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LAST UPDATED: October 4th, 2019

Sunstore Solar strives to provide South Carolina residents with affordable renewable energy solutions. The locally owned and operated business provides consumers with free estimates and project consultations. The company designs and installs solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for both commercial and residential customers and has been a major advocate for renewable energy in the state of South Carolina.

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The Good

  • Numerous Financing Options
  • Full Warranties
  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Little Maintenance Needed

Numerous Financing Options

Sunstore Solar provides consumers with numerous financing options through various national providers. Consumers can take advantage of a 30 percent federal tax credit incentive. South Carolina residents can add a 25 percent state tax credit incentive for a total 55 percent savings on the system cost. Plus, certain state utility providers give production rebate incentives to some commercial and residential customers.

Full Warranties

Sunstore Solar offers a 10-year warranty on materials and labor. The systems are backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty. The systems and inverters are also covered with a 10-year warranty from the company as well.

Positive Customer Reviews

The company's website features numerous positive testimonials from satisfied customers. A simple Internet search for the company revealed a few positive reviews from third-party consumers as well. With 9 years in the industry, it appears that Sunstore Solar is a reputable company in the renewable energy industry.

Little Maintenance Needed

Solar photovoltaic cells can be considered as solid-state devices because they contain no moving parts. Because of this, they generally last far beyond the life of the warranties and require very little maintenance over time. However, the solar panels do need to be kept clean from debris and snow for optimal performance.


The Bad

  • Lack of Services Information

Lack of Services Information

Sunstore Solar does not provide comprehensive details regarding their services on the corporate website. There is no FAQ section provided to consumers either. Consumers are not given any information online regarding pricing estimates or installation timeframes as well.


The Bottom Line

Sunstore Solar installs solar photovoltaic panels and solar thermal systems for residents of South Carolina and offers free project estimates and consultations. The solar energy systems require little overall maintenance other than regular cleaning and come equipped with full standard warranties. There appears to be numerous positive reviews regarding customer service. Numerous financing options and tax rebate incentives are offered to consumers. However, specific information regarding the company's products and service is also lacking on the corporate website.

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Penny Olanta, SC

We bought a solar water heater from sunstore solar. We were told it would last a minimum of 25 years. We had them install it. It last lasted six years and stopped working. I called SunSolar and they sent someone out to inspect it. The expansion tank had a hole in it where it had rusted through from the inside to the outside of the tank. The glycol fluid had leaked out. They wanted to charge me 600.00 to fix it. I said the expansion tank must have been defective and that they should take that up with their supplier. They refused to. I was shocked at the least with their attitude. They were quick to sell this unit and paint a pretty picture of a long life unit. But, when it came down to backing their product it was no longer a pretty picture and their attitude was dismaying.

6 years ago

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Ross bedford

Having been supplied a 500w inverter for hundreds of pounds and not nearly enough for what I need. The guys at solar have totally breached my trust in relying of them to advise me, but now refuse to have the item returned!! Angry and upset would be an understatement

6 years ago