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LAST UPDATED: July 7th, 2022

SolarGoingUp was established in California in 2018. While the company is relatively new to the industry, it has already completed quite a few solar installation projects. SolarGoingUp provides a range of services that are comparable to other companies in the industry. The company’s mission is to put solar up so that electric bills can come down.  


The Good

  • Solar and Additional Services
  • All Financing Options
  • Evidence of Past Projects
  • Adequate Credentials

Solar and Additional Services

SolarGoingUp offers all of the basic services you would look for in a solar company, including residential installation, commercial installation, solar electric repair, home batteries, and off-grid battery installation. Aside from these typical services, SolarGoingUp can also do solar thermal work, roofing repair, LED light installation, solar cleaning, and electric vehicle consulting. 

All Financing Options

Unlike other companies in the industry, SolarGoingUp has all types of financing options. Customers can choose between a loan, a lease, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or an outright purchase. This gives customers more options and allows them to tailor the terms of the plan specifically to their financial situation. 

Evidence of Past Projects

SolarGoingUp’s website features a gallery of images, which highlight past projects completed by the company. This shows that while the company has only been in business for a few years, it has already completed many successful solar installations. This gives SolarGoingUp added credibility with potential customers. 

Adequate Credentials

When it comes to credentials, SolarGoingUp is pretty well covered. On its website, the company freely displays its contracting license number so that customers can verify that the license is active. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and received an A+ rating on 

The only credential that is missing from the SolarGoingUp website is an NABCEP certification. This certification is not always required in the solar industry, but it does ensure that solar businesses are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skill. Whether SolarGoingUp has any employees that are NABCEP certified is unknown.


The Bad

  • Limited Online Reviews
  • Lack of Product Information

Limited Online Reviews

SolarGoingUp has a very limited number of reviews online. The company website features only five reviews. Currently, there are fewer than 10 reviews about the company on Yelp or Google Reviews. This is likely because the company has only been in business for three years, but does not give potential customers a great idea of previous customer satisfaction. 

Lack of Product Information

When it comes to information about brands of panels, inverters, batteries, or any other products it installs, SolarGoingUp does not provide much information on its website. It is unknown if SolarGoingUp manufactures its own panels, is affiliated with a single manufacturer, or distributes a variety of solar panel brands. 

Since little is known about the products that SolarGoingUp provides, warranties on its equipment are undisclosed. The website does not mention a workmanship warranty either. Thus, it is very difficult to compare SolarGoingUp with its industry competitors.


The Bottom Line

We recommend that customers interested in working with SolarGoingUp inquire about the company’s products and warranties. With all solar purchases, customers should receive quotes from a few different companies in the area and compare them. SolarGoingUp’s strongest point is its variety of financing options. In order to find out if SolarGoingUp is the best solar provider for your property, you would need to consult with a SolarGoingUp representative and receive an estimate.

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Want to see your energy bills come down? Let us help you by having solar go up!

We are a family-based business in Canyon Lake, California, passionate about clean energy that will also help you save money. Our dedicated, knowledgable, and friendly team works with you one-on-one to find the best energy solutions for your home or project.

We keep up to date on latest trends within the industry and take pride in our flexibility and access to a variety of solar products and financing options to provide our customers with an overall experience that will leave them feeling sunny!

Up to date SolarGoingUP has installed over 1,230 panels across the Southern California region. Known for our distinctive solar panel bucket truck we are proud to be a part of the growing solar industry. Some of the services we offer include residential and commercial installation, installation of second systems, and system upgrades.

We tailor customized experiences to suit our customer's unique energy needs which includes solar PV, solar thermal, battery back up, and LED lighting systems.

Call today for an appointment!

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