies where employees are simply collecting a paycheck for their time.

Electrical Upgrades and Other Services

If there are electrical upgrades or repairs that need to be done on your home before installing solar, Sutro Power’s licensed electricians can complete any electrical work. This means that you won’t need to worry about bringing in another company to do those upgrades, and everything will be taken care of through Sutro Power.

In addition to electrical work, Sutro Power offers take down/reinstallation solar services. Thus, if you are having work done on your roof and need your solar system removed, Sutro Power will take your system down and reinstall it when your roof work is completed.

Free Quote

If you would like to know how much it could cost you to install solar panels on your home with Sutro Power, you can easily and quickly get a free quote on the company’s website. The online quote request form will ask for information regarding your home’s electrical and roof type, as well as some information about your energy consumption.


The Bad

  • Limited Website Information 

Limited Website Information

While it contains a handful of compelling project gallery photographs and a brief overview of services offered, Sutro Power's website offers no information about its warranties, financing options, accreditations, or product brands (solar panels, inverters, and batteries).


The Bottom Line

San Francisco-based Sutro Power handles the design, installation, and maintenance of its solar power systems in-house. This often results in greater consistency than is found in companies that outsource work to subcontractors. This is the company's most compelling difference from competitors and demands recognition. 

Unfortunately, few details are available on the Sutro Power website about financing, product, and warranty options, and there are limited reviews available, which makes it difficult to objectively compare the solar company against others in the Bay Area. 

On, Sutro reviews are limited and so we are unable to provide an accurate recommendation based on customer sentiment at this time.

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