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LAST UPDATED: September 11th, 2021

Sunworks USA is a premier provider of high performance solar power systems. The company is committed to quality business practices that exceed industry standards and uphold its ideals of ethics and safety. Sunworks USA offers solar energy solutions for customers in a wide range of industries, including agricultural, commercial, industrial, federal, public works, and residential.

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The Good

  • Personalized Solutions
  • High Quality Equipment
  • Lengthy Warranties

Personalized Solutions

Sunworks USA understands that each individual customer is unique, so the company's team performs the due diligence necessary to gather information and put together a strategy that aligns with its customers' goals and priorities. Then, the company delivers personalized solar solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of its customers.

High Quality Equipment

Sunworks USA offers some of the best equipment available in the industry, including high efficiency SunPower panels and SMA inverters.

Lengthy Warranties

Sunworks USA offers top notch warranties, including a 25-year equipment warranty, which covers the panels and inverter, and a 25-year workmanship warranty, which covers labor. As a result, Sunworks USA customers can be confident that all aspects of their solar energy system will be covered for at least 25 years.


The Bad

  • Few Payment Options
  • Limited Availability

Few Payment Options

Sunworks USA only allows its customers to finance a solar power system through a cash purchase or a loan. Although each of these options comes with its own unique set of benefits, leases and PPAs are preferable for some consumers. As such, it would be helpful if the company offered these payment options in addition to outright purchases and loans.

Limited Availability

Sunworks USA currently only offers its services in California, Oregon, and Nevada, which means that consumers who live elsewhere do not have the ability to do business with the company.


The Bottom Line

Sunworks USA offers a number of attractive features, including personalized solar solutions, high quality equipment, and lengthy warranties. However, the company's payment options are relatively limited and its services are currently only available in California, Oregon, and Nevada.

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Catharine Cole Hesperia, CA

Wright, I would absolutely recommend you in particular and also SunWorks. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone here. We moved from Virginia in January, bought house and moved in March 1st, then Covid shut every thing down. Our neighbors already have solar but I can post 5 star reviews on EnergySage, Google, or whatever site you wish. Wright H of SunWorks is professional and highly knowledge. More importantly for me, Wright was patient, understanding, and always quick to respond when I had questions or concerns. It was reassuring to have his help and support, not just during the design and contract phase, but also throughout the entire installation and activation process. You can’t go wrong with Wright. Contract signed May 12. Received SCE permission to operate August 31. If you want to get Federal Tax Credit in 2020, act now before it is reduced in 2021. Make sure your home has carbon monoxide detector so you don’t fail first inspection as we did.

1 year ago

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Patrick D Barnes Rocklin, CA

I chose SunWorks because they had a 25-year everything included warranty, offered the highest efficiency panels, had the best price for a comparable solution, and are a local outfit. I've had a couple of issues since installing 2 years ago. When the first rains hit after installation my garage roof leaked where the installers climbed up. SunWorks repaired over 100 sq ft of batting and paper the same day I called. Second, I noticed in year 2 that my production had declined. SunWorks contacted the manufacturer and they are replacing all of my microinverters. It's not just about product and cost, but service, and SunWorks delivered.

3 years ago

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Scott Messina Eureka, CA

I was recommended to SunWorks by a third party, as they were an authorized SolarEdge intaller, and through research I determined that was the equipment I wanted to purchase. The 25 year warranty for the panels/workmanship and 10 year warranty for the inverter are among the highest I saw in the industry. Everybody I dealt with was very friendly, from contracts and design to the installers.

4 years ago

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Richard Eyheralde

As a retired business owner I am in the habit of observing the employees and practices of companies with whom I deal. I always judge them by how easy or difficult it would be to compete with them. I chose Sunworks based on a recommendation, and was not disappointed. This is not a company I would choose to compete with...they were fast, and the work was top notch. I've had my system for a month and a half and am most pleased.

5 years ago

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Marja Woodland Hills, CA

Sunworks was unable to deliver the items on our contract and tried to force me to install panels that they had previously confirmed would not fit. When I wouldn’t agree to the change they tried to force on me, they placed a lien on my property and billed me for services that were not rendered. I tried to find every reasonable solution but they were unwilling to budge even though they were the ones who breached the contract. In February we signed an agreement with LG solar to have 29 LG 345w panels installed. We asked about having one more panel installed in hopes of getting more return for the investment we were making, but we were told our space was completely maxed out. On the morning of May 3rd the sunworks installers showed up and began installing the brackets for our system. I spoke to the installers just before they went to lunch and realized they had 30 smaller wattage panels with them. I tried calling our rep to discuss the sudden change to no avail. I then received an email from the LG service rep letting me know that the panels we originally purchased were unavailable with an addendum to the contract adding the 30th panel that was told wouldn't fit previously. They were planning on adding an unpermitted extension to our roofline to make room for the last panel. After much back and forth and no solution we no longer felt comfortable with Sunoworks installing our panels. We sent an email letting everyone involved from Sunworks and LG know that since they were in breach of the contract we would not be moving forward. A month later we received a bill from Sunworks for $5760.45 for "Job Costs" along with an agreement that they would come out and remove the brackets for an additional cost with no guarantee that the roof wouldn't be damaged accompanied by a lien on our property. We tried to contact both LG and Sunworks to find a solution that would work for us all, but they were unwilling to remove the lien or come to a reasonable solution.

11 months ago

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Don Januik Ridgefield, WA

I brought a solar system from Sunworks two years ago. It took them almost four months to install the system and they wanted to give me three less solar panels then what they sold me. In the end they did install all of the solar panels that we had agreed to but the inverter they installed is undersized and my system isn’t creating the amount of power that it is capable of. I have reached out to them about installing a different inverter but they tell me that I must first upgrade my electrical panel. My electrical panel is 200 amp which is standard in most newer houses and is able accommodate a inverter for a 12k solar system. I feel that Sunworks’s has not been honest with me and not lived up to our agreement. Don Januik

2 years ago