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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Sunshine Solar provides complete solar installation services, including full-service design, engineering, financial analysis, installation, and maintenance. From the sale to the installation, Sunshine Solar customers will have access to the company’s experienced team until the system is fully operational. 

Sunshine Solar will install solar systems on residential and commercial properties, government buildings, island structures, and off-grid entities. Based in Florida, Sunshine Solar services the state of Florida and has installed systems in island counties including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Mexico, and Haiti. Sunshine Solar is the longest running PV-only solar electric installation company in South Florida. 

Sunshine Solar employs NABCEP-certified installers and sales professionals and also has a licensed and insured electrical engineer, civil energy, and PE. For the last six years, Sunshine Solar has been named as one of the Top 500 Solar PV contractors in the United States by Solar Power World Magazine

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The Good

  • Offers Island and Off-Grid Installs
  • Commercial and Government Work
  • Largest Installer of Solar Tiles
  • Metal Installs

Offers Island and Off-Grid Installs

Sunshine Solar offers a unique service. The company will travel to island nations to conduct solar installation services and has the experience to handle off-grid projects as well.

Energy is expensive in most islands, so to offset the costs, many turn to solar energy. Off-grid solar is ideal for those who are or need to be completely disconnected from the electrical grid. Off-grid solar panels will produce all of the energy needed to power a home or vehicle.

Sunshine Solar has conducted hundreds of successful battery and off-grid installations in the Florida Keys, Bahamas, and Mexico. Most solar companies focus on residential and commercial properties, but Sunshine Solar has taken renewable energy to those who may not be able to access it otherwise. 

Commercial and Government Work

Instead of focusing strictly on residential solar installations in southern Florida, Sunshine Solar has taken its service to the commercial and government spaces as well. Financially, solar makes a lot of sense for both commercial and government buildings.

Since solar systems operate at a high level for over 25 years, businesses will make back the upfront initial investment and generate “free” electricity from the solar panel system for years to come. Sunshine Solar has been installing commercial solar systems for over 13 years and has found ways to customize energy sources for each client.

Most solar companies that offer solar installation services to commercial or government properties do not take the same customized, sustainability-focused approach to the project that Sunshine Solar does. 

Largest Installer of Solar Tiles

Sunshine Solar is the largest installer of solar tiles in the state of Florida. Most solar companies install the large, bulky panels to power residences and commercial properties. Sunshine Solar utilizes a more sleek service offering, installing actual solar tiles.

Many of the Sunshine Solar client base have flat, standing seam, tile and shingle roofs. In order to have the solar system blend and look as smooth as possible, Sunshine Solar has mastered installing solar tiles. 

Metal Installs

Sunshine Solar also installs on metal roofs. The panels specifically designed for these types of properties blend nicely into the building without standing out or taking away from the overall appearance of the structure. Not many solar installation companies have the experience necessary to install over a metal roof, but Sunshine Solar has mastered the process.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty Information
  • No Financing Options Offered

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Warranties are a standard in the solar industry. The cost of a solar system in addition to installation fees end up being thousands and thousands of dollars. While this initial investment is steep, over time solar customers can see savings.

However, protecting the initial investment is something a vast majority of solar companies offer to customers. Typically, solar companies offer both a workmanship warranty and an equipment warranty. The workmanship warranty is typically 10 years and covers any issues relating to installation. The equipment warranty is usually 25 years and protects against any operating issues with the system itself.

Sunshine Solar does not offer these types of warranties or does not make this information public. 

No Financing Options Offered

The company's website claims to offer financial analysis as a key service; however, there is no information beyond that as to the assistance available to Sunshine Solar customers.

Most solar installation companies will offer lease, PPA, or other loan type financial solutions to customers that need help with initial solar costs. Unfortunately, there is no information about these types of financial plans available to Sunshine Solar customers.


The Bottom Line

Sunshine Solar is consistently ranked among the best installation providers in the country and has a solid reputation. Prospective solar clients living in the Sunshine Solar service area should feel confident calling the company for a consultation. We recommend asking specific questions about financing options and warranties as this information is not disclosed on the company's website. 

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