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LAST UPDATED: March 14th, 2023

Formerly Sun Solar Energy Solutions, SunPower by SunSolar is a leading solar installation provider serving the Central Valley area of California since 2008. The company installs SunPower's award-winning SunPower Equinox system, boasts a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and was named one of Solar Power World's "Top 500 Solar Contractors" every year between 2012 and 2016, averaging an impressive 8,400 kilowatts per year for each of those five years.


The Good

  • SunPower Equinox System
  • Complete Confidence Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Buy, Loan, Lease, or PPA
  • NABCEP Certified

SunPower Equinox System

One of the most enticing aspects of Sun Solar is its partnership with industry leader SunPower and its installation of the SunPower Equinox system. This particular solar PV system features both solar panels and solar inverters manufactured by SunPower. As a solar panel manufacturer, SunPower is second to none, and its panels rank as the most energy efficient on the market; in fact, the Sunpower solar panel has better solar panel efficiency than almost any conventional panel, averaging about 22.8 percent. This means a residential solar customers could effectively power the home with fewer panels by going with a SunPower dealer.

SunPower panel and inverter modules come with a 25-year equipment warranty (more on that below) that covers the system in the event of a product defect or damage that existed prior to installation.

The SunPower Equinox system is also compatible with leading solar energy storage solutions. At the homeowner's request, SunPower by Sun Solar can add either the SunVault Storage system by SunPower, or the Tesla Powerwall. Both options collect clean, renewable energy from the solar panel system that can be used at night or in the event of a power outage or other emergency.

Complete Confidence Warranty

SunPower by Sun Solar provides customers with a Complete Confidence Warranty, which provides comprehensive protection and coverage of every solar project the company installs. Unlike conventional warranties that provide partial coverage and short terms, the Complete Confidence Warranty provides full coverage of parts, labor, and maintenance for 25 years, the projected lifetime of the solar energy system. Specifically, the Complete Confidence Warranty provides the following:

  • Free repair or replacement of defective parts (includes labor and shipping)
  • Rust damage protection
  • No proof of purchase or written claims required
  • 90% peak system AC power for 25 years
  • 8% DC power decline for 25 years

Price Match Guarantee

SunPower by Sun Solar is one of the few solar companies operating today that provides potential customers with a price match guarantee on comparable SunPower systems. If a customer receives a lower quote from another solar company within Sun Solar's service area on a SunPower Equinox system of similar size, SunPower by Sun Solar will match it, ensuring that the homeowner is getting the best deal possible.

Buy, Loan, Lease, or PPA

SunPower by Sun Solar offers homeowners a full suite of available financing options. In addition to direct purchase, which requires the greatest out-of-pocket investment but also provides the greatest long-term return on that investment, the company offers the following financing routes:

  • Solar Loan — zero down, low interest, qualifies for federal and state tax credits and incentives
  • Solar Lease — rent the system, no maintenance fees, monthly rate lower than the utility bill
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) — pay monthly for solar energy output, 25-year terms, less expensive than the utility bill

Customers can speak with one of the company's energy consultants to determine the best option for their energy needs and budget.

NABCEP Certified

SunPower by Sun Solar is also NABCEP-certified, which means technicians have undergone advanced solar installation training and solar technology education from one of the most credible and widely respected institutions in solar. An NABCEP certification is considered the "gold standard" among solar experts, and homeowners can rest assured that they will receive the best service and solar installation in the industry.


The Bad

  • Only Available in Central Valley

Only Available in Central Valley

SunPower by Sun Solar has four main offices in the Central Valley area of California: Bakersfield, Fresno, Visalia, and Anaheim. While this reflects a high level of expertise and knowledge of these local markets, SunPower by Sun Solar is one of literally thousands of solar providers, installers, and manufacturers operating in the State of California.

In a highly competitive solar market, leveraging and promoting verified SunPower by Sun Solar reviews is one of the most effective ways for the company to stand out and highlight the experiences of actual satisfied customers.


The Bottom Line

If you live in the Central Valley area of California and are looking for a quality solar panel installation from a company with industry expertise and local knowledge, SunPower by Sun Solar would be a great choice. The company builds long-lasting solar panel systems covered by an industry-leading warranty, and provides customers with numerous financing options to help them invest in clean energy. Customers are encouraged to obtain a free quote from this company and compare it to other leading companies in their area.

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SunPower by Sun Solar

As a proud locally-owned and operated solar company serving California’s Central Valley since 2008, SunPower by SunSolar provides reliable solar solutions to home and business owners.

We don’t “sell” solar; we help our friends, family, customers, and community find ways to save and make the best solar decisions for their families and organizations.

Backed by SunPower’s industry-leading warranty and high-quality products, we design and install solar systems that are built to last and provide guaranteed solar power to our customers for years to come.

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Joseph Scerbo Bakersfield, CA

I worked with them to cover my utilities but only ended up producing 60% of what I needed. When I tried to get it corrected and get the proper number of panels I was told I couldn't add my existing lease nor to or have a second. My only option was to buy outright. Vivint came in and saved the day

1 year ago