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LAST UPDATED: February 28th, 2022

Founded in 2015, Sun Energy California is dedicated to providing solar panel systems with great customer service. The company’s founder, Michael Cantellano, started the company after working with a different solar provider, SolarCity. Cantellano created Sun Energy to provide clean and renewable energy to the public and to give a customer-centered experience. 

This solar company focuses on meeting the needs of each customer with knowledgeable sales representatives that can help customers through their unique situations. The company services residential areas across southern California and is located in Victorville.

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The Good

  • Informational Content
  • High-Quality Standard
  • Payment Options
  • Additional 10-Year Warranty

Informational Content

Given Sun Energy California’s mission to provide clean energy with great customer service, the company does a good job at informing customers about solar. The company’s website includes a blog/information page with articles, videos, and frequently asked questions about popular solar questions and myths. These articles and videos feature information directly from the CEO, informative graphs and charts, as well as photos of relevant products.

This informational content is unique in this industry. Many companies want customers to contact a sales representative directly to answer their questions, but Sun Energy gives information to consumers right from the beginning. This area of the website is useful to consumers because they can learn more about solar energy without the pressure of talking with a sales representative.

High-Quality Standard

Sun Energy California only installs solar equipment and solar technology that meets a high-quality standard. The company only uses solar panels that have a longer warranty than 20–25 years. This length of warranty is standard in the solar industry, so the company wanted to partner with companies that offer warranties that go above and beyond on their products. 

Solar energy production is also an important factor to measure when it comes to solar panels, and Sun Energy looks at the details to ensure that its panels are above average. The company looks at power rating, power tolerance, efficiency, and the temperature to make sure the solar panels produce energy more efficiently than average solar production.

Sun Energy also ensures that its panels are durable, using the International Electrotechnical Commission’s 61215 standard, meaning the solar panels have passed an outdoor stress test and have proven durable. 

Every manufacturer is listed on Sun Energy’s website with information about each product. This shows that the company is transparent and dedicated to quality assurance. If any customer is concerned about the type of solar panels they will be receiving, they can find any information they need on the company’s website.

Payment Options

Sun Energy California offers a variety of payment options for customers to choose from. The company offers PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), loans, and the option to buy panels at full cost. These options give customers the flexibility they need to purchase a solar panel system in whatever situation they may be in.

A PPA allows customers to get a solar energy system with no upfront cost. Customers then pay a low monthly payment that will not increase more than 3.5 percent per year for the lifetime of the lease. Any maintenance that the system requires will be covered by the company during a 25-year warranty and all solar installation paperwork will be handled by Sun Energy’s staff.

Customers that want a loan to finance their solar panels can choose a monthly payment and lease term to pay off the system when they like. All loans have zero down payment and low interest rates. Customers can pay off the loan early and make any early payments they like without an early pay off penalty. These customers also have a 25-year maintenance warranty and all solar installation paperwork will be handled by Sun Energy’s staff.

For customers who want to purchase their solar panels right away, a one-time payment allows for complete ownership of their solar power system. These customers will then benefit from the return on their investment in energy savings when they reduce or completely eliminate their electricity bill. These customers also receive a 25-year maintenance warranty and all solar installation paperwork will be handled by Sun Energy’s staff.

Customers should also be aware of any tax credit that they may qualify for depending on the type of financing they choose.

Additional 10-Year Warranty

All manufacturers that Sun Energy California works with have a 20–25 year warranty on their products, but Sun Energy offers a 10-year warranty on top of it. This warranty covers any maintenance problems that may arise after the manufacturer warranty period. Sun Energy also covers the cost of parts and labor, making this warranty extensive in its coverage.


The Bad

  • Small Team
  • Only in California

Small Team

Sun Energy California consists of a relatively small team when compared to other solar companies in the industry. Only three team members are listed on the website, meaning that all operations have to be handled by relatively few staff members. The company may have more staff in its solar install teams, but office staff is limited.

That being said, the company seems to have a good reputation when it comes to customer service. Many Sun Energy California reviews are positive and mention that employees are knowledgeable and friendly. 

Only in California

Sun Energy provides great resources through their website to anyone looking for a solar panel system, but this solar installer currently only operates in Southern California. These resources and transparency of operations are great for anyone looking into solar electricity and solar panel installation, but it would be nice if customers all across the country could work with Sun Energy.


The Bottom Line

Sun Energy California is a solar energy company that provides many great online learning opportunities for anyone looking into solar energy. These resources are very helpful in debunking solar myths and informing the public about solar energy. The website has extensive information about the manufacturers that Sun Energy uses so that customers can see the high-quality standard the company keeps.

Sun energy offers many payment options, making it easy for almost any customer to have a solar panel system installed. The company also offers an additional 10-year warranty on top of manufacturer warranties. The team is relatively small compared to larger companies in the industry, but the customer service appears to be good despite this fact. Sun Energy only operates in Southern California, but it’s probably a company worth looking into for anyone thinking about solar power.

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