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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2020

**Solplicity appears to no longer be in business. The information in this review may now be inaccurate or out of date. We recommend researching other top solar companies in your area.**

Solplicity has been in business since 2012 and has partnered with Verengo Solar to bring flexibility with installers and ensure that customers are receiving quality installations. You will notice in our Solplicity review that the company does not use cookie-cutter solar solutions; rather, Solplicity assesses each home and creates a custom system that will fit the customer's specific energy needs.

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The Good

  • Payment Options
  • Customized Solutions

Variety of Payment Options

According to Solplicity's website, the company offers five different payment options, which is more than what the typical solar company offers. With such a variety of payment options, Solplicity is able to provide a customized solution to best fit each customer's needs and budget. Every Solplicity plan includes monitoring. Solplicity's "Pay As You Go" and "Steady As You Go" options, which are leases and PPAs, allow you to go solar for $0 down and cover maintenance for the life of the contract. The five different payment plans, according to Solplicity:
  • Pay As You Go - with this plan you will enjoy lower monthly electric payments, no upfront costs, low yearly increases and monitoring and maintenance are included
  • Steady As You Go - with this plan you will enjoy no upfront costs and level pay increases, as well as having the monitoring and maintenance included
  • Minimize Me - with this plan you will pay a modest down payment that will provide you with the lowest possible monthly payment for a generation and it includes the monitoring and maintenance of your system as well
  • Upfront - with this plan, you pay for your system up front and it includes monitoring and maintenance as well
  • Ownership - with this plan you own your solar system from the beginning and will start saving immediately and for years to come

Customized Solutions

Solplicity understands that solar is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Prior to installation, Solplicity will survey your home and design a custom solar system to maximize both available roof space and savings.

The Bad

  • Availability
  • Limited Online Information
  • No Mobile App

Limited Availability

Solplicity is only available in California. If you live elsewhere, you'll be unable to go solar with Solplicity and will need to check out other solar providers.

Lack of Information on Website

While Solplicity offers plenty of information on the different kinds of payment options it has available, that is about all that can be found on the company's website. There is an overall lack of information and transparency on other important items. For example, it is unclear what Solplicity's warranties are and what they cover. In addition, there is no mention of the type of equipment that is used. It would be convenient to have this information readily available before having to call in.

No Mobile App

Solplicity doesn't have a mobile app that customers can use to check the production and performance of their system. While it's not a necessary feature, it's nice for customers to have the opportunity to ensure that their system is not underproducing from anywhere in the world.


The Bottom Line

Although Solplicity offers customized solar solutions and a variety of payment options, the company is pretty limited in the number of customers that it can serve because it only operates in California. Additionally, there is a lot of information that the company has not disclosed, so we have a difficult time recommending Solplicity at this time.

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